19 Things That Women Love To Do (When He’s Not At Home)


Cozy evenings cuddled on the sofa with Netflix, enjoying dinner together on a weeknight, catching up on our days: many of us would agree that these are the nicest things about moving in with our significant other. For the romantics among us, it’s cool to share our space with the person that we love, and we feel that this is an amazing step toward other forms of commitment (like maybe a sparkly ring on our finger…). For the more practical among us, we like sharing chores and having someone there for us when we’re having a rough day and just need someone.

As much as we love being in a serious relationship, we have to admit that we love our girly nights at home alone. There’s just something beautiful about having a free evening and knowing that we can do whatever we want. We all need a night like this every once in a while, and if some of us are more introverted homebodies than others, than we might need a few more of them.

No offense to our boyfriends… but we’re pretty sure that the following 19 things are just as fun as spending a night in with our favorite person. Read on to find out 19 things that women love to do when he’s not at home.

19-Tweeze Our Eyebrows

A girl just wants to tweeze her eyebrows in peace. Isn’t that such a true statement?!

When our boyfriend’s home, we don’t really want to do this in front of him because it’s just easier and better to do it alone. Sure, we can go into the bathroom, but our bathroom lighting and mirror might not make the ideal eyebrow grooming situation.

When he’s out for the night, we can breathe a sigh of relief because the time has come to tweeze our eyebrows and get them under control. We can literally do this anywhere in the apartment and it’s pretty awesome.

18-Scroll Through Social Media And Go Down A Rabbit Hole

We’ve all done this: we tell ourselves that we’re only going to check out social media for a few minutes… and we end up spending hours scrolling through our feeds. The “explore” feature on Instagram, in particular, allows us to move from account to account and before we know it, we’ve been looking at tons of people and photos.

This is something that a lot of us do when we’ve got a night without our boyfriends. We might put the TV or Netflix on for some background noise. When he gets home and asked what we did, we might shrug, but we know that we got lost in the rabbit hole of scrolling.

17-Wear Sweats And A Messy Top Knot

Wearing sweats and putting our hair up in a messy topknot is so freeing. It makes us feel awesome and like we’re in for a cozy night, which is exactly what we need when we have the apartment to ourselves. We’re definitely not going to wear jeans or something equally uncomfortable.

While we can wear a casual outfit around our guy and we know that guys tend to love us in sweats and no makeup rather than a full glam look, but there’s something special about being cozy and casual when we’re alone. It’s our time to ourselves and we like knowing that we have nowhere to go and nothing to do.

16-Listen To Pop Music (Or Music Our Boyfriends Don’t Love)

We love pop music, be it Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Ariana Grande, or Justin Bieber. Just about anyone who is being played on the radio these days. Top 40 puts us in a good mood.

It’s possible that our boyfriend has the same taste in music as us, but it’s also totally possible that he doesn’t. He might be okay with listening to it every once in a while but he wouldn’t go out of his way to listen to the kind of stuff that we do. That’s okay, though. Being alone gives us the perfect chance to blast to the music he’s not the biggest fan of.

15-Eat A Pint Of Our Favorite Ice Cream

Call it a girls’ night in for just us: when our boyfriend’s not home, we love to get our favorite ice cream. Ice cream is NOT just for the post-breakup blues! We might say we’ll eat just a bit but, come on, that never happens, and we know that we’re going to eat pretty much the whole pint.

And it’s totally fine, because balance is a good thing and part of a balanced life is sometimes eating what we want, and if that’s ice cream (which it probably is since ice cream is great) then that’s cool. Talk about the best night ever: we can watch whatever we want and eat some ice cream.

14-Reorganize Our Bedroom, Closets, And Apartment

It’s so much easier to reorganize when we’re home alone. While our boyfriend totally means well and could offer to help us clean out the kitchen cabinets or finally get our bedroom closet in order, we would prefer to do this when it’s just us. Plus, he usually laughs at how we like to arrange our shelves to Pinterest-like perfection.

We can blast music or put on a podcast episode that we’ve been meaning to listen to and get to work. Before we know it, we’ll be done, and we’ll feel so good and accomplished. Sometimes it just takes a night alone to get some serious reorganizing done… and the best part is that when our boyfriend gets home, he’s going to be super impressed.

13-Have A Girls’ Night In With Pizza

Our boyfriend heading out for the night is the perfect opportunity to invite our friends over and have a girls’ night in. We can order pizza, watch the sappiest chick flick, and we just know that we’re going to have an amazing time.

Sure, we can always ask our boyfriend if he minds hanging out with some friends one night so we can invite our girls over, and he’ll say yes if he’s a nice guy. It’s easier if he already happens to be going out, so hopefully, we can plan ahead. Either way, it’s nice to chill at home sometimes and catch up with our good friends.

12-Text Our Best Friend For Hours

Sure, we can text our BFF when we’re hanging out with our boyfriend and when he’s home, but it’s not super polite to constantly be on our phones when we’re trying to spend time together. That’s not exactly quality couple time, right?

Another thing that we love to do when our boyfriend isn’t home is text our best friend… and for hours and hours. We can chat about anything, send each other gifs and silly snapchats, analyze our relationships, complain about our jobs, and obsess over the shows that we’re watching these days. Best of all, we don’t have to feel like we’re being rude or ignoring someone. It really is the best.

11-Dancing In The Kitchen Or Something Equally Fun And Embarrassing

How many of us love to dance in the kitchen or even our bathroom? We might call this “dancing when no one’s watching” like the popular saying because, when our boyfriend isn’t here, that’s exactly what we’re doing.

