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20 Real Signs She’s Actually Starting To Get Over Her Ex


Getting over someone you still care about is probably one of the hardest things you can do. Sometimes running back to them, even though they’re not good for you, seems easier than turning your back and leaving them behind. Having the courage and strength to move on is a challenge, so when you know you’re actually getting over your ex, even if you’re not fully there yet, it’s time to celebrate! It’s time to be proud of yourself and reward yourself for coming this far.

There are several key signs you can look for to determine whether you’re actually getting over your ex or not. Ladies who are moving in the right direction tend to feel less attachment to the idea of their ex than they once did, and won’t be as inclined to call or text. The relationship won’t cross their mind as much, and they’ll be interested in other things.

Getting over someone may be a journey of little steps, but every single one counts. You have to be kind to yourself in the process because in truth, it can sometimes take months or years to completely move on.

Check out these signs that you’re really getting over your ex!

20-She Doesn’t Feel The Need To Call

When you’re still in love with your ex, it’s hard to resist calling them. And by extension, it’s also hard to stop texting them, connecting with them on social media, and communicating with them in general.

So you know that some of those flames are starting to die down when you don’t feel as strong an urge to pick up the phone.

Some days might be worse than others, but generally, you won’t feel overpowered by the need to call anymore. The desire to speak to them, whether it be through the phone, texting or in person, will dissipate slowly as time moves on.

19-She Doesn’t Feel The Need To Stalk Their Social Media

We’ve all been guilty of stalking our ex’s social media pages at one stage or another. That’s pretty normal in the initial stages of a breakup. However, once you get to a certain point and enough time has passed, you won’t be so obsessed with keeping up with them on Facebook and Instagram. That’s why they say it’s a good idea to completely remove an ex from social media if you’re trying to get over them. Out of sight, out of mind, and soon you won’t even think about their social media because you would have gone so long without it.

18-Hearing That They’ve Moved On Doesn’t Hurt As Much As It Once Would Have

Hearing that an ex is dating someone new is always going to sting a little, no matter how much time has passed. However, you can measure how far you’ve really come by how much it hurts.

If you’re well on your way to getting over them, the sting will be tiny, fleeting and insignificant, like an ant bite you hardly even notice.

If you’re just starting to get over them but are still kind of attached, it might sting like a bull ant bite. And if you haven’t started to heal at all, it will probably feel like a punch in the face.

17-She Doesn’t Spend A Lot Of Time Thinking About The Relationship

A common behavior among people who have just come out of a relationship is constantly thinking about the ex and the time they had together. You know what it’s like: you just can’t get them out of your head, no matter what you do. But you’ll realize that you’re actually starting to move on if you find yourself thinking about your old relationship less and less. It might still cross your mind occasionally, but you won’t wake up and fall asleep thinking about it. Other things will become more important and take up more of your thinking time and power.

16-Thinking About It Doesn’t Make Her Sad Or Angry

Even when you’re fully over your ex and have absolutely no more feelings for them, you’ll still think about them from time to time. And when you do think about them, you won’t be overcome by feelings of sadness or anger.

When you’ve totally moved on, it will be like thinking about something random you used to have but don’t anymore, like an old pair of jeans.

You might smile or cringe, but you won’t have to stop what you’re doing to cry or punch a pillow. When you’re still not over them, just thinking about them is painful.

15-She Doesn’t Feel Awkward About Seeing Their Friends

It’s always a little awkward (at least) seeing your ex’s friends for the first time after you’ve broken up. And while there are still feelings there, it’s always going to be uncomfortable. Seeing them will take you back to what it was like to be with your ex, which will be painful if you still feel something. But as you really get over them, seeing their friends will get easier and easier. You won’t be tempted to ask how they’re doing or if they’re seeing someone new, or even if they’ve asked about you. You will no longer be emotionally invested in what they have to say.

14-She Doesn’t Catch Herself Talking About Them All The Time

Even if you haven’t noticed this in yourself, you’ve probably noticed it in friends and family. Immediately after a breakup, it’s normal to always want to talk about your ex. After all, if the relationship was meaningful, they’re probably going to be the first thing on your mind.

As time passes and you move on, however, you’ll find yourself talking about them less.

Their hold over you will lessen, and you will find new things to think and talk about. And even if you feel like talking about them, you’ll be able to control yourself because you’ll be in a more emotionally healthy state.

13-Now She Can Look At Old Photos And Not Feel Emotional

Old photos are a killer! Don’t feel bad if you’re making a lot of progress in moving on from your ex and then you see an old photo of you two looking happy together and it all comes crumbling down. Getting emotional when you see reminders like this doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re still hung up on your ex—remember that it’s a slow process with lots of setbacks. But if you can look at those photos and not get teary, that’s definitely a good sign. It suggests that you’ve gotten rid of most of that emotional baggage.

12-It’s No Longer Official On Social Media

Sometimes when people are in denial about the end of their relationship and don’t want to accept their new reality, they are reluctant to change their status on social media. This might not apply to you if you don’t like to be open about your personal life on Instagram and Facebook anyway.

But making the breakup official on those platforms is a sign that you’re at least ready to move on—if you’re not already there.

