20 Things He’ll Do That Show He’s Ready To Get Wifed Up (Based On His Zodiac Sign)



It’s hard understanding guys! We don’t understand why women always get the reputation for being the more complicated gender because it can be just as tough trying to decipher what a guy feels or wants. It’s especially hard when you’re in a relationship and want to know how seriously your man is feeling about it (without directly asking him, of course).

Does he think the relationship is moving too fast? Does he see a future between the two of you? Does he feel the same way as you? These are all normal questions for a girlfriend to have, especially when she and her partner haven’t had a conversation about the future. So, if you’re wondering whether your guy is getting ready to settle down, then we suggest taking a look at his astrology sign to get some answers.

Your man’s astrology sign can give you clues about what he’ll do when he’s getting ready to pop the question, so you won’t have to ask him directly if you don’t want to!

Maybe he’ll start to become more vulnerable or will shower you with gifts, or he’ll give you hints through his behavior towards other people. Read on to discover what your boyfriend’s horoscope says about him and the future of your relationship!

20-Fire Signs: Takes You On Adventures

The fire signs — Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius — are all passionate adventure-seekers. A guy who knows you’re his girl for life is going to want to share this with you.

He’s determined to take you to all the cool places he wants to explore on his own and doesn’t just promise he will, but actually follows through with it.

He knows that you’re the person he’s going to spend this adventure called life with, so he’ll stop at nothing to create the perfect memories with you. Let him take control and feed off of his energy!

19-Aries: He Says You’ve Tamed Him

Aries men are wild and fiery, which often makes them free spirits and afraid of commitment. In other words, it’s tough to tie an Aries man down and tame him.

So, if he’s telling you that you’ve won his heart, then you better believe him. An Aries guy who’s head over heels will have no trouble telling his leading lady that he’s smitten over her. He’s more self-restrained and dependable than ever before and doesn’t feel restless or restricted.

But be cautious, you can’t force an Aries to settle down against his will, which is how you know he’s ready for the next step if he already has.

18-Taurus: Never Gets Tired Of Listening To You

Taurus men are great listeners, in general. They’re often patient and gentle and prefer things to be uncomplicated and peaceful.

Likewise, Taurus gentlemen prioritize security and stability in their life, financially and otherwise. A real sign that you’ve won the heart of a Taurus guy is seeing whether he listens to you whole-heartedly.

Though they’re great conversationalists, Tauruses will get bored of listening to someone after a while. If he tells you he could listen to you forever, then you better believe he’s telling the truth.


17-Gemini: He’s Making Plans For The Future

When a Gemini falls in love, regardless if they’re a guy or a gal, they fall long and hard. They’re ready to jump into things full-force and give their partner everything they have.

They can’t imagine the future without their lover. You know a Gemini guy is ready to make you his w-i-f-e if he’s already talking about the future. It could be as small as mentioning what kind of home he’d like to settle down in, or it could be as major as talking about baby names. He’s likely mentioned he wants you to meet the family (if you haven’t already) and he has no problem making plans months or even years in advance.

16-Air Signs: Takes You To Meet His Family

The air signs — Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius — are all rational thinkers. They’re intellectual, social creatures, so communication and friendship are important to them.

Likewise, it’s no surprise that their family is also important to them. Just like air signs are great at giving advice, they like receiving it. So if an air sign is serious about his woman, then he’s already taken her home to get his family’s approval.

It’s important for him that all of the close people in his life get along, and he’ll communicate this need to you. Don’t be freaked out if he wants to take you home to the parents- it’s a good thing!

15-Water Signs: Tells You His Deepest Secret

Water signs, which includes Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces, are the most mysterious and secretive of all the astrological signs.

Although they’re highly intuitive, this often comes paired with ultra-sensitivity, which makes them hesitant to open up. Once you get them talking, however, they won’t stop since they are natural conversationalists.

So, if a girl has the heart and trust of a water sign, he’ll want to share his deep secrets with her. A water sign truly trusts you if he opens up, and it means he’s planning on keeping you around. Just be careful not to misuse that trust!

14-Cancer: Confesses His Insecurities

Cancer men try to keep up the image that they’ve got everything in control. They’re strong, dominant, and dependable. He’s sensitive to his partner’s emotion, and above all wants to make sure she’s all right.

However, in an effort to maintain this perfect image, he may be reserved and difficult to crack. You know a Cancer guy is head-over-heels for you if he’s comfortable enough to confess to you his insecurities.

It means that not only does he trust you, but he feels close enough to turn to you for support and unconditional love, which could be a sign that he’s getting ready to pop the question.

13-Leo: His Favourite Thing Is Cuddling You

As a fire sign, Leos are always passionate, full of energy, and bursting at the seams. They have trouble staying still for long and are always in search of the next adventure.

But when a Leo man is in love, he makes the effort to zero in on his partner. In other words, he loves the small, tender moments. A sign that he can’t get enough of you is if he’s always cuddling you; his favorite thing is holding you in his arms, no matter how many hours go by.

If you can make a Leo man stop to smell the roses, then you’ve got him wrapped around your finger.

12-Virgo: Puts Your Ambitions Before His

All Virgos are career-driven. They’re goal-oriented with big dreams, and they’re for sure going places. A downside of that is that Virgos are likely to give up on relationships if they feel they’re not beneficial, rather than trying to work through them.

If anything is getting in the way of their goals, they’ll cut it loose. An exception to this is when a Virgo man is in love. When he falls for someone, then his partner’s ambitions become his own. He’ll stop at nothing to help you realize your goal, even if it means putting his own to the side.

