20 Ways To Get Out Of The Friendzone & Finally Get Him To Notice


We’ve all been there at least once in our lives; the friendzone ― oh, the ever-so-lovely friendzone. And chances are, if you are reading this right now, you know what it means to be “friendzoned.” But if you don’t, here is an explanation. Let us start off by saying this it is often a very sticky situation, to say the least. One individual, whether a guy or a woman, in a friendship develops feelings for the other. Meanwhile, the other party is often unaware of those feelings and won’t try be more than friends since it is an agreed friendship.

We know how difficult it can be to be in the friendzone, as one can feel they are stuck in an endless maze. Being stuck in a friendship while wanting more with the other person can be frustrating because it is no longer an equal friendship; one wants more but can’t get more because he/she is already labeled as “just a friend.”

Though this situation often seems endless, there are ways and simple techniques you can pick up to get the man you want to desire you the same way. If you’re fed up that he is just thinking of you as a friend, then read on! These simple tips are sure to make him feel attracted to you in a different way―in the way you want. Who knows, he could be running after you in no time.

20-Let Him Miss You

Being in the friendzone is an unfortunate situation, but if for whatever reason he has put you in that grey area, you must adapt. And the first thing you should do is be less available for this friend you have romantic feelings for.

When you have feelings for someone, it’s totally normal that you’ll always want to make yourself available for them, but that is the first thing you’re doing wrong.

The fact is, you must make them miss you; make them see how their life would be without you around. Give him space and make him think of you.

19-Make Friends With Other Men

Another thing you absolutely need to do is show him that he is not the only man in your life. How? Create some competition by making other guy friends, and make sure the guy who has friendzoned you knows that you have broadened your social network with the opposite s** . Going along with that same point, if you show him you are busy with other people, he may start feeling a little jealous or may feel like he is losing you, which will motivate him to win your attention back. This will also help him realize your worth, which is the first step to getting out of the friendzone.

18-Accept Him As A Friend

Another way to deal is one that’s possibly cruel and hard to do: backing off. Yes, we mean kind of “moving on.” Backing off silently by just accepting what you and this guy are is the first step in this process.

We do not mean you need to totally let go and stop talking to him; rather, you just need to shift your attention to something else and remind yourself that you are just friends.

By accepting him as a guy friend for now, without even knowing, you will be giving him more space, which can result in him developing feelings for you eventually. If you want a shot at something more with him, backing off the whole “crush” scenario is a huge and effective step.

17-Let Him Do Stuff For You

Life is all about balance, right? So how about making this guy who is your friend that you have deep feelings for do stuff for you, too? Start by asking him to do things for you the way you do things for him―the exchange between you should be equal. If he starts engaging in more favors for you, it is more likely that he will like and appreciate you more. Why? Because the more time they invest in the relationship by doing stuff for YOU, the worthier you will be to them. So, hey, take a break from doing favors for them, and start off by slowly asking them to give you a hand.

16-Switch Up The Calling And Texting

Nowadays with social media, it is hard to escape the one you have feelings for because you can see everything. But one thing you can avoid is calling and texting. What? How? We know, if you have not already done it, it seems impossible and crazy to do, but turns out, stopping these two things can change your situation drastically.

You should suddenly change the habit of always texting and calling him on a daily basis, as it will make him wonder what you are up to.

Basically, by stopping to call and text, you are disrupting the friendzone pattern. Don’t be surprised if he suddenly gives you way more attention.

15-Show Less Interest

This next thing to absolutely do is not the same as backing off, but it is similar; you need to show less interest. Because you are interested in him, and likely being needy, he will automatically value you less because he knows that you value him more than he does you. If we are being frank, he knows that you will always be there, so you need to take a step back and show him that you are less interested. This will help you gain more strength and confidence and show him that if you don’t get what you want, you can easily walk away.

14-Be Good When He Is Good

You know how a dog does something good and you reward him/her with a snack? Well, that works the same way with the guy you have feelings for that has friendzoned you.

If you really want him to get to notice you in another way, you need to let him know when he has done something you appreciate.

If he is being good to you and he suddenly starts being more affectionate and showing more attraction towards you, show good back to him. And, on the contrary, if he is not behaving the way you’d want him to or treating you badly, then ignore him. He’ll quickly catch on if you stick to this.

13-Don’t Run Your Mouth

It does not mean the guy you like does not find you attractive, but to really get him to notice you and have eyes only for you, you need to be a little more reserved socially. What this means is that you must do less talking; do not always tell him everything about yourself is what we are saying. Ultimately, this is what makes him put you in the friendzone because he already knows everything about you, and that is not exciting. You want to make him wonder about you; you want to leave a little mystery. The saying “less is more” totally applies here.

12-Don’t Care Too Much

Do not show him that you care; it is a mistake we all make. Yes, we must put a mask on and hide our feelings to get out of the sticky friendzone. For instance, if your guy friend that you have sentiments for is talking to you about other women and you show him that you care by displaying jealousy, he will be less attracted to you.

You should try and show him that you have enough confidence to not let it bother you, which will spark his interest in a positive way.

Being all weird around him will put more pressure on him, and he’ll just keep throwing you back into the friendzone. Show him you’re laid back and chill instead of caring “too” much.

