30 Things To Know When Falling In Love With A Taurus

  So, you fell in love with a Taurus, huh? Well, good for you! This beautiful and loveable bull (ladies, please excuse) will probably turn out to be one of the best love affairs of your life. And considering how dependable, traditional, sensual, and romantic a Taurus is, don’t be surprised if you end up hitched to this man or woman in the end! But before you go off and start dreaming of your future wedding, here’s the deal with your Taurus: when people say Taurus are stubborn, they are not lying! Also, this peaceful bull can work up quite a temper (just like the animal symbol of its zodiac) if you wave around red capes too much (figuratively) and disrupt his or her routine. Believe us, it’s not a pretty sight when a Taurus is in their “my way or the highway” mode! Don’t let that scare you away, though. Everyone has flaws. What matters more is that your beloved Taurus will never pretend to be anything he or she is not, and will try to make every dream of yours come true! So, here are 30 things you need to know when falling in love with a Taurus.

30-They Express Love Through Touch

Taurus is an earth sign. That means, like the earth, they are solid and firmly rooted in reality. So, don’t be surprised if your Taurus keeps grabbing you for cuddles and kisses, or just rests his leg against yours when you are at a formal dinner party where PDA is not allowed. If they love you, they cannot resist touching you! And it’s not just touching that does it for them. Taureans root themselves through their senses, so the more senses you can stimulate with your presence, they more deeply in love they will be with you. So dress up well for them, whisper soft words of love in their ears, spritz on some heavenly perfume, and then gently intertwine your fingers through theirs. Believe us, your sensual Taurus will be unable to resist such a sensual feast!

29-They Are Cheesily Romantic

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is a Taurus. No wonder most of his movies are cheesy, romantic comedies. Taureans just cannot get enough of that brand of love! So don’t be surprised if you tell your beloved Taurus that you like striped socks one day and then find a surprise box delivered to your doorstep a few days later with a gorgeous pair of striped socks in it! From buying you bouquets of flowers to leaving you love notes in your jeans pocket, your Taurus’ romantic side will make cheesy, romantic movies look like unimaginative drivel. They like expressing their love for you through their actions, even if they are not too big on expressing it in words. And you know what they say about actions speaking louder!

28-They Are Very Patient

Taurus likes to take things slow. In fact, “slow and steady wins the race” must have been coined by a person observing their calm and patient manner of doing things. Whether at work or at home, your Taurus will be extremely patient with you. They are an earth sign, after all, who do not like the conflict or chaos brought on by impatience. So they will eat the food you cooked, even if it got burnt around the edges, and will patiently walk you through your wedding dance steps again, even if you messed it up for the twenty-fifth time! Just don’t try to take advantage of this trait. Once a Taurus loses his or her patience, there is no coming back from it. After all, when a mountain rumbles, it leaves a swathe of destruction in its wake!

27-They Are Ruled By Venus: Physically Gorgeous, Easygoing, And Artistic

In astrology, the planet Venus rules the domain of art, beauty, and communications. Therefore, your Venus-touched Taurus will be an epitome of these qualities, albeit in an earthy way (unlike Libra, which is also ruled by Venus, but expresses those traits in an airy manner). That means, your Taurus will have exquisite features (in their own way), a way with words, and creative hands. The latter can manifest as an artistic talent, like the ability to paint or sculpt, or can indicate dexterity with tools for earthy tasks like building a house or fixing a car. In fact, the influence of Venus over their zodiac sign is the reason why Taureans are so romantic. After all, romance requires an imaginative bend to the mind and a creative method of expression!

