Adventurous, quiet or dreamy? Each sign has characteristics that, in addition to interfering in the way of thinking and acting, also shape the way of seeing the world. This explains why a Pisces looks at a mystical place with much more fondness than a Taurus, although the landscape for the two is spectacular (see here the most traveling signs of the zodiac). So if you want to make the dream trip, check out what the stars indicate to you.


Energetic and adventurous Aries , Aries like places full of leisure options, so that each day of travel can do something different. In Brazil, the best alternatives for these natives are: Bonito, in Mato Grosso do Sul, and Brotas, in São Paulo. Once out of here, the Aryans can bet on Bariloche, Argentina, Sierra Nevada, Spain, and Hawaii in the United States.

Taurus Taurus signer loves comfort and beautiful scenery. That is, it is possible to make a happy bullfighting in a small village or a big city, as long as the lodging is cozy. Búzios, in Rio de Janeiro, Ceará Jericoacoara and Santorini, in Greece, usually enchant the bulls.

Gemini Highly rational, Geminis greatly appreciate the universe of arts and exotic cultures. So a trip to a place completely different from the everyday and rich in culture is perfect for this sign. Among the favorite cities of these natives are the Minas Ouro Preto, the Peruvian Machu Picchu and the French Annecy.

Cancer Represented by the water element, Cancer natives like places related to emotion and that can be visited as a family, because they love a company. Cities of the interior, full of green and fresh air conquers any Cancer. In Brazil, these natives can enjoy much of Monte Verde, in Minas Gerais, and Gramado, in Rio Grande do Sul. Outside, the indicated cities are Venice, Italy, and Munich, Germany.

Leo Feeling passionate about luxurious and charming landscapes, the Leonese feel at home when traveling to Paris, France, Los Angeles, United States, and London. Among the Brazilian destinations that most enchant Leos are: Maceió, in Alagoas, and the Marvelous City of Rio de Janeiro.

Virgo Discreet, safe and organized, Virginians prefer places that work perfectly and have a unique architecture. The mining Tiradentes, the Spanish Barcelona and the Dutch Amsterdam are some of the beloved cities of the Virgos.

Libra Librans are people who are very sentimental and sensitive. Because of these characteristics, the perfect trip for the Libras involves beautiful places that will make your soul rise, such as the Pernambuco Fernando de Noronha, and Bora Bora in French Polynesia, as well as mystical cities of India.

Scorpio Symbolized by the element of water, Scorpio is a strong and passionate personality sign. Because of its element, the Scorpio love coastal towns and also with waterfalls. It is worthwhile for this native to visit the beautiful Florianópolis in Santa Catarina, the Venezuelan Gran Roque and Sicilia in Italy.

Sagittarius Adventurers and wanderers by nature, Sagittarius like places full of leisure options. The ideal is to disembark in cities where they always have an interesting activity like São Paulo, Las Vegas (United States), Ibiza (Spain) and Sydney (Australia).

Capricorn Focused and obstinate in all walks of life, Capricorns enjoy getting to know culturally rich places that carry a great value to humanity. That is, cities with historical heritage and remarkable history are the favorite destinations of these natives. In Brazil, getting to know Salvador is a good tip. Already abroad, great options are Athens, Greece, and Jerusalem, Israel.

Aquarius Moved by curiosity and creativity, the natives of Aquarius do not want to go to well-known tourist spots. They prefer to discover quiet and, of course, very beautiful cities. For this sign, they enchant the cliffs of Morro Branco, in Ceará, the charming São Francisco do Sul, in Santa Catarina. The small medieval village of Yvoire in France and the white houses of Alberobello in Italy are interesting international destinations to Aquarian.

Pisces Spiritual and enigmatic Pisces are the ones who value the mysteries of life and religions the most. Therefore, places with beautiful temples and churches can offer an uplifting trip to this native, such as Nossa Senhora de Aparecida in São Paulo, Indian Agra and Kyoto in Japan.

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