Each zodiac sign has its own characteristics that direct it towards the activities that are most suited to its inclinations

Each sign of the zodiac corresponds to a character, an inclination. The tastes, aspirations, habits, are different and each makes choices that partly reflect his real preferences and to a greater extent what the family, the environment and circumstances require of him. In this period it is even more difficult to be able to follow their own trends and often they are satisfied with what the company offers. Thus the dissatisfaction that feeds the stress and psychosomatic illnesses grows.
We will now go to see which professions would most suit the characteristics of the various signs of the zodiac so as to be able to address the activity that more than the others approaches the inclinations of the sign of belonging.



cardinal, fire, male sign
Who is born in Aries has a strong energetic charge, is active and impulsive, knows how to get involved and does not fear risk. It is difficult for him to accept a subordinate position and he does not accept impositions. The free profession would be the one most suited to his temperament in which he could give the best of himself. It is designed for a military or political career . He can excel in sport and not just as an athlete. In the world of entertainment, on stage or in other activities, he can find his place. He will be able to fit well, at various levels, in some sectors of medicine and research or in the judiciary or the police. 

Finally, among the most common trades, we can mention: catering or meat preparation, craftsman, plumber, mechanic, sculptor.



fixed, earthy, feminine
sign The sign of the Taurus is a great worker, not afraid of fatigue or commitments, it is unlikely to remain idle for long. He has a business sense. The patience that allows him to dedicate himself to jobs that for others would be boring. He has good taste and aesthetic sense and can take care of those jobs in which to express these qualities, such as: interior decorator, advertising graphic designer, set designer. He has dexterity and, in the various sectors, can express himself as a craftsman. It can be used in the field of fashion or beauty.Health is within his competence 

and with it the various related trades. Everything that has to do with money, nature and real estate belongs to it. Thus, the merchant, the financial or real estate consultant, the architect can do. Or he can take care of agriculture or run an agriturism Herbal medicine and the various branches of alternative medicine can be part of the jobs that concern them. Finally he can be a good cook, pastry chef or restaurateur.



mutable sign, air, masculine
Curious, flexible, intolerant of routine, Gemini loves to change and not stay long in a role or in a sector . He can devote himself to various professions and range from the skipper to the researcher of market trends. The sharp mind and the gab have allowed him the activities for which inventiveness and eloquence are required. He can deal with travel and tourism, public relations, translations 
. It can be present in the conception or presentation of radio and television programs. He knows how to take care of theater, acting, singing, dancing. Or he can find employment as a sound engineer, lighting technician, set designer, choreographer, production secretary. It looks good in stores, in trade fairs, in a secretariat or at the switchboard. Good seller can make the representative of pharmaceutical companies or other products.
Journalism is his job followed by: teaching, advertising, trade (especially export-import) and also mathematics and science subjects.



cardinal sign, water, female
The Cancer tends unambitious is not suitable for work which requires very fast pace. He knows how to perform his duties best when there is collaboration and a family atmosphere in the workplace.
It is intuitive and has an innate artistic sense that brings it closer to the various fields of culture, art and theater. He can sense the mood of people and can identify himself with their needs for this very reason, in addition to finding its own way of expression in the field of psychoanalysis, it can succeed in those professions that relate to cultural or physical assistance for the sick, the disabled and children such as, for example: childcare, school teaching, pediatrics, physiotherapy , baby sitter, etc.
It has good taste and can handle clothing and accessories. He is a good interior decorator who is particularly interested in antiques. It can be used in a hotel or other reception facility. Love for cooking and food preparation will see them as good cooks, confectioners or nutritionists.



fixed sign, fire, men’s
The Lion needs to fully its spaces and roles, is not suitable for an employment or routine, or becomes depressed and loses momentum and creativity.
He loves the “scene”, so the most congenial activity for him is in the field of entertainment, music or theater . He finds himself well in those tasks where he is the protagonist and animator, he can collaborate with hotels, tourist villages, night clubs, restaurants, bars, etc.
It can organize large or small events, it also works well as a desk clerk or receptionist. He can do well in the kitchen but as a job he aspires to that of the chef.
It is attracted by luxury and well-being , it can take care of jewelry, clothing, furniture, beauty farm. He loves children and can choose teaching or other activities related to this age group. He will also want to devote himself to a political career or to the judiciary. Finally, it is not excluded that he chooses to join a humanitarian organization.



mutable sign, of earth, feminine
The Virgin is the little ant of the zodiac: industrious and provident, she works well as a team following a project without overbearing or seeking glory or leading positions. His role is often defiliated but no less valuable. He has a good manual skill and attention to detail, precious qualities for use in craftsmanship, at various levels, including precision and miniature works. He can be a great teacher or a clerk in a school office, a company, etc. He feels good in simple jobs : salesman, beautician, masseur, hairdresser. The domain of Mercury favors professions related to the word: translators, writers, chancellors, web masters. 