26-Taurus Men Tend To Love Full-Figured Women

This should not come as a surprise now that we have discussed how earthy and sensual a Taurus is. After all, what can be more earthy than a woman endowed with curves that never fails to excite all your senses? Plus, full-bodied women tend to be more nurturing too (although, not always). And if there’s one thing that can make a Taurus man fall madly in love, it’s a woman’s ability to nurture him (and his future children). He is a traditional man, after all, and likes his women soft! Just remember: there are always exceptions to this rule. A Taurus man will not mind dating a slender woman if she looks as gorgeous as the beautiful Audrey Hepburn! Taureans worship beauty in all its forms, after all! And if she is as nurturing as the late actress was (Audrey Hepburn was a Taurus!), it would be a cherry on top of the cake for him.

25-Taurus Women Are Usually Attracted To A Family Man

What do you think a calm, peace-loving, traditional, and romantic Taurus woman would love above all? If the answer was some excitement and thrill, you would be wrong. The Taurus woman would always choose a dependable man with whom she can raise a family over a passionate bad boy who would just bring chaos into her peaceful world. To her, the ideal man is a kind lover who keeps his word, who puts his family before anything else in life, and who is a good provider. Such a man would steal her heart in a jiffy and then some! After all, she is a Taurus, and comfort and stability are paramount for her happiness. And a family man checks all those boxes.

24-They Love Luxury And Comfort

A Taurus loves luxury and comfort as much a guitarist loves his guitar. So don’t bother asking your bae if it would be okay if you two stayed at a cheap hostel on your vacation. Even if you would be using your room to sleep, they would still demand you reserve a room that they would be comfortable coming back to. A room with a clean bed and soft sheets, a well-equipped bathroom, and a wonderful view (even if it’s just a few blooming trees). In fact, Taureans love their comfort so much that they often don’t go on vacations just because it would take them out of their beloved home and put them in an unfamiliar place that most probably won’t be as comfortable as their home. After all, who would like to stay away from as luxurious a nest as the one a Taurus builds?

23-They Are Pretty Chill And Laidback

Like a bull peacefully chewing on some flowers on a lush meadow, Taureans are pretty chill and laidback. They don’t care if you order Chinese or Indian food for dinner, as long as the food is good and satisfies their senses. They don’t mind if you pick the movie for date night (unless you choose something they hate with every inch of their being). And they absolutely do not care whether you want to pick white curtains or black for the house. The truth is, Taureans are pretty lazy and laidback when they are in rest mode. You can make the decisions and your Taurus will go along with it, as long as it does not involve them getting off their favorite rocking chair or giving up their favorite spot in the sun.

22-They Like Their Routine And Don’t Mind Being In A Rut

This has got everything to do with the Taurean love for comfort. After all, what can be more comfortable than a routine you have done a thousand times already in the exact same way? After a while, it does not even require too much effort to do! And while sticking to a daily routine is unbearable for some people, especially the air and fire signs of the zodiac, to a Taurus, having a routine is like being in heaven. Stable, sweet, and peaceful. Ah, love! That’s the reason why Taureans don’t mind being in a rut. It’s not a rut to them, after all. Just something that brings them comfort and peace in the chaos of life. Just remember: you cannot force a Taurus to let go of their routine. If they agree to change their ways, they do so slowly, one day at a time, until they have acclimatized to the new routine by the five-hundred and twenty-fourth day!

21-They Don’t Get Angry Easily…Until They Do!

If there’s one thing the peace-loving, laidback Taurus hates more than anything else in the world, it’s conflict. They cannot stand the chaos it brings to their life. So they try their best to evade it as long as they can…until the water goes above their head. That’s when the angry bull charges out at you with everything he or she has got. From hateful stingers you did not know they had the capacity to say to stonewalling you for months, you will be left trampled in a heap when your Taurus sees red. After all, haven’t you heard that those who aren’t quick to anger often are the deadliest when they do get angry? In this respect, Taurus is similar to its vicious zodiac opposite – Scorpio.

