15 Types Of Men Who Won’t Marry You Now


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When on the search for proper marriage material, it’s helpful to understand just what men won’t marry you now or any time soon. Think about this: why are men so comfortable with dating a woman for countless years, but don’t take the step to marry here. This common question brings out a major dilemma: does he have cold feet or will he just never marry her? While marriage is a common goal for many of us because we’re looking to share our life with someone special and to raise a family, some men not only don’t want to get married, but will waste a woman’s time in her pursuit to become a wife entirely.

Yes there are in fact certain men that women should avoid if they are looking to seal the deal. This handy checklist for women will help them sort through their current dating prospects and determine whether or not he will marry you any time soon or at all. Ladies should never have to settle for just anyone. So let’s take a look at this helpful list of 15 men that women should steer clear of if they’re looking to walk down the aisle relatively soon.

15-He’s still clubbing

Of course it’s perfectly fine to go out and have fun, but when the focus with this man becomes which club to go and on which night of the week, that’s a warning sign. When someone is more focused on their partying schedule then their future, it’s time to check out of a relationship if marriage is expected…and soon. While every girl wants to marry a fun guy, when does it become detrimental to continue dating a party animal?

14-He has too many exes

Ok I know what you’re thinking, we all have exes. However when is enough truly enough? When a man so many exes you can’t keep track, it’s a warning sign that he isn’t the commitment type. You have to wonder why did so many of his past relationships fail. Did he cheat? Did he not commit after so long? Did he tell her that he didn’t want to get married? Also with so many exes, the potential to want to return to a past relationship is definitely there too. Any man with many exes should be steered clear of if someone is looking for marriage material.

13-Visits strip clubs

Some people may disagree here, but any man who consistently visits strip clubs isn’t that serious about his future. If a man can throw dollars at women he doesn’t know, where is his mind in terms of a future? That same money can be used on his girlfriend, his future or a future wedding. With that in mind, a man visiting a strip club for a Bachelor party or occasionally is different than a regular visitor; however any man that can just throw money out of his pocket with no regard to his future or building a life is definitely someone that won’t marry a woman quickly, soon or at all.

12-Avoids relationship talk

This should be a given, but any man that avoids any talk of the future just isn’t that interested. By not committing to anything, he can continue to live the life he chooses without having to give much of anything. For a woman that is looking for a marriage in the impeding future, this is a major warning sign. A healthy relationship should include direct and honest conversation about one’s intents and future plans.

11-Goes out too much without inviting you

It’s healthy for a couple to have their own space, however if a man is going out more often without you then inviting you then this is a warning sign. After all, a man should want to show you off and interact with his friends around you to see if you two could be a match for a lifetime. If it seems like a woman is being hidden, there oftentimes is another underlying issue going on about the seriousness of the relationship, if cheating is involved or if he even wants to be in a relationship at all.

10-Travel Junkie

While it’s perfectly normal to want to explore and travel the world, a man that is addicted to travel most likely doesn’t want to settle down any time soon, if at all. Depending on a woman’s particular job, she may not be able to accommodate him on his getaways leaving her out of the equation entirely.

9-He’s too into work

A hardworking man is definitely s**y, but where does work ethic get into the way of a relationship. A workaholic may be so committed to his job and his future in that career that he can’t see himself settling down anytime soon. Most likely because he is so involved with what he needs to do to better himself career-wise that he doesn’t have the time or the mental capacity to work on himself or his relationships otherwise.

8-Overly flirty

A man who is overly flirty with every woman around him isn’t getting married anytime soon. This is because if he were serious with the person he was with; he would tone down his flirting and direct that conversation to her only. While it’s okay to be playful, it does seem somewhat inappropriate for a man in a serious relationship to act this way toward other women. This is a big warning sign!

7-Doesn’t want kids at all

While this doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to get married now, it could be a sign he isn’t ready to get serious ever. Take time to have a serious conversation about what he sees in his future. And if he isn’t even willing to talk about the future, then he probably isn’t getting married any time soon either.

6-He’s a Mama’s boy

Yes it is great he is close to his mother and holds her dear to his heart. However at what point does her relationship with him affect his love life. If he has a mother to confide in and do special things for him, why does he need a girlfriend and a wife?

5-He still mentions his last ex

Yes it’s perfectly normal to bring up an ex occasionally in conversation, but if a man brings them up often, this may be a warning sign. To always have that person in one’s mind is a sign that perhaps he isn’t ready to commit to you. When someone continuously brings up their ex, they don’t have any regard for the person they are with or their feelings.

4-His friends are a lot younger than him

We all have friends of all ages, however when a man only has younger friends this is a testament to his maturity level. Also if all of his friends are in the club partying and not serious about their career or relationships, he won’t be either. Ultimately, we are who we hang out with. He isn’t going to want to leave the regular partying schedule to be at home with his girl or wife if his friends aren’t doing so.

3-He still dresses like he did in high school

While we don’t have to change entirely as we grow up, we should grow up in some sense. By still dressing the same way as he did in high school really shows that his mindset is still at that level. What high schooler is ready to get married? Does he even think about marriage or talk about it in any sense? Take the time to have a serious conversation about where he sees himself in 5 years. This will answer the question if he is getting married any time soon.

2-He’s a big spender and isn’t saving for his future


While it’s fine to enjoy the money one earns, if someone is living paycheck to paycheck they aren’t thinking about their future. Not only are they not thinking about their future financially, but the long term either. Weddings are expensive and so are engagement rings. If he can’t even save $100 to put toward a vacation, where is he getting the money to buy a ring? Simply put, he isn’t buying one or even thinking about marriage.

1-He always seems to be in between jobs or unemployed

The job market can be tough, but if a man is constantly between jobs or unemployed this is a warning sign. Not only can he not keep a steady job, he doesn’t hold his career as an important factor of his life. By not taking something as serious as earning money serious, why would he consider marriage or getting serious with his significant other?


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