18 Signs Of Depression Nobody Talks About- Love Yourself


1. Much of what people tell you to help you is dangerous and unhelpful.

With so much misinformation about what depression really is, most people often think that it’s legitimate to say things like “just be happier,” “do not be depressed,” and “just give yourself more trouble.” They are not.

2. It also hurts physically.

Many depressed people have physical problems such as sore muscles, joint pain and chest pains. If you are depressed and in pain, talk to your doctor about it.

3. Seeking help seems completely pointless.

One of the many lies that depression will tell you is that nobody cares about you, so you do not want to “disturb” people by contacting them. Fight against this lie. Throw her to the ground. Slap her in the face. There is someone who will listen to you.

4. Your relationship with food changes to “it’s complicated”.

Whatever lies between “forgetting to eat” and “eating everything”, it simply is not on the agenda anymore. However, poor eating habits can make depression worse, so you should see a doctor if your diet becomes problematic for you.

5. Some “friends” might dump you (and that’s fine).

Some of your so-called friends will not know how to behave around you and will disappear in the mist. Let her go and take care of yourself. The people who stay are the ones who really matter.

6. You feel like you are losing your mind.

Depression is a form-changing mental disorder; they manifest in the form of panic attacks, compulsive thoughts and habits, social phobia, and a variety of other problems. Remember that you are not crazy. You are sick and can get well again.

7. Everything gets on your nerves. Even you yourself are getting on your nerves.

Irritability is a sign of depression that does not get enough attention. To feel grumpy is only part of the process, so do not feel bad about it.

8. Everyday life feels overwhelming.

Something as simple as making a bowl of cereal suddenly has too many steps and now you are frustrated with yourself and oh dear, do not cry … ..


9. Depression has a negative effect on your sleep rhythm.

You can not fall asleep when you want, but if you have to go somewhere, you’ll make a nasty, five-hour nap.

10. Depression also means not feeling anything.

When you are depressed, you are thought to be sad, but depression can make you feel numb and / or emotionally exhausted. No matter what other people say, these are still depressions; If you feel emotionally numb or empty, you should tell your doctor or therapist.

11. It’s unbelievably boring.

Imagine, you can only see one thing on Netflix, and it’s an 80-year show with 24-hour episodes. Imagine, you have no interest in this show, its characters or their plot. If you are depressed, it could be that your life feels like this TV show. Try to distract yourself for a little while with anything that will grab your attention and banish boredom, no matter how temporary the distraction is.

12. You feel guilty.

Is there anything worse than being depressed? To feel like you are a selfish, ungrateful failure, because you have a disorder that you can not control. This is a common depressive thought that is not true. Cognitive-behavioral therapy can help you identify depressive thoughts and emotions (such as feelings of guilt) and provide you with tools to process those feelings.

13. Your dreams will be strange.

Some studies say that as people move through the stages of their depression, the content and quality of their dreams change.

14. The mirror becomes your worst enemy.

Low self esteem is a sign of depression, so your mirror reminds you how much you do not like your looks or who you are. Sometimes it’s best to just cover it for a few days.

15. Depression appears like a “logical” state in which one is.

Some studies show that depressive people have an unusually realistic world view, so that one could rationalize his depressive thinking (“I am a bad person”) as an indisputable fact. This is not true, and therapy can help you understand how depression affects your logic.

16. You seriously discuss with people how terrible you are.

“I think you are fantastic.”


17. The attempt to return to society after a long period of depression is very complicated.

It might take a while for you to feel well again, so it’s alright to take your time and slowly get back into social affairs.

18. Depression gives you the feeling of being alone.

But you are not alone.


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