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13 Wonderful Signs That He Feel Emotionally Drawn By You

  When it comes to their feelings, women are like open books. We are just like that. When we like someone, when we are emotionally drawn to someone, we just let that person know. We’re right there, because there’s no point in wasting time – you should not talk so much around the bush. For men, on the other hand, things are very different. It is not in vain to say that men are from Mars and women from Venus. And there is a damn good reason for that. Women are verbal people and they like expressing themselves in words, while men hide their true feelings and the fact that they are emotionally drawn to someone. Men keep that to themselves, because most men can not handle words well. Perhaps they are afraid of rejection or humiliation if their feelings are not reciprocated. So they show you in a more subtle way and with little, loving signs that they are on you. It’s up to you to decrypt these signs and see if he wants you to respond to them. Give men some time to breathe-it’s not easy to court a man’s wife, if you do not know if the woman is interested, especially if the man is a nice guy Fear of doing something stupid and losing the woman. If you think about it, these signs will also tell you whether it’s a nice guy or a bad finger, because a bad finger has no time to do such things. They go straight to the point and usually you end up left alone and with a broken heart. So, if you see these signs, then you can not only be sure that the man is on you and likes you, but you’ll also find out if he’s a good man.

The difference between the emotional and the physical attraction:

Relationships are so complicated, but to make the whole thing even more difficult (as if you already knew it, because nothing can go very smoothly), here are three different ways of attracting men:
  1. Friendly Attraction
  2. Physical attraction
  3. Emotional attraction
The friendly attraction occurs very often. You start to build a relationship with him, but his feelings for you remain purely platonic. Here you are definitely in the Friendzone. You can forget to start a romantic relationship with him. He blocked you in this regard, and once you get blocked, you can not undo that. The physical attraction is based solely on your appearance and on the chemistry between you. But you know, the chemistry is not enough if you want a serious relationship. You can start with that, but after the first infatuation phase, the chemistry will fly away between you and nothing will be left behind. In the beginning, the love may be great, but after a while, that too will go away. The emotional attraction should really interest you. It’s all about this. This is the final phase in which you can be absolutely sure that he wants you to be the person with whom he spends the rest of his life. This is something that you will have and will feel for the rest of your life. How do you know if he’s attracted to you emotionally?

How do you know if he’s attracted to you emotionally?

1. He likes to spend time with you

That’s one of the most obvious signs that he’s attracted to you emotionally. He uses his free time, which he had reserved to relax, for you. He will drive to you and spend time with you because he likes you and because he definitely has feelings for you. I know many of you will say that’s because he thinks he can have sex with you, but what if you did not give him sex anymore? What would be then? If he still spends time with you, does that mean he’s only with you because he’s interested in taking advantage of you? So you see, that’s because he has no ulterior motives. Your relationship is not just physical, it’s not sexual because it’s not an affair with you. That’s why you can be sure that he does not just do that so he gets sex. He does it because he likes you.

2. He keeps contacting you

No day goes by without calling or writing to you. Is not that cute? He wants to know if you are alright and he wants to let you know that he thinks of you and that he misses you. I know that sounds a bit intrusive and stalking, but that’s cute. There is a big difference between being scary on the phone and absolutely cute. If you like him and it does not bother you, that he knows about all your activities and if he does not act overblown, that’s just cute. He really wants to find out if you’re okay and actually he just wants to get in touch with you and show you that he exists and that he thinks of you.

3. He is only interested in you

He concentrates all his energy on you. You can be sure that you are the only woman for him. He spends with you all the time; he calls you and writes you and wants to know what you did. And most importantly, the fact that he does not meet with other women. So you can be absolutely sure that he is emotionally attracted to you and wants a relationship with you.

4. He does so much for you

Who does not love to get gifts for Valentine’s Day and get invited for dinner? For most men, you know what you’re getting and you expect it anyway. But what if your husband can not afford all the beautiful things he gives you? What if he can not afford all those beautiful places he abducts you to? Well, if he does, then he really does everything to win you over. You mean so much to him.

5. He looks at you in a very special way

You know that look. If you’ve ever seen that look, then you know it’s a look that says it just wants you. You can see the love in his eyes, you can see admiration. His face is peaceful and happy when he looks at you. You can just see it’s like this. You can not fake that look. You can be a world-class actor, but you can not fake that look. Not even a real narcissist can fake that look. This look is real and you will recognize it when you see it.

6. You are always his number 1

Let’s clarify one thing. If you are not number one and behave selfishly then you can be sure that he is not the man who will stay with you longer. If he cares only for himself and for his needs, then he is probably also a selfish lover and therefore not the right man for you. Do not think that a man who only thinks of himself will invite you to a restaurant or really pay attention to you. But a man who is willing to do anything for you and who is really interested in you and your needs, such a man is generally emotionally attracted to you and wants to be with you.

7. He introduces you to his friends and family

One of the most important signs that he is interested in you and wants to be with you is the fact that he insists that you meet the most important people in his life – his friends and his family. He likes you so much that he wants to tell you about his loved ones. He wants to get her okay. But even if he does not get it, it will not stop him, because he can not easily forget the emotional attraction he feels towards you.

8. He asks you for his opinion

It really matters to him what you think. Whenever he needs help, he knows he can come to you. He knows that you will not judge him or tell him “I told you so soon”. He knows that you will help him as much as possible. If he needs advice then he will ask you, because he knows that you will do your best to make him a suggestion that is in his interest. He likes the way you think and he respects your thoughts-that’s why he wants your opinion.

9. He turns to you

He does not do it on purpose. It’s just the law of attraction and he’s totally attracted to you. Whenever he is near you, he can not help it and has to turn to you because he wants to be with you and his body wants that too. He will never become over trained, so you do not have to run away unless you want him to turn to you. He will always leave you a little space so that you can back away when you feel uncomfortable.

10. He does not pretend to be a person he is not

He is just like that in your area. He does not want to pretend he’s someone else. This is another sign of a powerful male attraction, an emotional attraction. He wants to be himself because he knows that you will not judge him. He does not want to play games with you because you mean so much to him and because he does not want to gamble his chances with you. He knows the masks will fall sooner or later and he does not want to risk it. Either you like him or not.

11. He moves mountains for you

There is nothing he can not do for you. Nothing is too hard. It’s not because he’s a jerk. He enjoys it because he is emotionally attracted to you. He loves you and it is no problem for him to do all you want. He goes out of his way to invite you to a nice date. He will really make an effort to plan everything as perfectly as possible to make you happy.

12. He is honest

He opens up to you and there are no secrets. I mean, he will not tell you his whole life story right from the start, but if your relationship gets more complex then he will not hide anything from you. He will answer any question you ask him, because if you are part of his life then his whole life is an open book for him. He knows that liars are no longer believed. Even if they apologize for their lies, nobody will fully trust them anymore. He does not want to take that risk with you.

13. He wants to confess to you

He is sure that you are the man with whom he wants to spend the rest of his life. He knows that your emotional connection is greater than the universe and he does not want to risk losing that connection. There’s no question meeting other women because he just wants you. You are the source of his joy and the purpose of his life. E may sound cheesy, but you’re really lucky enough to have such a man that other women can only dream of. If you discover these signs with your husband, then congratulations! You have found a man who really loves you and wants to spend the rest of his life with you. He is not a liar and he does not pretend to love you because he has ulterior motives. He just wants to be with you. Give him a chance, because he’s probably too scared to tell you directly. Well, men are just like that-but you can take the first step



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