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11 Unmistakable Characteristics Of Scorpio Women

  If you are Scorpio or have a woman with this zodiac sign by your side, you will surely recognize all these characteristics in your (or your) personality. Check out! If you were born between October 23 and November 22, it means that Scorpio is your zodiac sign . This has an influence on your personality, so you will surely share traits with other Scorpios and you may feel identified with the following questions: Does everyone think that you are shy just because you are more focused on your own thoughts than on those of the the rest? Are you very jealous with your partners? Do you have clear what you want and are not afraid to go for it? In that case, we are facing a book Scorpio woman . Keep reading and discover what other characteristics of your personality are influenced by your zodiac sign .

1. Scorpio women are enigmatic

Discreet and reserved, like good Scorpio, you reveal as little as possible about your feelings and thoughts to the people around you. The result? Everyone dies of curiosity to know what goes on behind all their mystery, and that’s very, very s**y!

2. Do not fit the jokes very well

Jokes to a Scorpio? No thanks. You have a good sense of humor and you enjoy making jokes to your friends, but when the mockery is you, the laughs and good faces are over.

3. Scorpio women know what they want

By embarking on a project that you believe in, you usually go to the end and nothing in this world has the power to distance you from your goals. Your determination is so strong and you put so much heart in what you do that others envy your perseverance and decision.

4. Loyalty is the surname of Scorpio women

Loyalty is something that characterizes all Scorpios . Who has a friend of this sign, knows that in it you will find an authentic sister who will be by your side to the hard and mature. In the love field, although it is not often that you want a serious relationship, if you have it, you are also the most loyal. Of course, Scorpio women demand that loyalty is reciprocal, so if you disappoint them it is difficult for them to forgive you …

5. Dependence … what is it?

You love being free and not giving up your independence . But at the same time, you know how to surrender to the cause when you consider it. The same happens in the love field: it can be almost impossible to get you to have a serious relationship, but when you do it you give yourself to the maximum (and expect the same from the other person).

6. Jealous mode ON

You are quite possessive and jealous , and you do not like to stay out of any mood. From time to time it is good that your partner and you go separately, and the same goes for your friends! It is healthy that you all have other circles to go out with and that does not mean that you want less.

7. Scorpios are the most sensual

Mysterious, intense, passionate … It is impossible to compete with a woman in the moments Scorpio hot. In fact, it may be one of the signs of the Zodiac that stand out most in the s****l field. Her passion is in the clouds, she enjoys her s***lity like no one else and she knows that s** is a very important part of her life.

8. Give your arm to twist? Never

When a Scorpio woman is convinced that she is right, there will be no one to change her mind. You can try it, but it’s not easy, they have a lot of character! Asking forgiveness does not enter into your convictions either, but you must learn that you are always going to be right in everything, and rectifying is a gesture that demonstrates wisdom.

9. A Scorpio is not an edge, it only says what it thinks

Aggressive not, objective . Surely more than once they have crossed out to you of edge or to be very sharp when you the only thing that you were doing was saying what you thought. Sincerity is always good, but you also have to learn to dose information according to what circumstances.

10. Peace and love?

It seems you always have your head somewhere else . Scorpios tend to be somewhat “aerial” and end up evading so much of what happens around them that sometimes it can give the feeling that what others tell you is indifferent. Learn to enjoy the present!

11. Gold medal, at least

Intelligence , determination and concentration. Scorpios love personal success and profession . That dreamy temperament can give the impression that you are not competitive at all, but at the moment when the game starts your opponents will regret having chosen the opposite side.



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