5 Mistakes Not To Make At The Beginning Of A Story


Although in love there are no rules, at the beginning of a new story it happens to put in place some wrong behaviors that often cause the breakup of the relationship. For this reason we want to give some suggestions that will help you not to miss the partner

There are people who, as soon as they start attending a new partner, tend to want everything and immediately, they don’t enjoy the moments in the here and now and above all, to fill personal gaps, they start in fourth. The risk, however, is to wreck the relationship even before it has begun! One of the basic rules to follow in the early days of a visit is therefore to slow down, enjoy the present and get to know the other for what it is, without idealizing it too much. So if you think the new love is worth it and you don’t want to lose it right away, here are the 5 mistakes you shouldn’t make at the beginning of your story!
  1. Don’t reveal everything about yourself Because instead of spending the first few outings together telling him all about your personal, personal life, your past and your ideas for the future, don’t you learn to keep a little mystery? Let him discover you slowly, day by day, so surely you will appear very desirable in his eyes!
  2. Don’t forget to believe in yourself The most common mistake that many people tend to make is to underestimate themselves and not feel up to the other. There is nothing more wrong! You must remember that you are unique, special and if the other has decided to meet you, it is because he was struck by something about you.
  3. Don’t be a “glue”Hanging from the lips of the new partner is a serious mistake not to be made at the beginning of a story but not even later. It is synonymous with insecurity and will reveal your total interest by giving the other the certainty of having you in pungo. So no continuous messages or phone calls, no over-availability. Learn to make yourself long enough to arouse in him the desire to know you better.
  4. Don’t be dominated Another mistake you make, especially when you are insecure and in need of affection and attention, is always saying yes! Complying with others in every way is a counterproductive attitude because it can make you think you have no ideas and projects of your own. Remember that man’s job is to be a little hunter, and too much prey is not stimulating.
  5. Don’t be too sensitive Sensitivity is a typically feminine characteristic and is not necessarily negative, on the contrary. But to show you too much from the easy tear could make you look like a source of problems. If he tells you one evening he will go out with friends, don’t burst into tears thinking he’s not interested in you. Rather remember that your tears for these things make a person run away like hell.


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