20-They Are Stubborn As A Bull

Tired of the bull analogy? If you are in love with a Taurus, you better get used to such routine occurrences because your Taurus will never get tired of them. And don’t bother trying to change this side of them. All you will manage to do is bring out the negative side of this comfort-loving trait – their bull-headed stubbornness. We are not kidding! Once they have hunkered down and set up camp somewhere, your Taurus will just huff and puff and refuse to budge, even if it’s for their own good. So, don’t go head-to-head with them when that happens. Your Taurus will win every time. Instead, introduce minuscule changes in their life, one week at a time, until they wake up one day and realize their new routine does not resemble their old in any way, but they are still comfortable doing it!

19-They Are Hardworking

Taureans may seem lazy when they are resting, but that’s not how they are when they get back to work. They are earthy creatures, after all, and will keep crawling like a tortoise towards the finish line, unmindful of distractions, and then eventually cross it, long after most have given up. From pulling late-night shifts at work to running the entire household without breaking a sweat, don’t underestimate the amount of hard work your Taurus can put in based on their laidback attitude most of the time. These practical people will get the job done always, even if they take time a long time to finish it. And you won’t hear a single word of complaint about it. Taurus is an earth sign, after all. And earth signs love to work hard. It makes them happy and gives them a purpose in life.

18-They Are Very Sensible, Practical, And Down-To-Earth

Ask a Taurus which city they would like to see if it was their last day on Earth, and they would look at you blankly and say you can’t travel anywhere in one day, let alone experience anything. That’s how practical these people are. And don’t let their romantic side fool you. They are sensible even there and only do what they can afford to do at the moment. That means, if they cannot afford an impromptu romantic vacation, they will never bring it up. Instead, they will buy you flowers and chocolates and leave you romantic love notes that show their love for you but stay within their budget. But don’t be put off by that. You will thank your Taurus’ ability to manage money later. Plus, their down-to-earth approach to love more than makes up for such peeves.

17-They Are Old-Fashioned

Taureans love stability. And what can be more stable than tradition? After all, it had years, if not centuries, to perfect itself for the good of everyone involved. That’s why, regardless of how they appear on the outside, a Taurus will always adhere to his or her traditional gender role in a relationship. That means, a Taurus woman will nurture you like a mother and make sure you are well-fed, while a Taurus man will do all the heavy-lifting for you and rush to your aid when things go wrong. It binds them to their heritage and family values. If that feels wrong to you, that’s your perspective. A Taurus will not argue with you over it since they don’t care about converting you their ways. They just want someone who fits well into their well-established life.

16-Taurus Women Fall For Kindness, Romantic Gestures, And Chivalry

The Taurus woman is very old-fashioned when it comes to falling in love. If she finds you attractive, she would rather date you than jump into the sack with you instantly. After all, when you take things slow, you have more time to figure out if someone is right for you or not. So, if you want her to fall in love with you, bring out the flowers and exercise those door-opening muscles. The Taurus woman is a sucker for chivalry and kindness. Just make sure you do it from your heart because she can sniff out fakeness from a mile away! And if you are kind, especially with children and the elderly, you would really steal her heart and keep it.

15-Taurus Men Like To Take The Lead

The old-fashioned ways of a Taurus man are quite different from those of the Taurus woman’s. After all, he is a man’s man and solid in every way. That means, he would rather be the one to approach you first than the other way around. Although, you could help him along by dropping your “handkerchief” before him so he can gallantly return it to you and strike up a conversation. The Taurus man loves nothing more than to don his shining armor and save the damsel in distress. If that does not sound all that great to you, maybe you are not the one for him. After all, the Taurus man was born a virile bull and any lady who dates him knows that he is the alpha in their relationship!

14-They Are Loyal To A Fault

There’s a reason why Taureans are so loyal. It’s because they do not like change. So if they choose to be loyal to someone, they will be loyal to that person for life. That’s why they take so long to let you into their inner circle. It’s because once you are in, only death or supreme betrayal can make them give up their loyalty to you. Just make sure you do not disrespect anyone else in their inner circle before you make it in. Not even sarcastically or subtly. The Taurus you are in love with will immediately reject you as a prospective partner and move on. That’s how strong their loyalty is. Plus, Taureans really value their family and best friends. So make sure you do not make any enemies there as they will eventually find a way to rip him or her away from you.