Attention to detail makes him a psychotherapist, a doctor, a researcher. Or, remaining in the field of health, he will be able to choose the official science professions or alternative to this connected sector, including those that deal with animals.



cardinal, air, masculine sign
Of refined taste and conciliatory nature, it expresses itself at its best in serene and friendly environments. It can be used as a hostess for events or in sectors that require reception capacity for the public. He can work at the reception desk of a company, a studio, a hotel, a conference room.
Even in the ambit of diplomacy, justice and politics, we find Libra in key positions or as collaborators of leading people.
He can take care of furniture and fashion, ranging from clerk to tailor, upholsterer, interior designer, to more demanding tasks. Or he will choose the art world: creator or creator of jewels, exhibitor set-up, musician, singer, actor, etc. Can organize parties or group outings. He can work in a beauty salon or as a hairdresser.
Libra can work with a marriage agency or a model agency. Or it will make the model / model. He can be a good photographer.



fixed sign of water, feminine
Intelligent and ambitious, it can hardly accept a monotonous job and bears the authority .
It can range for various professions without too many foreclosures, aims at very high peaks and is competitive with colleagues. However, it can collaborate in groups in which there is an identity of objectives such as, for example: politics, the union.
His sharp and observant mind will be well used in trades that require analytical and deductive skills : doctor (preferably oncologist), psychologist, psychiatrist, criminologist, investigator, etc.
Money can give a relative importance but not to the professions that derive from it: financial consultant, banker, accountant, notary, gambling room attendant, etc.
The Scorpio is a sign related to the occult world , to death. We therefore find the scholar of esotericism, the fortuneteller, or the pathologist, the technician of the scientific police or other similar professions. Finally, even in the world of cinema, in its various expressions, there is the right profession for him.



mutable sign, of fire, masculine
As a sign of fire it needs movement and therefore the trades that are connected with sport or travel are preferred . He is also a person with a great mental openness and curiosity and can deal with journalism, television, and reception for foreigners.
He knows how to communicate in other languages ​​and this ability can fit him well into various trades. In sport, besides the profession of athlete, there are all those useful for the good running of the races. Or you can choose to be an instructor of some discipline or gym teacher in schools.
Regarding teaching, it must be acknowledged that this is the job that best suits himand that it can carry out in its various degrees up to the highest rector or principal. He is good in public functions, at any level but, in a particular way, in managerial ones (one of our former presidents of the republic was Sagittarius !). His career in the police, the judiciary, the advocacy or religious is also part of his prerogatives.



cardinal, earthly, feminine sign 
Its concreteness makes financial stability and career a priority , to which it dedicates itself with a sense of sacrifice and determination, neglecting other equally important spheres of its life. He is a reliable person and takes his commitments to heart .
He is skilled with money, knows how to manage it and can be a financial promoter or employee in sectors related to finance and money, including numismatics. You will find employment in construction, in the administration of condominiums, in public functions.
Can take care of health, especially that of the elderly and, thanks to the influence of Saturn, is skilled as a surgeon. He can deal with orthopedics or physiotherapy. It can be a good laboratory technician or dentist.
The Capricorn is good as a teacher : History in particular. He can aspire to become rector in the university. Politics and the judiciary also fall within its functions. Finally, he could choose to write or work in bookstores, publishing houses or libraries.



fixed sign, air, male
Eclectic and original it is difficult for him to conform to an office job or any job that is not interesting or creative .
His logical abilities and gaze to the future see him well integrated into the scientific environment, in the field of medicine or engineering . He can devote himself to architecture, interior design or anticipate the release of new trends. Modern technologies are the ones you are most familiar with, you can use them in any sector or create, build or keep others up to date.
Although he has little interest in money, the Aquarius he can take care of company administration or find a place in finance. In the field of music and art, there are various crafts that adapt to his temperament. It can fit into the political sphere or within large humanitarian or marketing associations. Finally a job can look for it in the sectors of the nautical one, of the aeronautics or to contact with the sea. He is interested in holistic treatment methods and astrology .



mutable sign of water, female 
What a Pisces most fears is to be framed in a rigid schedule of schedules and rules . It has its own rhythms and even if it runs the risk of being dispersive, it makes better when it can satisfy them. 
He feels good when he can express his creative potential and his imagination
 , but he is adaptable and manages to fit in even in sectors that are less pleasant for him. He can take care of graphics or write books, poems, short stories. He can choose fashion and its accessories or he will do his best in the care of children in hospitals, homes, schools. Many nurses are Pisces . His great empathy brings him into contact with the feelings of others 
and can devote himself to methods of treatment of official or alternative medicine, including psychology. It can teach yoga or relaxation and introversion methods. He knows how to scrutinize in the papers and in the future but he is also present today with commitment to volunteering, religion or politics.
Artistic careers, in various fields and at various levels, fall within its inclinations. Finally there is the sea route and the trades connected to it.

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