We love dancing by ourselves or doing something equally silly and fun, like spending an hour and trying on random outfits or combination of clothing and hoping to find something amazing. It’s nice to have this time to ourselves where we can really let loose and do what we want. We might feel kind of silly at first but, hey, it’s just us, and everyone does this, so it’s really no big deal.

10-Indulge In Some Face Masks And At An Home Mani-Pedi

Nothing feels as good as a face mask and some time to ourselves. We can relax and forget about whatever is going on in our lives. Even if we’re not currently stressed out about anything, it never hurts to indulge in some self-care.

While we wait for our face mask to work, we can also give ourselves a mani-pedi. It’s awesome when we have the place to ourselves and we can really spread all our beauty products out and take our time. Not to mention that we don’t have to worry about how crazy we look with our face covered in a sheet mask. Maybe we’ll listen to a favorite podcast or some music while painting our nails. It’s going to be really nice.

9-Do A Deep Clean Of The Apartment

It’s so much simpler to do a deep clean of our apartment when we’re home by ourselves. Cleaning is one of those things that we all know that we have to do and yet we might not quite as often as we should.

Maybe we love to clean and it feels good, or maybe we would rather do literally anything than have to face our bathroom (or our shower, which tends to be the worst and least fun thing to clean). Whatever our opinion on cleaning, we know that it’s necessary, and the best time to do it is when our boyfriend’s gone for the evening. Plus, he may be so grateful that he’ll offer to cook us dinner!

8-Read A Good Book

Reading a good book is one of the best ways to spend some time when it’s just us in our apartment. We can always read when our boyfriend is home, too, and maybe we both like to sit together on the weekends and read (which is super cute).

But when there is no one around and no distractions, that’s really the ideal time to sit down with a book that we’ve been meaning to get to or that our best friend swears will be our new favorite. When our boyfriend gets home and sees us curled up and reading, he’ll think it’s so sweet.

7-Spending Time On A Hobby We Love

We could be into art (whether watercolor painting, drawing, or making collages). We could be into baking. We could love some obscure, truly unique hobby that no one has ever heard of.

We also love to indulge in our hobbies and interests when our boyfriend is out with friends. We’re happy to be home alone, and we’re not feeling lonely at all because we’re so happy to have a few hours to explore something that we’re interested in. We love him, of course, but it’s important for couples to have hobbies, too. And when we’re out, it’s great if he has his own hobby that he loves to work on, too. Building our own personal interests is good for the development of our couple, after all.

6-Taking A Quiet, Chill Moment Just For Ourselves

So many of us have such busy schedules and there always seems to be more than we can be doing, and it really gets to us after a while. It’s important to slow down and look after ourselves.

One of the best ways to do that is taking some free time when we can get it, namely when our boyfriend is out for the night. Women love to take a quiet, chill moment just for themselves when their boyfriends are gone for the evening. Even if we just sit and think and enjoy the quiet in the apartment, we’re going to feel much better and it’s a really healthy thing to do.

5-Call Our Moms

We also love calling our moms when we have the apartment to ourselves and our boyfriend is out, whether he’s working late or out with some friends. Sure, we can give her a call even when he’s home since we can just go into another room, but it’s just not the same.

When we’re home alone, that gives us the perfect chance to call our mom with total privacy and really have a great chat. Of course, we can also talk about our boyfriend and swoon over how amazing he is… and also talk about any relationship issues that we might be having (even small ones). We always love talking to our moms.

4-Practice Some Yoga

While many of us love attending a yoga class or two each week, we also enjoy doing some yoga at home. It’s super chill and thanks to the Internet, we can find all kinds of classes and do whatever type of yoga we prefer, from a slow flow-style yoga to a faster-paced workout.

Whether we do yoga via an app or YouTube, there are so many avenues out there, and it’s awesome. It’s nice to have an evening alone when our boyfriend is away since we can really get quiet and connect with ourselves. It’s on our list for things to do when we have a night for just us. Plus, there’s no embarrassment or giggle from him when we fall over while trying to perfect our ‘tree’ pose.

3-Meal Prep For The Busy Work Week Ahead

Maybe when we first moved in with our boyfriend, we would spend a few hours on a Sunday and meal prep for the week ahead together. It was fun and we were open to doing anything as long as it counted as quality time.

Over time, once we got more used to living together and into more of a routine, we forgot about the whole meal prep thing and got busy with other stuff. When we’re home alone, it’s a great chance to meal prep since we have the whole kitchen to ourselves. And maybe if we’re really nice, we’ll make some lunches for our boyfriend, too.

2-Watch A Girly TV Show Or Movie

Maybe our boyfriend is great about letting us pick the movie sometimes and he doesn’t mind watching a rom-com every once in a blue moon. That would be awesome because when we’re in a relationship, we don’t always get to watch the stuff that we really want to.

When our boyfriend isn’t home, that gives us the opportunity to watch a girly TV show or movie. Whether we’ve been waiting for a chance to catch up on our favorite shows This Is Us or Grey’s Anatomy, or there’s a romantic movie that we’re in the mood for, we can definitely find something.

1-Eat A Super Healthy Dinner

Whether our boyfriend is all about kale or he’s more of a junk food lover, we can probably all agree that we love to eat a healthy meal when he’s not home.

It’s trendy to be healthy these days, which is really cool, and many of us have long since traded in fast food for home-cooked dinners. When it’s just us, we can finally try that healthy version of chili or that stir-fry recipe that we’ve been eyeing, or we can order take-out from a vegan restaurant in our neighborhood that has an epic salad we’re obsessed with. Also, we won’t hear that sigh of exasperation from him when it takes us 10 minutes to snap the perfect shot for Instagram.

We all need one of these nights in sometimes… and when we’re out, our boyfriend totally loves an evening alone, too.


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