13-They Don’t Play Games And Keep Their Word

Another classic Taurus trait is their straightforwardness. They will not pretend to be what they are not. What did you think they are, an air sign? Taureans will never play games with you or try to manipulate you. It’s too much of an energy drain for them and can lead to conflict down the line, which is something they really hate. Plus, they are sensible and practical people. So when you ask them for advice, they will tell it to you like it is. And since the earth is unchangeable, when Taureans make a promise to you, they will not break it, even if you want them to break it down the line (think: wedding vows). They are very serious about their commitments like they are with their loyalties.

12-They Would Do Anything For Their Loved Ones

The traditional Taurus lives for his or her loved ones. Nothing is too much to ask once you are part of his or her inner circle. They will give their love and assets to you freely. Need someone to take care of you while you have fractured both your arms? Your Taurus will do it for you. Need someone to bail you out of jail? Your Taurus will rush to the scene to bail you (although, they will then grumble at you for denting their finances). Need a hug and a shoulder to cry upon? Your Taurus will sweep in and be the rock through your storm. Just remember: if you fall out of favor with them, Taureans will not think twice before cutting off your support system.

11-They Are Nurturers And Make Great Parents

Taurus is the sign of the Earth Mother. That’s why, regardless of their gender, both Taurus men and women are exceptionally good nurturers and parents. They intrinsically know what to do to raise young ones and do so in such a way that their children grow up to become law-abiding citizens of the world with great family values. After all, Taureans are traditionalists! So, if you have always dreamt of having a house full of love and laughing children, you did great by falling in love with a Taurus. He or she will make that dream come true. Plus, until the children arrive, you will be the one they bestow all their attention upon. So don’t be surprised if they nurse you back to good health when you are sick! They like mothering their loved ones (even the Taurus men!).

10-They Are Very Good With Money And Investments

Astrologically speaking, Taurus rules the second house of the zodiac wheel, which is the domain of your material possessions in this world. That’s why, most Taureans are very good with their finances and will sooner or later amass enough money to start climbing the ladder of society if they did not start off at the top already (in which case, they will become even wealthier). This is partly helped by their stability-seeking nature and partly by their sharp business acumen. In fact, Taureans often become powerful angel investors and stock market moguls because of their sharp knowledge, which guides them towards making well-informed financial decisions.

9-They Love Stability And Security

Taureans can be very materialistic and often measure their self-worth based on their net worth. So don’t tell your Taurus to stop sweating so much when they lose a little money in some venture. It’s not the number of figures that is upsetting them, but the instability brought on by the sudden change in their fortune. Taureans love stability and security so much that they can often refuse to date you if they feel they do not have a stable future with you. In fact, a Taurus man will outright tell you he doesn’t think you are wife material, while a Taurus woman will stick around longer but keep pestering you to make more money! What else can you expect from the routine and comfort-loving Taurus you have fallen in love with?

8-They Would Choose The Stable, Cozy Lover Over The Chaotic But Passionate Love Affair

Books and movies might immortalize the passionate lover who bursts into your life one day, turns everything upside down, and steals your heart, but to a Taurus, that’s actually a nightmare. They would kick this person off their well-manicured lawn than let them wreak havoc on their peace and comfort. No wonder Taureans are so attracted to stable people. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if it’s revealed one day that these peaceful bulls actually grade you on your coziness level before they even consider you as a potential partner. So, if you have fallen in love with a Taurus, here’s your litmus test to judge your chances with your golden boy or girl. Don’t tell us we didn’t warn you!

