5 Signs That He Is Afraid To Love You


1. He sends you mixed signals

One of the worst things you can do when it comes to a guy you like is that he sends you mixed signals. There are times when this guy pretends to be the love of his life and you have no doubt about his feelings for you. And then this man suddenly starts pretending that you do not exist. When you experience this, you do not know what to think, and you do not know where you are. But even though his mixed signals sometimes mean he’s not interested and although they can mean a man is just holding you back, sending mixed signals can also be one of the signs that he loves you, but that he’s simply scared of his To express feelings.

2. He has a lot of emotional luggage

Most men who are afraid to communicate their emotions are also afraid to face them. But such a thing rarely happens without reason. If you know more about this guy, you probably know that he was hurt in the past. It means there was a woman in his past whom he loved very much. But this woman inflicted a lot of emotional pain on him, which made him watch and build emotional walls around him. He just thinks that every girl who comes into his life will treat him the same, and he has decided that it is best to keep everyone away. This man obviously has a lot of emotional baggage and deals with abandonment traumas, which makes him behave like that.

3. He is nervous in your presence

When a man is afraid of how much he likes you, he just can not relax when he is in your presence. This guy probably will not follow his feelings, but he will not be able to hide them, and one of the first things that betrays him is the way he behaves in your presence. It means that he will be nervous every time he sees you. This man could chew on his nails, his legs tremble or he simply plays with his hands. Either way, these are all signs of his affection for you. He obviously fights against his feelings and finds it hard to do that. Every cell in his body wants to come closer to you and follow his feelings, but he’s just scared and his fear blocks him from any kind of action. Besides, he is afraid that you will realize that he falls in love with you and that he does not hide his feelings well and that is the last thing he wants. He has to keep this picture of a tough guy because he thinks it’s the only way he can protect himself. But actually he does just the opposite, because his nervous behavior is something he obviously has no control over. Of course, he can not relax in a situation where he fights with himself, but that only says enough about the depth of his emotions.

4. His body language

One of the first things that can show you that a man falls in love with you, but is afraid of it, is his body language. There are things we can control and our words are one of them. No, this guy never told you about his feelings, but his eyes and body signals are things that show you the true situation. No matter how hard he tries to hide his feelings; it is more than obvious that this man can not control his body whenever he is near you. The first thing that betrays him is his eyes. He can not help but stare at you. But whenever you notice and look back, he’s the first to look away. Whenever you are both together, he is somehow near you. It’s obvious that his body has an uncontrollable urge to feel your skin and touch you in some way, even though his head is trying to protect himself from you.

5. He is jealous and protective

If a man is afraid to love you, he will not tell you about his feelings. But at the same time he will be protective and jealous and these are things he would not show if he did not have strong feelings for you. Of course, he will not tell you directly about his jealousy, but you will definitely be able to feel it. He will pretend that no other guy is good enough for you and he will always worry that someone could hurt you and that is a clear sign of his feelings for you.


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