11-Stop Sucking Up

We all do it; we all put the person we have feelings for on a pedestal by making them feel like they are Michelangelo’s David statue. We all think that the better we are to the guy we like, that he will certainly have no choice but to see how great you are for him. Unfortunately, that is off-the-charts wrong. The more you do for a man, like almost “worshiping” him, the more you are digging yourself into a friendzone hole. So, we want you to stop trying to be the most perfect women in the world, stop being too nice, and quit always complimenting him.

10-Don’t Be The Problem Solver

Chances are, when this male friend you have feelings for has problems, he runs to you for some help and advice. Guess what? You must stop playing the superwoman role.

By always being there to help him and being at his beck and call when he needs help, you’re going to remain right where you are, unhappy and in the friendzone.

You can no longer be that girl who always makes everything better because he will constantly rely on you for that without the commitment label. Start letting him be an adult and fix his own issues.

9-Don’t Let Him Use You

When we like someone, we tend to be gullible, which leads to terrible decisions. One of those terrible decisions is letting them take advantage of our kindness. And one way we ladies do that for the guys we like is by buying them things or treating them. But do you really want to let a man think you are gullible enough to pay his coffees or buying him other items? You cannot buy a man’s attention, and if you think you are doing so by paying for his stuff, you are completely wrong. You don’t want him to pretend to be interested in you so that you keep buying him things.

8-Don’t Have A Bromance With Him

Chances are, if you are in the friendzone, he will approach you about his girl problems and want relationship advice from you. This is a big NO NO, and you need to immediately detach if this is what it gets to. The mistake you are making here is getting closer to him by being his friend, because then that is how he is going to treat you.

If you’re the only girl friend he can confide in, he won’t want to ruin the relationship he has with you, which is why you need to stop being like one of his bros.

Don’t be that girl who tries to get closer as a friend while hoping he’ll magically fall in love, because if you’re like one of his boys, he won’t ever see you that way.

7-Remember To Say “No” Sometimes

As children growing up, our parents taught us to always say no to strangers, but let us inform you, saying no to get noticed by “him” is just as vital. By telling him no once in a while, not only will he notice you in a different way, but he will also take you way more seriously. By saying no more often, he will see a woman who is independent and knows what she wants, and there is nothing a man finds more attractive. You will easily get out of the friendzone when he realizes how easily you can turn him down when it’s warranted.

6-Be Happy Without Him

This all may be hard to swallow, we know, but if you’re already in the friendzone, you won’t automatically get out unless you make some changes.

One major change you may need to evoke is your vibe; by this, we mean you need to give off positive and happy vibes.

If you show him that you desperately need and want him in your life as more than a friend, that won’t encourage him to go for you. However, if you start filling your life with things that make you happy, showing him that you do not need a man to fill the missing puzzle piece and that you are whole by yourself, he will more likely be attracted to you in a “more than friends” way.

5-Don’t Always Follow The Leader

If you’re allowing him to always take the lead while you follow, chances are, you’re going to stay stuck in the vicious friendzone for quite some time. If he is always the one deciding everything, if he only talks to you and sees you when it is advantageous for him, and if he is always calling the shots, you will never gain control. Why would he notice you as anything other than a friend if you’re already letting him do all he wants to? You should not be afraid to stand up for yourself and make decisions too, instead of being that girl friend that just follows through.

4-You Don’t Need His Permission

Remember that you are only his friend, which means you do not need his approval or permission for anything. If you ask him if it is okay to go on a date with another guy or anything similar to that, he will see you as weak. You must do whatever you like, and if he does not like it, you cannot show that you care.

You’re allowed to do whatever you want without asking for his permission, and trust us, will he ever notice you.

He will quickly learn that you’re not afraid to do what you want even when he is around, which will make you more desirable.

3-Don’t Get Too Emotional

This may be the hardest thing to do because the problem is you have probably already done it. But by stopping this, you can maybe turn things around or use this advice the next time. What are we talking about? You must stop confessing your feelings to him if you have, or not confess any emotions at all. Your potential for getting him to notice you goes down the drain quickly when you spill out your emotions to him. You have got to keep your feelings to yourself if you do not want to him to shove you into the friendzone area.

2-Be Relaxed Around Him

This tip is relatively simple but can make major changes in your situation. If you are nervous and tense around him, he will know, as it will obviously show, and that instantly gives him the upper hand over you.

Instead, you need to be calm, cool and collected for him to appreciate and enjoy being around you.

He will certainly notice you when you are more relaxed because every guy loves a girl who is laid back and full of calm energy. This will make him go more towards you and feel more attracted to you. Believe us when we say if you are uptight, don’t expect him to let his guard down.

1-Stop Thinking About Him

If you stop obsessing over him, things will instantly change. By constantly thinking about him and checking out his social media, your attraction becomes unhealthy, and it will show when you are around him. You must take it down a notch and act like he is just another guy, because quite frankly, obsessing over him is what keeps you in the friendzone anyway. Once you put that amount of focus on something else besides him, you will notice some vital changes. Once you get too busy and keep your mind off him, he will realize it because your attitude when around him will reflect it.


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