15 Things All Guys Love About Their Girlfriends And 5 That Totally Annoy Them


There are a ton of great things about being in a relationship. Even commitment-phobe guys will admit that girlfriends do bring a lot of good into their lives. There are always things about a girl that guys like.

It’s those reasons that you go from “fling” material to girlfriend material. They are the quirks and qualities that girls have that men find irresistible. If you have any of these qualities that a guy likes in a girlfriend, then you likely have a guy that completely adores you.

Everyone is different, and guys all love different things, but these are some qualities that are hard to resist. Then there are the things we do as women that seem to drive guys batty. We have to admit that we are just different from the opposite gender and there are even a lot of things that we don’t understand about men.

He may love you but there are also times when he may want to take a breather from you as well. Not sure which is which? Check out these 15 things all guys love about their girlfriends (& 5 things that totally annoy them) so you can decipher your guy’s reactions to what you do in the relationship.

20-Loves: When You Laugh Out Loud

There is just something charming about a girl that can laugh heartily at something without being self-conscious.

Guys love it and it’s one of their favorite qualities about you, regardless of your opinion on how your laugh sounds.

Maybe it’s her confidence or maybe she takes sheer joy in laughing, either way, guys love when girls aren’t afraid to let loose and laugh. Take it as a compliment! And next time you think you look like a dork when you are dying laughing, remember that your guy loves it and focus on the pair of you making hilarious memories together.

19-Loves: He Loves Bedhead

You know when you wake up in the morning and you assume that you look like a troll before you brush your hair? Well, your guy loves that messy look that you have. It’s effortless and cozy and really makes him feel emotional about you.

“My girlfriend swears to the high heavens she’s not attractive with bedhead. I personally think she’s at her most attractive with bedhead. The PJ look is, for some reason, top-tier attractiveness.” Our hearts just melted a little bit. Hold on while we got get into our sweats and baggy tees!

18Loves: When She Wears His Clothes, Too

This is something that has been common knowledge since the dawn of time, and also something girls love because it’s so darn comfortable. Stealing your guy’s clothes isn’t just cozy, though, it’s something they really like.

If you haven’t taken it upon yourself to wear something of his throughout your relationship, then you are missing out on a key factor of attraction.

Plus, you can also confiscate his hoodies; it’s all in the rules of dating. “I would guess that they know they’re doing it, but if a girl comes to bed in one of my button-down dress shirts […] it drives me bonkers in the best way.”

17-Annoys: When You Steal His Food

It’s not so bad when you both order big meals and then proceed to eat off of each other’s plates. But a guy will find it super annoying if you don’t order anything and then proceed to eat all of his food. We’ve probably all done it as well, and sometimes it’s just a force of habit that you reach for food when you see it. But why do we do it? We tell our boyfriends that we don’t want anything and then we start eating his fries. Yes, we do it and we are probably aware that we are doing it. The solution? Just order your own food (or enough to share)!

16-Loves: When You Give Him Loving Eyes

When you’re in a relationship you start to develop your own messages between each other almost like you were speaking in code. It’s one of those things that tends to happen when you’re super-connected, no matter how long you’ve been in a relationship.

That means, of course, that your eyes say a whole lot more than words ever could.

And if you ask a real-life BF what he thinks? “Looking at me and biting her bottom lip with those eyes” and “That little smile she makes when I catch her looking at me like that” are top contenders for guys’ favorite “eye” messages.

15-Loves: When She Makes Eye Contact With Him

This is like when you are at the office Christmas party and you glance across the room at your date and you make eye contact with him. It makes you feel connected to that person even if you aren’t right beside them and guys love it. “This girl I know does this thing where we’ll all be hanging out having a group conversation, and she’ll be talking to someone else, but she’ll be making eye contact with me.” It’s a subtle way to connect with your guy at a party or anywhere else it’s impossible to stick right by his side.

14-Loves: He Loves When You Bite Your Lip

It’s just another one of those things that guys find alluring about their girlfriends. These are all personal messages that you have between the two of you.

Guys find things attractive that we wouldn’t even think about because some of them just come naturally to us.

Things like biting your lip may not be intentional, but they sure do send a message. “Lip-biting and eyebrow-raising… Catching eye contact with someone who was looking at you is also pretty good.” Well, at least you now know what you can add to your repertoire to get your man in the right mood.

13-Annoys: When You Have No Opinion

This is another one that we are all guilty of. When a guy asks us what we want to eat or which movie we want to watch, it’s because he genuinely wants to know our opinion. So, when we say, “I don’t know” or “I don’t care” it can be frustrating to him. He doesn’t always want to be the one that makes the decisions and that’s why he’s asking you. We should be putting our input into a relationship anyway instead of following along with whatever our man wants to do. Moral of the story? Pick the restaurant, tell him what you really think, and enjoy the newfound closeness that results.

12-Loves: He Loves When You Stretch

We’re not even talking about when you are stretching like a lioness about to pounce on your prey.

These guys love the fact that you just stretch in general.

“Stretching. And I don’t mean bending-over yoga poses, I mean regular arm/back stretches. Those have been getting me since 6th grade (which is why I don’t think they’re at all aware of it, like they might be about other ‘subtle’ things).” It’s the little things that get your guy’s interest and again, it’s usually things that we aren’t even aware of. In this case, just trying to get a crick out of your neck can get your guy’s attention.

