25 Relationship Lessons We Can All Learn From The Kardashians

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The Kardashian (and Jenner) family is undeniably  the most popular family today. They are both well-known and well-liked. Over the years, we have watched them grow up, mature and become successful on so many different levels.

When the world was first introduced to the Kardashian clan, no one could have predicted how huge they would get. At first appearance, they were just a rich, Calabasas family with some ties to Hollywood. It is now clear that, as a whole, they are so much more.

Every member of the family, from Kylie to Kourtney, thrive in their own way with their own individual flavor. We love to laugh with Khloe and be sarcastic with Kourtney. We live for the moments Kris gets snarky and Kim offers her wise advice. The world would definitely be a different place had we never met the Kardashians.

If there is absolutely one thing we all can take away from the Kardashians, it is the many relationship lessons they have experienced and shared with the world. Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, Kendall, Kylie, Kris and Rob have collectively survived some of life’s most colorful relationship blunders.

Here are 25  relationship lessons we can learn from the Kardashians.

25-Never, Ever Settle When It Comes To Love

It’s no secret that Kim Kardashian has been in a few different relationships during her life. Before she even stepped foot into the spotlight, she was married and divorced from her first husband.

Despite the number of relationships she has held during her lifetime or the duration of said relationships, one thing can definitely be said for Kim K — she does not settle.

Love is one of the greatest things life has to offer and if you’re not happy with your situation, get a new one!

24-Make Sure You Realize When Something Is Not Good For You

Nearly all the Kardashians have been in a bad relationship at one point in their life, but they each learned to grow from their bad breakups.

During a particularly bad split from the father of her children, Scott Disick, Kim Kardashian offered her older sister Kourtney a piece a very valuable advice. She told her,

“Everyone has to realize what’s not good for them and move in the right direction of having a positive life.”

If you refuse to accept that some things just aren’t good for you, you’ll never be able to reach true happiness.

23-Don’t Listen To The Opinion Of Others

The Kardashians are masters at brushing off haters and ignoring any shade thrown their way.

People turned their backs every time Kourtney decided to give Scott another try. They judged Kim when she started dating Kanye shortly after divorcing basketball player, Kris Humphries. Even Kylie was nervous about entering into a relationship with Travis Scott because she didn’t know what people would say.

When it comes to love and relationships, take a page from the Kardashians book and remember in the end, other people’s opinions don’t matter.

22-Stand By Your Man When He Deserves It

If you were alive during the last few years, you know that Kanye hasn’t had the easiest run with media lately.

On more than one occasion, he’s been quoted saying and posting  some rather questionable things. Throughout his mood swings, rambles and odd fashion choices, one thing has remained consistent – Kim always endures by his side.

It’s important to stand by your partner during the good and the bad times.

21-…But Don’t Be Afraid To Walk Away From A Toxic Relationship

We couldn’t tell you how many times Kourtney and Scott have broken up and got back together. Their relationship has been on-and-off for more than a decade. Though the pair will always have ties to each other because of their three kids, Kourtney finally made the decision to romantically walk away from Lord Disick a couple of years ago.

Some say her choice to walk away from him was the best thing she could have done for herself.

Sometimes, we get comfortable in our relationships, but comfort doesn’t mean things are right. Never be afraid to walk away from something if you aren’t completely happy with it.

20-Not All Relationships Are Doomed

When Khloe Kardashian married former basketball player, Lamar Odom, many people had doubts. Afterall, they did get married just one month after meeting.

However, they seemed like a really good pair… until all of Lamar’s faults became too much for anyone to handle.

Khloe’s divorce from Lamar was a very emotional and difficult experience. And while she was truly heartbroken, she didn’t completely give up on love. She took the time she needed to heal, but eventually she realized that just because one relationship failed, not all are doomed.

If you’ve been hurt, don’t shut yourself off from love forever. There are better things heading your way.

19-Always Trust Your Gut

When Kylie Jenner first met Travis Scott, their undeniable chemistry was indisputable. In their pregnancy announcement video, their connection was evident to anyone who watched it. They couldn’t keep their hands off each other and were clearly in love.

Our favorite momager, Kris Jenner is total life goals. Even though she was married for most of her life (first to Robert Kardashian and then to Caitlyn Jenner), she was able to learn how to live for herself and wasn’t afraid to jump out of her comfort zone.