7-Taurus Women Tend To Be Sensual

From Adele to Meghan Fox, Taurus women tend to be quite curvy and bootylicious. You can say that they have a lot to offer, physically and mentally! And though that’s not the norm always (think: Audrey Hepburn), all Taurus women exude an aura of soft sensuality. They can’t help it. They are Venus-touched in an earthy way! And if that isn’t enough for you, their creative charms and talents will definitely draw you magnetically to them. Believe us, it’s difficult to resist the Taurus factor! Unfortunately, Taurus women have a tendency to put on weight in the latter half of their life because they often overindulge their taste buds in the quest for more sensory stimulation. And their sweet tooth does not help their case either!

6-Taurus Men Will Treat You Like A Princess, Especially Behind Closed Doors

The Taurus man can sometimes look like a bull – a strong, solid, and powerful. But deep inside he is actually very sweet. From rushing to your rescue like a knight in shining armor to serenading you under the moonlight, this man can be a mad romantic when he is in love with you. He will positively treat you like a princess, which is a nice change from the men who think sending you unsolicited pictures of unwanted organs is a good way to secure your heart. And don’t ask us what he does behind closed doors. Let’s just say, the Taurus man’s approach to love is like a slow fire. He will burn you up slowly and tenderly until you see stars.

5-They Are Resilient, Tough, And Don’t Give Up

Hey, that rhymed! And if you are Taurus, you must have a big smile on your face right now because you know this is true. It’s a positive manifestation of the Taurean stubbornness because when times are tough, instead of becoming flustered, your Taurus will just hunker down even harder and not give up. It’s a trait that will come handy in your relationship time and again when life throws curve balls your way. After all, have you ever seen a bull run away when attacked by a matador? Just remember: Taureans like partners who are similar to them in most ways. So if you are not resilient in the face of challenges, your Taurus will soon lose respect for you, even if they do not leave you.

4-They Can’t Stand Indecisive People

Here’s the thing with Taureans. They might be laidback and easygoing most of the time, but when it comes to making decisions about their life, they know exactly what they want and how they want it. That’s why, when they meet indecisive people, Taureans tend to lose their temper after a while. After all, how can you not be sure whether you want to remain in the life-sucking company you are working for or submit your resignation and go somewhere better? Or whether you want blue curtains or black?! So if you have this tendency, please work on it. Your Taurus will not be impressed when he or she finds out. It might even create conflicts in your relationship, and you know how much Taureans hate those!

3-They Can Fluctuate Between Generous Spenders And Penny-Pinchers

Taureans can be extremely weird about their money. But that’s because they strongly identify with how many digits they have in their bank balance and other holdings. That’s why they often fluctuate from extreme generosity to extremely stinginess. You will see their generosity when they are trying to impress an individual or a group of important people. It’s just a ploy to boost their status in society. But when they feel they will not gain anything from a situation, they would prefer it if the money flowing out of their pocket was next to nothing. So don’t be surprised if your Taurus spends lavishly on you in the initial days of courtship and then starts behaving like a miser in really weird situations.

2-They Don’t Compromise If It’s Important To Them

Taureans are notorious for their “my way or the highway” approach. But you will not see it quite often. Most of the time Taureans are super chill about the plan for the day. In fact, they would let you make all the decisions since they want you to be happy and don’t really care where the two of you go as long as you are together. But when it comes to big decisions that have the potential to upend their routine or peace, that’s when they put their foot down. A Taurus will not budge from his or her stance once they have made up their mind. In fact, they are so unwilling to compromise that they would not put it on the table even when you threaten to walk away!

1-They Can Fail To Get Out Of Bad Relationships Because They Hate Change

When a Taurus falls in love, he or she is in it for the long haul. Unfortunately, most of us don’t meet our soulmate in the first go, and this can often land the Taurus in big trouble. It’s because once they become comfortable with their partner, regardless of how bad the relationship gets, the Taurus will usually not be the one to break it off and walk out first. They stick around stubbornly because they feel things would get back to normal if they just tried harder. This inability to change is a major disadvantage and can prevent the Taurus from finding their true soulmate. But you will have an easier time explaining that to a rock than to them!


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