11-Loves: When You’re Comfortable With Him

Guys love the day when the makeup comes off for the first time, as long as you still look the same and not like a complete stranger with a fresh face. That first night that you sleep over and he gets to see you in all your glory in the morning, that’s when he knows you are finally comfortable with him. “Comfy/sweatpants, T-shirt/sweatshirt, casual, hair in a ponytail. Sometimes it can be unnervingly attractive. On some level, it communicates: ‘I am just like you. I like to be comfortable.’” We’re all human, after all, so this one totally makes sense.

10-Loves: When You Take Care Of Him When He’s Not Feeling Great

The “man cold” is actually a thing. Compared to women who can usually shrug off a fever, step up and out of bed and work through it, men have a hard time mustering up the energy to do anything but sulk. So when their gal takes the time to care for them and maybe even coddle them a bit, guys really appreciate it. If he’s comfortable enough to be vulnerable with her, he’s hoping she’ll take care of him when he’s not feeling his best.

9-Annoys: When You Are Always Late

If you always seem to be showing up fashionably late to meet your guy, then don’t be surprised if he gets upset with you. It’s okay to be late once in a while, but if you are notorious for being late, then it’s bound to get on your man’s nerves. Being punctual actually shows that you have respect for your partner and value their time. After a while, it may seem like you don’t really care or that you aren’t putting in enough effort. It’s really not that hard to be on time and if you need to, set an alarm on your phone.

8-Loves: Playing With Your Hair (And His)

Guys love when you play with your hair because it’s fun and flirty. They find it attractive when you twirl your hair in your fingers.

Men also love it when you play with their hair because it just feels nice, like a mini scalp massage.

“Whenever they rub/scratch your back. It’s like the best feeling everrrr, and then they run their hands through your hair, gotta be the best feeling ever.” There is just something great about having that special attention and guys love it. Of course, it could be that “animal” instinct that makes them enjoy being “petted.”

7-Loves: How Short You Are

Well not all of us are short, but when you worry about your height, just remember that your boyfriend thinks it’s adorable. Especially if you are trying to get to something that is just beyond your reach.

“I always loved to watch my ex-girlfriend reach for something high up and she’d get on her tippy-toes. It’s so adorable.”

It’s kind of amazing how our boyfriends see something simple and learn to love it to the point that it’s the best thing ever to them. And tall ladies, don’t fret, because your guy is likely just as appreciative of your height as guys are of their shorter ladies’ statures.

6-Loves: He Loves Your Passion

Seeing passion in someone else is very addictive and it’s also fun to see. After all, what we’re interested in makes us unique and multifaceted instead of boring.

How can you resist watching someone discuss something they are passionate about?

Your boyfriend loves that part about you so make sure you don’t keep your passions to yourself. “Watching a girl when they are passionate. When they are really into a hobby or a certain subject and they rant about it, I find it adorable. I love seeing girls really invested in something and I find it amazingly attractive.”

5-Annoys: When You Embarrass Him

During your relationship, your guy may tell you some embarrassing stories about himself, but he probably also expects you to keep those a secret. He’s trusting you to keep his secrets and if you let them loose to his friends he’s going to be embarrassed. You are supposed to be his number one fan, so you shouldn’t be degrading him in any way. Even if you think it’s just playing around. If he wanted his buddies to know his most embarrassing moments he would have told them himself. So if he’s told you sensitive info, keep your lips sealed, and your opinions about it to yourself.

4-Loves: When You Listen To Him

Guys love it when they know they have the support and love of their girlfriend. They want you to be there for them and with that comes a listening ear.

If you can be supportive and provide your guy with someone to talk to, then you are golden.

“There’s a girl I know that sits with her legs pulled to her chest with her arms wrapped around them, then rests her head on her knees and smiles at me when we’re talking. I forget whatever it was that I was talking about every time.” The key is actually listening, even if you’re throwing him off topic by being so attentive!

3-Loves: Getting A Whiff Of Your Perfume

Guys love when you walk by them and they get a whiff of your perfume. It’s a scent that is all your own and it’s an instant attraction for them. Don’t wear perfume or don’t plan to start? Don’t worry, because guys also like smelling the shampoo in your hair. You have probably noticed him nuzzling his face into your hair and smelling it. He loves everything about your smell, and it’s mostly your unique scent rather than the brand of perfume or shampoo you use. Believe it or not but smelling a girl’s hair is a huge plus for a guy.

2-Loves: When You Get All Dressed Up

Sure, a guy loves when you are in your comfy clothes with your hair in a bun, but he also loves those days when you get all dressed up just for him. That’s the opportunity where he can really show you off to everyone that he knows.

It’s fun to play dress up and when the two of you can get dolled up together, it’s a magical thing.

Of course, it probably doesn’t matter what you wear, as long as you only have eyes for him when you’re out on the town or wherever else. There’s no way around it, your guy loves tons of things about you and that’s why you work.

1-Annoys: When You Spy On Him

Surprise, surprise. Yes, in case you didn’t already know, a guy hates it when you don’t trust him. If you are checking his phone and social media channels, then you are basically spying on him and that’s just not cool. If you have no reason to distrust him, then you should have no reason to be checking up on him. Trust your relationship and trust him until you are given a reason not to. Keeping your prying eyes away from his stuff is the best thing that you can do for your relationship, and the best way to earn his trust.


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