Kris started dating Corey Gamble, who is 25 years younger and different from anyone she has ever dated.

So far, they are still going strong. It’s okay to date someone new. It’s good to date outside your comfort zone!

17-If You Don’t Love Him…

Kim’s relationship with Kris Humphries began in October 2010, and they married and divorced less than a year later. A lot of people questioned Kim’s motives for marrying Kris; some believed that it was a publicity stunt. However, she has always been very open about her feelings.

After marrying Kris, she realized he was not the one. He was not someone she felt she could spend her whole life married to, so she filed for divorce.  She faced scrutiny not only from Kris, but the rest of the world.

If you don’t love someone, leave them – both of you will be better off.

16-Keep Your Private Life Private

Kendall Jenner is definitely one of the most private Kardashians. There has been a lot of speculation as to who she has been romantically tied to, but no certainty with any of the guesses. She always keeps her private life private, and seems genuinely happy.

On her website, Khloe admired Kendall for the way she handles her relationships.

“Even though she’s young, Kendall is so private, and she knows the value of keeping things quiet.”

“She’s really reserved in her relationships and I think we could all learn something from Kendall.”

15-Forgiveness Is Necessary

So, maybe Khloe’s relationship with her daughter’s father, Tristan Thompson isn’t the perfect relationship everyone dreams of. The reality is, there is no such thing as a flawless relationship.

In order to make a relationship work, both parties have to work hard at compromise and forgiveness. When it comes to making things last with Tristan, Khloe has admitted forgiveness is the key. According to IOL, Khloe feels,

“[Relationships are] about compromise. That doesn’t mean you’re weak. It means you’re growing up. Forgive quickly and honestly. Be vulnerable and open about love.”

14-Be Careful What You Put Online

The youngest Kardashian brother has definitely had his fair share of relationship lessons to be learned. We all shared Rob’s happiness after he entered into a serious relationship with model and entrepreneur, Blac Chyna.

However, once they officially split, it what was a very dirty breakup. Rob kind of fell off the deep end.

When trying to handle a bad breakup, it’s very important to remember not to share personal information online, because it’s permanent – even if you’ve deleted it, thanks to screenshots.

Don’t release your ex’s personal photos or messages to the public, unless you are ready for the painful repercussions.

13-Put Yourself First Sometimes

Relationships can be really great and so special; it’s hard not to let it consume your entire life. When we fall in love, we want to spend every waking minute with our person. Oftentimes, we are even willing to sacrifice parts of ourselves to make our love happy.

But remember – it is okay to put yourself first. You are important too. If you notice that you are always the one giving in a relationship, make some changes. Do something special for yourself instead.

12-Your Life Isn’t Over Just Because A Relationship Is

Breakups suck… like really suck. It’s painful and sad, but it is not the end of the world. Every single one of the Kardshians have experienced a tough breakup once or twice. One thing about these amazing women is that they don’t let it bring them down for too long. They are experts at picking themselves up and carrying on through the heartache.

“Sometimes you think some guy is the best guy ever and he will never do anything to hurt you. Then he does, and it seems like your life is over, but it’s not.”

Young Kylie offered this amazing advice in a video with Kendall.

11-Be Careful What You Share

This one should be a given. Everything on the internet is permanent, and not everyone is your friend. It can seem fun sharing private photos with your significant other, but sometimes those photos don’t stay private.

After being hit with this tough life lesson in 2007, Kim K makes a point to only publicly share photos she approves of herself. Every image and every video is planned.

10-Don’t Diminish Anyone After A Breakup

2017 was a rough year for Rob Kardashian. This was the year he very publicly blasted his ex and the mother of his child, Blac Chyna.

It’s clear he wasn’t thrilled about their breakup. Rob ripped on Blac Chyna in several Instagram posts, diminishing her by accusing her of engaging in risky and illegal behavior and neglecting their daughter.

He called her out for “disrespecting” him and using him for his money and fame. It doesn’t matter if any of this is true. What matters is how low he sunk after the break up.

Take the high road and realize a better day will come sooner than you think.

