3 Ways Of Love That Everyone Has Felt

  Oh the love! This feeling that everyone talks so much, feels so much, dreams so much and portrays so much. Be it in theaters, books, songs, pictures, paintings, poems or novels, it is always present. He is usually the great star of the main plot and one of the greatest goals of all people. We live in pursuit of him, and often when we do, we do not enjoy how much we should, such as the wonder. Despite having a main name, there are different types of love and some of them are so common that most people have lived or will still live. Do you know what are the three most common types of love among people? Check with us!

The love of fairy tale

It’s that kind of love that we even sigh before we start writing. It is love usually represented in art and especially in great novels. It is the feeling that we all dream of living and that seems so perfect that it becomes unreal. In fact it is almost the beginning of all love relationships, when the two seem totally perfect characters and devoid of any problem. However, it is a love really out of reality and can hardly be sustained for long. As the days go by, a couple can continue loving each other and giving themselves obviously superb, but perfection will pass away when one’s moodiness appears and the other’s snoring resolves to give the air of grace.

Unexpected love

This is almost the opposite of the fairy tale. It’s that kind of love that would never look good on a movie plot, but that in real life, somehow unfamiliar, works great. It is the love we nurture for someone exactly opposite to what we idealized, but who, for some obscure reason, makes us extremely happy. It is a real and amazing love. It’s unexpected, but it does you good, and that’s what really matters.

Toxic love

This is the kind of love that should not even call love, but unfortunately it happens. It is that relationship in which complicity is confused with control and jealousy too much. It is a relationship in which the two may even like each other and want to be together, but it borders on the lack of control when one leaves without the other, for example. Here possessiveness goes beyond good will. You have to be careful and get out of a relationship as soon as the limits are exceeded. After all, love is to do good!


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