11-Earth Signs: Willing To Make Financial Commitments

Earth signs, including Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, are grounded and down-to-earth. They’re the last signs that rush into unhealthy relationships or take a big step without thinking it through.

So, if he’s willing to make financial commitments that will have an impact in the long-run, then rest assured that he’s as invested in the relationship as he can be.

This can include anything from signing a lease together to adopting an animal to booking a future vacation- anything that proves he’s in this for the long haul.

10-Fire Signs: Surprises You With Romantic Gestures

The fire signs, like Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, are all hopeless romantics. They’re passionate, dramatic, and think nothing is too over-the-top for their special someone. So, if a fire sign is head-over-heels for you, then he’ll make it known by surprising you with a romantic gesture.

It can be anything from surprising you with flowers to taking you to a romantic restaurant. It allows him to put his creative ideas to use and appeals to his adventure-seeking side. It makes him happy to make you feel special.

9-Libra: Always Includes You In His Plans

Libras are charming, entertaining, quick-witted, and, above all, usually hard to pin down. This sign doesn’t tend to sit still for long, and that carries over into their romantic relationships, too.

Libra men are often accused of being womanizers for good reasons. But a sure-fire sign that you’ve won the affections of a Libra man is if he’s always including you in his plans.

You don’t need to ask what he’s doing next weekend- you know it’ll be something with you. He makes an effort to include you in his friend circle and introduce you to his family. He has a hard time staying away from you for long and gets upset if you’re not including him in your plans.

While he may feel a bit clingy, remember it’s better than a Libra who won’t stay put!

8-Scorpio: He Tells People You’re The One

Like all water signs, Scorpios are sensitive and emotional and care a lot about what other people think.

You can tell a lot about what a Scorpio feels about you by how he talks about you with his friends. If your Scorpio man is consistently telling his family and friends that he thinks you’re the one, then take it as a good sign.

It means that not only is he comfortable with you, but he can already imagine a shared future. Scorpios aren’t going to open up unless they feel like they are investing in a relationship so make sure you’re working hard to earn and maintain his trust.

7-Sagittarius: Takes You On Vacation

Fire signs are known to be wild-at-heart and love adventures. The Sagittarius sign is especially energetic and spontaneous, so a Sagittarius man is going to want to share that side of himself with his lover when he feels like things are getting serious.

A sign that he’s madly in love is if he takes his woman on vacation with him. You know a Sagittarius man feels like he’s found the one if he spends hours daydreaming about the perfect getaway, and then actually makes it come true. Sagittariuses love to live like they’re part of a movie, so every moment with him will seem like a rom-com.

6-Water Signs: Shows You His Childhood Photos

Most people are embarrassed about their old childhood photos, and would rather do a list of things before showing them to their new GF. Water signs are already sensitive and emotional, so they’re resistant to opening up and becoming vulnerable.

So, take it as a good sign if he’s showing you embarrassing photos of his childhood (even better if he’s doing it at his mom’s house). It means he trusts you and wants you to get to know all sides of his personality — the good, the bad, and the embarrassing.

Return the favor and share with him your own memories, so that he’ll know you’re both on the same page.

5-Capricorn: Always Needs Your Opinion

Sometimes it can get annoying when your partner always seems to need your opinion. Whether it’s about what tie to wear or whether they should accept a new job. As tireless as it is, if your man is a Capricorn, this could be a sign that he’s getting ready to settle down.

Capricorns are mysterious and independent, and often don’t concern themselves with other people’s opinions. Yet, deep down, they can actually be incredibly sensitive. If he’s asking for your opinion, then it means he values you above all else and is willing to open up. This means you’ve broken down his infamous Capricorn ice walls, which is a huge win.

4-Aquarius: He Puts Your Needs First

Unfortunately, Aquarius men have gotten a bad reputation for not being the most generous sign the bedroom. Though they’re emotional, they’re also highly temperamental and uncompromising, which means their main goal is often to get the job done and not worry about their partner’s pleasure.

A sign that your Aquarius guy is madly in love with you is if he puts your bedroom needs first. He stops to ask how everything is for you, and genuinely wants to know how he can improve. Your satisfaction is his satisfaction, which is a sign that he’s fallen hard and deeply.

3-Pisces: Showers You With Gifts

Both Pisces men and women are known for falling in and out of love quickly, and every relationship feels like the one. This is because Pisces are water signs, known for their sensitivity and their empathy.

But, one sign that proves it’s the real deal for a Pisces man is whether he’s showering you with gifts. Even if his love language isn’t material objects, this is a sign that he believes the relationship is long-lasting and wants you to be aware of it, too.

If your man isn’t afraid to treat you like a princess, then he’s not going to be afraid to put a ring on your finger.

2-Water Signs: Hangs Out With Your Friends

We know that the water signs, like Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces, can be shy and secretive. Since they’re sensitive, they’re afraid of opening up and getting hurt. As a result, they tend to avoid large crowds, especially filled with people they don’t know.

If a water sign knows that he’s found his leading lady, he’ll make an effort to hang out with her friend group, no matter how shy or nervous he may be. He knows it’s crucial for the health of their relationship and believes that the approval of her friends supersedes any apprehension he might personally have. If your man is a water sign and has no problem hanging with your gal pals, then he’s definitely a keeper.

1-Earth Signs: He Always Brings You Food

Earth signs are the most reliable of all the astrological signs. They’re down-to-Earth, grounded, and above all, rational; they’re not going to waste their time on things that won’t benefit them or their lover.

While grandiose, romantic gestures aren’t their thing, they do love good practical demonstrations of affection like bringing you food.

If an earth sign guy loves to bring his partner something to eat, it’s a sign he has her well being at heart and has plans to take care of her well into the future. Bon appetite!


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