9-Remember To Follow Your Heart

After Kim K divorced Kris Humphries, she began dating Kanye. Critics claimed she was involved with the rapper while married and entered into a new relationship too soon. The truth is Kim simply followed her heart.

Kanye had long been vying for Kim’s attention, and she finally opened up to the possibility in 2012. They were great friends for quite some time before their relationship turned romantic. Following her heart  is likely Kim’s greatest decision. She’s never seemed happier.

8-Love Yourself

You’re stuck with yourself for life, so it’s best you learn to love yourself. After all, the saying goes, “you can’t truly love another person until you learn to love yourself.”

Take a look at any one of the Kardashian or Jenner women – there is one thing they all have in common. They love themselves. They are all living their best lives and appear to disregard all the hate they receive.

“You have to be comfortable with yourself before you can feel confident all the time, which is hard to do sometimes,”

explained a teenage Kylie.Everyone has flaws, it’s how you deal with yours that matters.

7-Risks Can Be Totally Worth It

Kim and Kanye likely had no idea what they were doing when they took the leap of faith into their relationship.

For them, that risk was worth it. They are now happily married with three gorgeous children.

Kylie and Khloe both have beautiful daughters because they were willing to take a risk on their partners. Kourtney has three wonderful children to show for all the risks she took on Scott Disick. Rob has Dream. Kris, Kendall and Caitlyn all have happiness.

All these wonderful things in their lives came because one day they took a deep breath and shot for the stars. You never know how something is going to turn out, but you will never find out if you don’t try.

6-You Can Learn A Lot From Heartbreak

Imagine going for a breakup with the whole world eyes peeled, watching and waiting for you to lose it. Despite having all her hopes and dreams shattered right before her eyes during her messy divorce with Lamar, Khloe stayed strong.

“Lessons are best taught through our darkest hour. Through crying and defeat. Through sorrow and loss,”

Khloe shared on an Instagram post, according to TheTalko.  “All of my pain or sadness has only built my strength, soul, character, and wisdom. One day, all of our trials and tribulations will add up and make perfect sense. Until that day comes, learn to laugh at confusion and dance in the rain.”

5-It’s Important To Maintain Your Independence

When Kim married Kanye, she truly was the best version of herself. She had learned a lot from her previous relationships. One of the greatest lessons she gained was to not be so dependent on a man.

In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Kim admitted,

“I used to be so dependent on the guys I was in a relationship with. I don’t know why, because I wasn’t raised that way. If I looked at myself at 19, I would shake myself and be like, ‘Wake up; you are way too smart for this.’ ”

4-As Cheese As It Sounds, Honesty Is Always The Best Policy

“I don’t think it’s fair for me to lead somebody on, or for me to act like I’m in this perfect headspace if I’m not,” expressed a very aware Khloe to Complex, according to TheTalko.

“With love, you don’t mislead or play around, so if you’re not perfectly clear, just be honest about it.”

Honesty really is the best policy – in life and relationships. If you aren’t upfront with your partner, you are not only hurting them, but also yourself.

3-Be Supportive Of Your Partner

Relationships are partnerships between two people. You are going to see your partner both struggle and succeed, and no matter what, it’s important that you are supportive. Kim has supported Kanye through all his off-the-wall endeavors. She knows his creativity drives him and she allows him to be open to all opportunities that come his way.

Support is everything. Our romantic partners are usually our anchors in life. They are the ones who keep us together during the hard times, and there will come a time when you need to be that cheerleader for your special person.

2-You Are Always Enough

Kylie grew up and matured in front of the cameras. Think about it, she was only 10-years-old when KUWTK aired. All of her awkward stages were shared with the world. Now, as a mother she realizes she has always been enough and will always be enough.

During your lifetime, you are going to be judged; you will be criticized; you may start to believe that maybe there is something wrong with you. Don’t let negativity get to you. You are always enough. If anyone is making you feel like less than that, then that person needs to be removed from your life.

1-Family Is Everything

Through all their ups and downs, all the silly fights, all the arguments and laughs – family has remained the most important thing for the Kardashians. If you take a look back at their lives, as a unit, they have been through a lot.

No matter what is thrown their way, they stick together.

Family is everything. Without family, a lot of us would be completely lost. Kim summed it up best during an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, “At the end of the day, we still have each other and we’re all okay.”


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