3 Signs That Make Play In Love, By Zodiac Signs



A wink here and there, a longer look, a haircut, and that’s it. Only that was necessary to make it clear to someone that you were interested in her. Things got a little complicated today. With technology, we have flirting applications, for example, in addition, the exchange of messages has also gained important role with regard to this phase of a relationship.

If our sign is directly connected to the way we relate to people, then of course it influences our love skills, does not it? Formerly called flirting and currently “love games”, there are several ways to show interest in a person!

To know if flirting is working or not, you need to know a little bit about the personality of the person … If this is not possible, astrology is here to help you! First, let’s know what are the three main signs that excite each other and give themselves super good when it comes to love:



Gemini are communicative and very spontaneous people. So they love this early phase of relationship, in which those involved are getting to know each other and everything is new. In addition, they know how to seduce their suitors with words. So, if you are interested in a Gemini, get ready for many loving statements, personally or not – after all, it s love flirting applications!


There are people who believe that silly flirtations not lead nowhere and, therefore, are just a waste of time. This is not the case with the leonine, quite the opposite! They love this more relaxed atmosphere of this phase of a relationship. They are romantic and charming, so do not be surprised if gifts, nicknames and promises quickly come to you!

While the Scorpio spends all his time flirting with someone, he makes a fool of himself when called to go out on a date. Even though he does not dominate words so well, it does not interfere with his seduction games: his gaze expresses unspoken words and, in a short time, goes from a simple flirtation to a serious relationship.
Although the above three signs are the kings of flirting, this does not mean that the rest can not do well in love! It may take a bit more practice and refinement, but everyone can master the art of flirting.


Intense and direct, the Aryans are not to play many games. When they are interested in a person, they demonstrate this and depart for action. But make no mistake: it is not because of this that this sign has trouble distinguishing a serious relationship from a simple flirting. In fact, they make this differentiation very simply and without any kind of drama.



Because of his tough way, it’s hard to believe that Taurus fall in love easily, but that’s true!Therefore, they are not so fans of games and flirt. They prefer to relate to more direct people and do not show their feelings until they are sure that their partner feels the same.



Because they are sentimental and easily involved with people, Cancers do not devote much time to love games. In fact, they always choose sincerity and are not afraid to show their feelings – even if it results in a broken heart. They are looking for the fairy tale and although this journey is not easy, they are focused and never give up!



Perfectionists even in love, Virgos put all the characteristics of their suitor on a scale so as to decide whether or not to invest in the person. Therefore, they have no patience with anyone who plays games and is not sincere, after all, are not able to analyze individuals who are like that. Sincerity is always the best way with this sign! And make no mistake: even though they seem colder, when they’re in love, Virgos give it their all!



Always willing to help anyone who needs it, Libra does not need much to be happy in love. A person who understands your feelings, for example, is all he wants. Therefore, he does not like games very much; on the contrary, it goes straight to the point! Even so, you find it important that the start happens slowly, so that everyone involved is able to get to know each other in pants.



Although he likes to flirt, the Sagittarius is a very rushed person. So you do not have the patience to “get involved”: you want to define immediately what is happening and what is the status of your relationship. Intense, this sign is always doing everything for your partner to be happy and, therefore, fill your relationship with love, news and many adventures!



When Capricorn loves, nobody takes that person out of his head. But make no mistake: this sign prizes much for its individuality and therefore may seem a bit cold. You have to be very confident to relate to the Capricorn. Also, they do not have time to waste, so if you come up with little games on them, chances are they’ll let you talk alone are too big!



Patient, the Aquarian believes that time heals everything. At the same time that can make you forget one passion, you can put another in your path. By appreciating every second of their day, they do not fall into the temptation of flirting. They prefer to enjoy their time speaking directly to their suitors.



At the same time that the Pisces gets involved in games and flirts, he is afraid of getting hurt, after all, he surrenders to his suitor and expects him to do the same. Always try to avoid a broken heart, but when they do, they are already in love.


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