20 Signs He’s Getting Ready To Break Up (& 5 Times It’s All In Our Head)


A breakup is always hard to deal with, no matter the circumstances. But when we didn’t see it coming, it can feel like a punch in the face. On top of feeling hurt, we’re also in shock and it becomes even more difficult to move on. And sometimes, even if we’re the most observant person in the world, there are no signs that it’s coming.

A lot of the time, though, there are a number of clear signs that help us to anticipate a breakup. When someone is thinking about ending the relationship, it usually shows in their behavior. Even when they don’t know they’re going to break up with us, we can usually tell if they’re unhappy and unsatisfied, when we know what to look for. Someone whose heart is no longer in the relationship will pull back on romance, affection, and support, and will start to distance themselves in many ways.

At the same time, people can be too cautious and freak out over behavior that is normal and doesn’t mean a relationship is coming to an end. It’s all about knowing when to start preparing ourselves for the worst, and when we should just relax. Read on to discover the signs that show when someone is planning a breakup.

25-He Stops Inviting Her To His Events

It could be a sign that he’s about to break up with you if he stops inviting you to the events in his life. In the past, he might have invited you to be his plus one, but if you’ve stopped receiving invites, it could be the first stages of a break up. When someone stops bringing their partner, it might mean they want to start acting as a single person, or they want others to see them as a single person.

24-He Frequently Jokes About Leaving Her

It’s startling how much truth can come out in humour. Sometimes when someone keeps making jokes about breaking up with their partner, they could actually harbor those feelings inside (whether they realize it or not). Telling jokes could just be a way of planting the seed, or even his way of getting himself used to the idea of leaving you. Of course, he could also just have a wicked sense of humor, so this isn’t something to definitely panic about!

23-No Passion: He Doesn’t Even Bother To Argue

Like we said, arguments are part of a healthy relationship. Obviously, you don’t want there to be arguments and nothing else, but a little arguing is still a good sign. If you’re arguing, to some extent you both still care. When couples don’t argue at all, they more than likely don’t care enough about the relationship to engage in conflict to solve problems. If he stops having these kinds of discussions when problems arise, it might be because he’s over it.

22-He’s All About The Criticisms And Stingy With Compliments

It’s not uncommon for two people about to break up to constantly criticize each other over every little thing. And likewise, they don’t tend to compliment each other as much as they used to. It could be a sign that he’s about to break up with you if he only insults you, comments negatively on everything you do and criticizes you in a harsh way. There’s a difference between positive feedback and unnecessary bashing, don’t forget.

21-It’s In Her Head: He Wants More Time To Himself

It can seem daunting when your partner suddenly wants more of his own space, and it’s natural to freak out the first time this happens and assume that he’s getting sick of you. We get it! But the truth is everybody needs their own space to some extent, even when they’re in a loving relationship. This is most likely him shifting from the honeymoon stage and getting to a point where you’re less obsessed with each other and more comfortable.

20-He Doesn’t Make Plans, Because She’s Not A Priority

Though the honeymoon stage in a relationship doesn’t last forever, the couple should still make each other a high priority. You might get to a stage where you no longer dote on each other and hold hands in public, but the simple fact is that relationships always require work and effort, no matter how much natural chemistry you have. If one of you stops putting in the effort and making the other a priority, it’s almost like giving up altogether.

19-When He Does Show Up, He Seems Uninterested

Some couples see each other less frequently than others, and that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re bound for a breakup. Some people are just busier than others! But when a couple does get to spend time together, you would hope that they would be fully present and interested in the other person. If your partner seems like he doesn’t care if he’s there or not, it could be a sign that his heart just isn’t in it anymore.

18-He Doesn’t Want To Talk About The Future Anymore

When a relationship is moving forward, it’s only natural that a couple will want to discuss the future. It’s all relative to timing, and you don’t have to worry if there’s no discussion of the future in the first stages. But once the relationship gets to a certain stage, talking about where you’re at and where you’re going is normal. So it’s a sign that he might be getting ready to end things if he is reluctant to talk about moving forward.

17-She Feels Like She’s Always Walking On Eggshells

Sometimes when your partner is getting ready to break up with you, you can just feel it in your gut. They might not be displaying any of the other signs, but still you’ll have the unsettling feeling that something isn’t right. And when you have that feeling inside of you, life can seem like a minefield, where one wrong step can set off an explosion. Follow the signs, but also trust your gut to know when the end of a relationship is coming.

16-It’s In Her Head: He Doesn’t Put In As Much Effort As He Used To

By the same token, it can be startling when your partner suddenly stops going to all the effort that he used to. You might have noticed that he used to bring you flowers every time he picked you up, and now he doesn’t. We tend to go to more effort in the early stages of a relationship, and pulling back a little doesn’t mean things are over. It’s just an adjustment because now you are more comfortable with each other.

15-He’s Much Less Affectionate Than He Used To Be

The amount of affection is different for every relationship, but generally speaking, they all need at least a little romance. That warmth is one of the things that classifies you as a couple and more than just friends. It’s common for a relationship to be totally void of that affection and romance just before it dissolves. Of course, you can’t stay in the honeymoon stage forever, so don’t be alarmed if there’s been a decrease in affection. As long as there’s some left!

