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3 Tips to Conquer Man of Every Zodiac Sign

  When love decides to hit the chest ends our peace! You spend all day thinking about that person, what she’s doing, because she’s not talking to you and you’re already saying to yourself, “Should I insist, let him a little looser?” Oh my God, I’m getting crazy! “. And, let’s face it, most of the time, love is the most pleasurable folly in life. A relationship does not just depend on you, but you can adopt some tactics to try to be more visible in his eyes. Do not worry, there’s nothing wrong with that, and no, you’re not going crazy (yet).


  • Show that you have an interest, but do not stay on top, the Aries man loves challenges;
  • Do not lie or face it, always look for the best way to express yourself;
  • Show that you are willing to take part in his adventures. Sometimes all that an Arian needs is attention and a brave companion enough to leap from that precipice called love with him.


  • Be a safe woman, Taurus man loves it;
  • Sophistication is with itself, so invest in more sophisticated looks. Do you know that fine heel that you never have occasion to use? He just found one;
  • When you go out to eat with him, forget the salad of your diet. Taurinos enjoy good food and will be disappointed if you can not enjoy it along with it. Leave the bush alone for the bull.


  • Be patient and know how to relieve, Gemini are known for their sudden change of mood or change of mind;
  • Have a life of your own and be busy reading, studying or working. If he admires you, you will already be halfway gone;
  • Learn to talk. He is the Superman and his disguise is to be a journalist, so he is always aware of the news. Talk about the topics you want and the most diverse ones of preference. But, be careful not to talk zucchini or give unfounded opinion, this would be the kryptonite of your relationship.


  • The Cancerian is very family, so opt for walks like cinema, take a walk in the park or just go out for coffee;
  • Be receptive and considerate, the Cancer man loves extra attention;
  • Be sensitive and value him, after all, who does not like affection? Exalt the good points, but without looking like a Saint Bernard drooling over him.


  • Attention … Attention … Have I already noticed? The lion loves to be the center of attention, so be patient and invest your time in this achievement;
  • Every gesture is important, learn to speak through the gaze and its movements, so you can certainly get his attention;
  • Always be well-groomed, the Lion Man is a bit ‘Livin’ La Vida loca ‘, but if it is to live, let it be in style.


  • Be a light, happy and good person with life. Opposites attract and Virgo man needs someone to take him away from the heavy life he carries;
  • Order and progress is with himself, if you invite him to dinner pay attention on everything from the dishes tidy up to the dishes washed. And if you go out with him, be punctual and impeccable;
  • Virgins are smart, so try to be as intellectual as you can. And definitely NO, did you read well? Do not be hasty in your opinions. If you do not know what to say about a subject, give Gloria Pires a speech that she is not able to say, but do not be hasty!


  • The man of Libra loves good manners and beauty, so arrange your hair, put on your best clothes, and show how you can be a princess from head to toe;
  • If you are looking for something lasting, develop a partnership relationship with him, he will only give himself body and soul if you trust him;
  • Pay attention, have attitude, and show interest without getting too high. Ever heard that the Librans have a list of suitors? So they are looking for someone different and do not need them at all times. Be safe and independent.


  • Do not be easy, do not indulge in the first compliment and hold on. The Scorpio likes to conquer. Let him show himself;
  • The plan with him is a strategic love. Be intense, but not desperate! He loves people like that, but that does not mean that he’ll open the lines right away;
  • Be patient and quiet, deep down he is very sentimental and needs peace of mind. Have you seen that movie Journey to the Center of the Earth? So, you’re going to have to work hard to discover the incredible world of the Scorpio man.


  • Forget the drama, forget the little bumps. The Sagittarius man is high-spirited, positive and optimistic, so all he does not want is someone who takes that vibe out of him;
  • Be extroverted, he gets bored easily and needs someone excited to give even more adventures to him;
  • Be a good listener, have an open mind and respect his freedom. He is the Elsa of the zodiac, needs to be free and does not like that anyone tries to put limits on it.


  • The Capricorn man needs to admire you, and for this you just need to show that you are passionate about your life and especially for your work and career;
  • Be very patient: it takes time to let go, especially if you have some trauma in the past;
  • Be gentle and reliable, he is the Cinderella of the zodiac, you need to feel special and make sure you are the right shoe.


  • Be persistent but not pushy! He is very social, but his interior is untouched, take it easy;
  • Bet on freedom, the freer you leave it the more it will want to stand by your side;
  • The man of Aquarius is intelligent by nature, so get into the same boat. Talk about interesting things, trivia and make nerd jokes. The strategy is to dare with intelligence!


  • The Pisces man’s life is a constant suspense, to arouse his interest try to talk about less common themes such as esoteric things, spirituality, etc .;
  • Do not press it! He likes to live the experience of love, but that does not mean that he likes to feel trapped or depressed;
  • Bet on sensibility and romanticism, they are so by nature. If you do, be sure to spend hours admiring the stars and finding 1,001 animals in them.
Magic formulas do not exist until then, because although we have a sign, our life bag shapes a lot who we become! However, you can analyze the situation and follow the tips that you think fit your case, and who knows, does not end up getting his attention? If it works, tell us in the comments. And if you take advice, the secret of love is to try to stay sane as long as you can, and when you are sure that it is reciprocal, indulge in madness and this time, make yourself your love go crazy.



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