It shows that you’re accepting what’s happened in your love life and dealing with it, rather than avoiding it or denying it in public.

11-She Doesn’t Cry At Sad Movies

This is a personal sign that might not apply to every single person, but generally, those who are dealing with emotional stuff in their lives are more likely to be triggered by things like sad movies. That’s why people who are still in love with an ex tend to bawl their eyes out in romantic movies—they bring up a lot of feelings for them. So it’s a good sign if you can sit through The Notebook and leave with dry cheeks. Don’t fret if you still find yourself crying, though. Plenty of people cry in sad movies, even if their relationships are happy.

10-She Can Run Into Them Without Freaking Out

Running into an ex is never the most fun thing to do in the world, whether you broke up last night or six months ago. To be totally fair, it’s understandable if you freak out a little bit the first time you run into them.

But once you’ve gotten over the shock of seeing them a few times, it should get easier to see them.

If you’re moving on and getting over them, seeing them won’t feel like torture or something reminding you of what you can’t have. It might be a little bit awkward, but it won’t be something that will ruin your day.

9-Her Friends And Family Are Happy With Her Progress

Good family and friends are priceless in this life. They can help us to see ourselves clearly, and that’s exactly how your network of supporters can be of assistance when you’re wondering whether you’re moving on or not. If you’re really stuck in the mud and are making no progress, it’s likely that your family and friends will be worried about you, and might even speak to you about it. On the other hand, if they tell you how far you’ve come and don’t act like you’re overly fragile, it could be a sign that you really have moved on and it’s obvious to the outside world.

8-She’s Interested In Traveling And Having New Experiences

To be perfectly clear from the beginning, traveling isn’t for everyone. You don’t have to feel guilty if you don’t have the travel bug! But developing curiosity about new places and the desire to experience new things is always a good thing when you’re coming out of a dark period in your life.

It shows that you want to do things that benefit you and are thinking about things other than your ex again.

Someone who’s still hung up on an ex will be less inclined to chase new experiences because their time will be spent thinking about that one person instead.

7-She Wants To Study Or Further Her Professional Life

Similarly, an interest in studying or furthering your career is another promising sign as you try to get over an ex. When you are interested in things like this, it shows that not only are you thinking about things other than your ex, but you’re paying attention to the other areas of your life besides your love life. Sometimes a little distance from romance altogether is just what a person needs to fully feel like themselves again, so it’s never a bad thing to focus on these other areas for a while. It will help you get over your ex, if you’re not there already.

6-She’s Thinking About Dating Again

It’s not a bad idea to step out of the dating world for a while until you feel ready, but it can also be a good sign if you are getting ready to date again. Every person is different!

If you’re thinking about the prospect of dating someone totally new, it could mean that you’ve lost that attachment with your ex and are ready to have it with someone else.

Some people even find that rebound romances actually help them to get over an ex, but that doesn’t work for everyone. The most important thing is to do what’s right for you!

5-She’s Okay With Being Alone

We are strong believers in being strong enough to stand alone before leaning on someone else. You might want to end up with someone, but you’ll know that you’ve moved on from your ex if you can survive alone, regardless of what your goals are for the future. When you can’t stand the thought of being single, not only are you more likely to date someone who’s wrong for you just for the sake of it, but it can also be a side effect of still being emotionally attached to your ex. As long as you need them, you won’t get over them.

4-She Still Believes In Love

It is always a positive sign to still believe in love!

When you have given up on finding someone who will make you truly happy, it could be because the only person you want is your ex, and if you can’t have them you don’t want to bother looking for anyone else.

Or it could be because your pain is still so strong that you don’t think it can ever be mended. But when you still believe in love and have faith that you will find someone who is right for you, it shows that you’re definitely on your way to moving on from that ex of yours.


3-She’s Taking Control Of Her Health

Letting your health go is a sign of having low self-worth and being too preoccupied with other things to look after yourself. But your health should really be the most important part of your life. If your health is out of control and you’re not taking care of yourself, nothing else really matters, does it? Taking control of your health again after neglecting it during a bad breakup or toxic relationship shows that you’re starting to put your own needs first again. It also shows that you’re concentrating on the right things instead of dwelling on the past.

2-She Feels Happy More Often Than Not

Only you will be able to tell if you’re really getting over your ex or not. One of the simplest ways to tell is to focus on how you’re feeling.

If you’re feeling happy more often than you’re feeling sad, it’s a good sign!

When someone still has strong feelings for an ex that they can’t have, they tend to feel angry, sad, or frustrated most of the time. Of course, nobody is happy all the time, so don’t hold yourself to impossible standards while doing this little test. It’s likely that you’re really moving on if you’re feeling happy overall.

1-She Feels Good About Herself

When a person truly starts to get over their ex, they will have a heightened sense of pride. Like we said, it’s no easy task to move on, so you’ll be on a natural high once you get through all the hard times. You’ll be proud of yourself and feel good about yourself. These feelings will become like second nature to you. The frustration with yourself and the anger at them will be gone, and in its place will be a new feeling of contentment. Don’t ever feel guilty about being proud of yourself and celebrating your triumphs—you totally deserve it!



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