14-The Arguments Are Getting More Frequent

It’s very common for a couple to have an ongoing war between them in the final days before breaking up. Arguments are part of any normal relationship, and you don’t have to panic if you’re arguing more than normal. But it’s not a promising sign if arguing is all there is. As the arguments increase in frequency and intensity, it could mean that you’re going through a rough patch, but it could also come down to the fact that your relationship is breaking down.

13-No Words: He Barely Talks To Her Anymore

When a relationship is working out, communication comes naturally. You’ll easily be able to say what’s on your mind, and won’t feel like you’re struggling to think of something to say to them. There might be silences, but they won’t feel awkward. So you know that things aren’t looking promising when it’s getting more and more difficult to communicate with each other. Communication is key in a relationship, and perhaps one of the non-negotiable elements that you have to share.

12-When He Does Talk, It’s All About Memories

Some say that constantly discussing the past is not a good sign in terms of moving forward to the future. It’s okay to travel down memory lane every now and then, but it’s not the best sign if that’s all you’re talking about. Why? Because people can have a lot in common in the beginning, and then lose that connection. If you’re only talking about the past, there’s a chance that you’ve lost that connection, and he’s thinking about breaking up.

11-It’s In Her Head: He’s Being Critical, But It’s Constructive

We already pointed out that it’s not a good sign if your partner is constantly bashing you and criticizing every little move you make. But at the same time, you want a partner who’s going to be honest with you. Just because he offers you constructive criticism that is actually going to be beneficial to you doesn’t mean that he’s getting ready to end the relationship. In fact, that’s a sign that he really cares enough about you, since he’s offering you advice.

10-He Looks Back On Memories In A Negative Way

A healthy relationship relies on more than just memories to get through, but remembering the good times in a positive light is still an important part of it. You don’t want him to only be able to talk about the past with you, but you also don’t want him to look back on your memories together in a negative way. When the way we feel about someone changes, it can distort our feelings about the past, and that might be what’s happening when he feels negative about your history.

9-He Always Seems To Be In A Bad Mood

Everyone has their bad days, and nobody is in a good mood one hundred percent of the time. That said, being grumpy and irritable all the time could mean that someone is unhappy at their core. If he’s always in a bad mood, particularly when he sees you, it could signify that he’s unhappy with you, and is getting ready to end it. Don’t panic about the odd bad mood, but there should be some happiness there too!

8-He Keeps Bringing Up The Same Issue

Every relationship has its problems, and that doesn’t mean the couple is guaranteed to split. Take notice if there’s one issue in particular that your partner keeps going back to. It could be a sign that he’s getting ready to end the relationship because there’s something that is eating him up. If there is something that keeps bothering him, it’s not guaranteed that he’s going to break up with you over it. That’s just something that can happen if the issue isn’t resolved.

7-Bad Vibes: The Mood Is Negative Or Tense When They’re Together

At the end of the day, there’s not much point in a relationship that doesn’t make you happy. Some people stick around out of habit or convenience, but that’s probably not the best idea. Usually, once the happiness is gone, it’s only natural that the relationship will follow. It’s a sign that he could be preparing to break up with you if it’s obvious that he doesn’t feel happy being your partner anymore, and you don’t feel happy either.

6-It’s In Her Head: He Tells Her The Harsh Truth

Honesty can be hard to take, but it’s preferable than a sweet lie. When your partner tells you the truth, it’s usually a sign that they care about you. After all, it’s more difficult to lie to someone you love than someone who doesn’t mean a lot to you. Even when the truth is hard to take, it doesn’t mean that he’s getting ready to break up with you; he just respects you enough to be honest.

5-He’s Stopped Filling Her In When New Things Happen In His Life

It’s normal for two people in love to rush to tell each other absolutely everything that happens in their lives. When you love someone, it’s only natural to want to share the good and the bad things. Some things don’t have to be brought up, but generally a couple likes to share. So it’s not a good sign if he used to tell you everything that went on his life and now his lips are sealed. And it’s even worse when he’s telling other people and leaving you out.

4-His Friends Or Family Are Acting Different

When somebody is getting ready to break up with their partner, there’s a good chance that their friends and family will catch on. And if they know that the relationship is going to end, they might act differently. They might feel awkward, which will affect how they interact with you, even though they might not notice it. His friends or family acting different could be because of anything, but it’s possible that it’s because they know that the relationship is coming to an end.

3-She Just Doesn’t Trust Him Like She Used To

Even when you have a lot of other problems, trust is the one element you should always share with your partner. When the trust is gone, you know that things probably aren’t going to have a happy ending. So it could be a sign that he’s the one who’s getting ready to end it if you no longer feel like you can trust him. It’s likely that he’s picking up on those feelings too, and he knows that there’s not much left to hold onto.

2-He Makes Disrespectful Comments

The other element you should always have in a relationship is respect. Respect goes both ways, and governs the way you interact with each other. It’s a sign that a break up could be just around the corner if the respect has totally dwindled between you. Spotting a lack of respect is fairly simple. It will be obvious in the way you talk to each other, or talk about each other, as well as the courtesy you have toward each other.

1-It’s In Her Head: Some Conversations Do Get Serious

People can often feel like their relationship is meaningless if their conversations are hardly ever serious, and their interactions seem to be based on laughter. But a lot of laughter is actually a good sign in a relationship and can show that you feel comfortable with each other. It also indicates that you enjoy each other’s company and are having a good time, which is the most important thing. So there’s no need to panic if you’re laughing more than you’re having deep conversations.


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