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25 Seemingly Normal Things Guys Do (That Have Women Running For The Hills)

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Men can be complex creatures, especially to the ladies who are in a relationship with them. When a girl is just friends with them, they can be such scatter brains from an observer’s point of view. But if a gal moves up a rank and find herself becoming romantically entangled with a guy, she’ll notice a whole new world of differences and curious little tidbits surrounding him.

Let’s face it–dudes can be a little gross sometimes, especially if they’re in their early 20s and fresh out of teenhood. And if a girl happens to be in a new relationship with one, she’ll see what the heck we’re talking about.

There are also some major red flags girls should keep an eye out for as well. When she’s in a new relationship, a girl tends to avoid any and all red flags like the plague, which can be extremely difficult to deal with in the long run.

She’s wearing her “beginning of the relationship rose colored glasses” where everything he does is cute, and everything he says is genius. The intent of this article is to make sure that every lady keeps her eyes open and wits about her once those glasses come flying off her face and she’s faced with a harsh reality.

Here are 25 “normal” things that guys do that would have their lady running for the nearest exit.

25-Playing Video Games All The Live-Long Day

Have no idea what the heck a “Fortnite” is (other than the term for every two weeks)? Well, if you’re dating a gamer, you’ll learn soon enough.

Most guys find video games so addicting and use them to escape some reality they’re running from–like, oh, maybe a new relationship?

You’ll have to pry him away from his controller sometimes, and that could be just plain ridiculous. It’s his prerogative if he wants to waste his life away in front of a screen, but he shouldn’t drag you down too.

24-Cleaning Habits

Dudes aren’t the cleanest creatures in the world. And if you don’t believe me, ask any mother who happens to have a teenage son. And when they’re finally out of their parents’ house, their cleaning habits don’t magically change overnight–that is unless they get into a relationship overnight. And even then, it’s pretty touch and go. You don’t want to have to keep picking up his gross clothes around the apartment, and you shouldn’t have to–you’re not his mother.

23-“Liking” Other Girls’ Pictures on Social Media

This one can be a little dizzying to some girls. While a lot of women are secure in their own skin and don’t care if their boyfriend “likes” other women’s picture on social media (you know, as long as he doesn’t stray), if he does it nonstop all day, you have a problem on your hands.

Especially if it’s always the same woman’s picture he’s favoriting.

You two might have some things to discuss if this is the case.


22-Too… Well, Mean

When you were in the first stages of your courtship, you noticed he liked to act a little stand-offish and sarcastic in order to get your full attention, but now that he has it completely, he’s still acting the way he did when he was attempting to get into your line of sight. But if he is still acting too overly sarcastic and it comes off as downright mean–especially if you’re in public–maybe it’s time to push him out of your eye line completely.

21-Childlike Eating Habits

When you were first crushing on him, you may have found his dumpster fire of taste buds actually a little bit cute.

But now that you’re dating, you’re wondering if you can get over the fact that he likes to order food from the child’s side of the menu.

If he’s dead set in his ways, you may not be able to open up his mind a little to try that new Cajun place you’ve been dying to try, which can be rather limited when it comes to you two going out and trying new things and new foods.


20-Laziness Is A Huge Deal

Speaking of getting out to try new things, laziness can play a massive factor in your guy’s motivation. Maybe he doesn’t like getting out and doing new things or meeting new people, but maybe YOU do, and you just can’t get him to meet you in the middle with a compromise. If all he does is lay around the house, won’t stop playing video games, or heaven forbid, doesn’t have a job, maybe it’s time to reconsider your options for the future.

19-Being Anti-Social Suddenly

If he was already an introvert before you started dating him and you knew about, this is all on you.

But if he wasn’t and suddenly he’s being ridiculously anti-social for no reason, you might want to have a conversation about why he’s acting the way he’s acting (could be some other deep-rooted reason why he suddenly doesn’t want to “people”).

But if it’s just because he “doesn’t feel like it” all the time, you might want to hike right on out the door.

18-Getting Angry At Sporting Events

We have ALL witnessed this from time to time–whether you’re attempting to enjoy a nice day at the ballpark and some dude gets all crazy-angry at the fact that the pitcher has lost his mojo, or watching it unfold from the safety of your living room on the television, you’ve seen some dude get all angry at a sporting event. But when it’s your own guy and he can’t seem to keep his cool whether he’s watching his favorite football team get squashed or he goes nuts at your 5-year-old nephew’s little league game, you might start wondering what else he’ll easily lose his cool with.

17-Can’t Seem To Keep A Plant Alive

Of course, there’s a learning curve to this one. We all want a boyfriend who is genuinely nurturing and kind and loves all living things–is that asking too much?

It says something about him when he actually has gone out and bought HIMSELF a plant that he can’t seem to remember to water because at least he’s trying.

However, if YOU get him a plant and he purposefully neglects it because he just doesn’t care, he sure as heck can’t handle anything bigger and more lifelike.


16-Hidden Spending Habits

We’re not going to lie–we all have quirks when it comes to spending money. Whether we don’t save enough or are actual penny pitchers, we all have our vices with cash flow. But if the guy you’re with is keeping a hidden account in order to spend it all on unnamed things or hobbies (and you two have been together for a long time) maybe it’s time to wonder what else he could be hiding from you and why.

15-Having Only Single Guy Friends

Now, this isn’t always a bad thing. Maybe your guy just prefers being in a relationship while all his guy friends just want to enjoy the single life?

However, if those single friends keep trying to get him to go out and do “single” things with them, you have to start to wonder.

And if he actually likes going out to do these single things with them on a weekly basis, you may have a problem on your hands.

14-Being Too Close To That “One” Female Friend

Guys will have friends that are girls and that’s perfectly fine. If you’re secure in your own strong relationship, this should never be a problem. However, if you find that he’s texting one of his close girl-friends more than he texts you, you should be a little worried. And heaven forbid he actually goes to her first if he has a problem rather than go to you, you may want to reconsider the relationship in order to find out why he does this.

13-Obsessing Over His Own Mother

A guy being close to his mother is absolutely wonderful. And even the fact that he puts her on a pedestal is a little okay.

But, man, if he’s actually downright obsessed with his mom so much that his bookshelves are stacked with nothing but Oedipus Rex and commonly quotes Sigmund Freud, you will want to head for those hills as humanly fast as possible.

Nothing good can come out of your guy being obsessed with his mom. Just think about it–a honeymoon where she HAS to come along. How about… no.

12-Questionable Taste In Music And Movies/TV

If you’re anything like me, you love to watch new TV shows and get so into them that you need to binge through them quick fast and in a hurry. But if he’s just dead set on watching The Fast and the Furious over and over again until he eventually passes away from old age, you probably need to sit down and have a discussion. I mean, they’re good and all, but ONLY living by that? No thanks. We need variety.

11-Overly Protective Of His Phone

This is never really a good thing. If you’re in a healthy relationship that’s built on trust, your guy should have no problem leaving his phone around you open. He has nothing to hide.

But if he screams like a banshee at the sight of you just simply reaching OVER his phone to grab your own phone, something is up and he’s clearly freaking out for a reason.

It means that there are questionable things on his phone that he’s attempting to hide.

10-Overly Protective About Basically All His Technology

Being overprotective of his phone is one thing, but if he freaks out of you get near his Apple watch or his gaming console or his laptop, he’s definitely hiding something. Now, it may not be too nefarious like him talking to another girl via Facebook messenger–maybe it’s just him hiding the fact that he bought a couple of new games without telling you? However, if that’s not the case and he’s freaking out on a normal basis like this, he IS hiding something nefarious.

9-Refuses To Show PDA At Any And All Times

If you’re anything like me and don’t like to overdo it with the public displays of affection when you’re out with friends, this shouldn’t be a bother.

But every once in a while, even I don’t mind a kiss here or there or some random hand holding.

So if he flat out refuses to show some PDA when you’re both out with his buddies or your buddies, something might be up that you need to have a chat about and get him to open up a little.

8-Wearing The Same Thing For Days In A Row

This jumps right back to the lazy thing and adds multiple levels onto it. When you first started dating him, you figured he had a couple of shirts he likes to recycle on a weekly basis, which is perfectly fine. But when you get into a relationship with him, you notice that he doesn’t mind recycling his clothes, but that he doesn’t like to actually WASH them. He can go days in the same shirt and not even considering throwing it in the washer for a little bit. And if he doesn’t see the issue in this, then OUCH.

7-Can’t Really Commit To Any Small Plans

Someone needs to write a book called “So You’re Dating A Flake” which will help you find creative ways to dump the person who is constantly letting you down time and time again.

And if you’re dating a guy like this, good luck to you.

If he can’t commit to even the smallest plans (like going to grab lunch if you haven’t seen each other in a while) and he can’t even commit to THAT, how will he act with bigger plans come into the picture? Think about that for a second.

6-Constantly Jokes Around In A Rude Way

This can also go hand in hand with the mean in public one. Jokes are made to be funny, and sometimes they can be self-inflicting (as most stand up comedians like to do) but if his jokes are constantly taking aim at you in order to get a small chuckle out of his friends, that’s not cool. Period. If you ask him to stop and he still refuses to, you need to walk right out that door and never look back.

5-Suddenly Changes The Way He Acts When In Front Of Family And Friends

It’s actually pretty common that your fella acts one way in front of you and another way in front of his friends (and probably even a completely different way in front of his own family) so you should really be alarmed.

But if his attitude does a pretty drastic 180-degree flip, you should start to worry.

It means he’s attempting to be someone he’s not, and you can’t seem to tell which is his true self. It’s probably not wise to stick around and find out.

4-Refuses To Compromise

Sure, you knew your guy was slightly stubborn going into the relationship, but now that you two are official, he’s downright refusing to compromise on even the tiniest of details in your relationship. What happens if you actually end up moving in with him? Does that mean you’ll have to deal with him throwing a hissy fit over you wanting to move some of your furniture in? If he won’t budge on any compromises now, chances are he won’t in the future.

3-Is Wary Of Dogs (And Cats)

Never ever trust a guy who dislikes animals, especially if YOUR animal doesn’t like him. Sure, he may have a good excuse, like his he was once bit in the face by his neighbor’s dog, which is perfectly fine.

But if he’s downright mean to your animals because of something from his own past, thanks–but no thanks.

I’m not keeping a guy around who is mean to my animals–period. There’s the door–don’t knock your head on the way out.

2-Calls All His Ex-Girlfriends “Crazy”

There are maybe a handful of men who I’ve dated that have never called any of their exes “crazy,” which, let’s all face it, is pretty dang rare. When a man can’t name one ex-girlfriend who wasn’t, as he so lovingly puts it, “bat crud crazy,” then it’s not them–it’s him. He’s the common denominator in all his relationships so he was most likely the crazy one. If a guy says this, you should just walk away right then and there.

1-Won’t Let The Small Fights Go

Sure, big fights are the worst when you’re in a relationship, but when your partner can’t even let the tiniest fights go, you may be facing a massive problem later down the road

Sure, it may seem funny that he’s freaking out over who moved the remote control to the TV right NOW, but if he’s still holding a grudge about it a couple hours later, imagine the grudges he’ll hold when you two get into a big fight.

Trust me, it won’t be pretty.



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