5 Signs That He No Longer Loves You



Just as love just happens to us in the beginning, so it is possible that it fades over the years. From the great love will eventually only affection, until it is possibly completely lost and you simply no longer love the partner.

So you realize that your partner no longer feels any love for you.

1. He is no longer interested in you

At the beginning of a relationship, when the great infatuation still reigns, both partners can hardly know enough about each other. Every triviality, however unimportant, is interesting. Of course, this interest will be a little less over the years. But beware: If he no longer has any questions for you and no interest in your life, this is a pretty sure sign that he no longer loves you.

2. He blames you for negatives

Fading love does not leave the partner without a trace. Often, he himself is disappointed and angry that it can not be as it once was. The displeasure often expresses itself in accusations, which hit you above all. If you experience it this way, it is quite possible that he has been deprived of himself and a separation would be the better solution.

3. It avoids spending time with you

If he or she suddenly has to work longer hours, is willing to go on business trips, or prefers to meet friends alone, it’s unlikely that it’s all a coincidence. Rather, it is suspected that he just does not want to spend time with you anymore. And unfortunately this is a very sure sign that he no longer feels any love for you. Possibly. he already has a new one. Whether this really is so, you recognize by this sign that he has an affair.

4. They do not appear in his future plans

Is he planning a trip without you? Or is he considering changing his place of residence for professional reasons? If you’re obviously not playing any role in his future for him, you should take the step and talk to him in plain language.

5. He hurt her emotionally

If he has lost respect to you, she lies and takes no account of your life and your feelings, it is clear: he no longer loves you. Do not ask yourself why this is so, and whether you are guilty of it, but accept the facts and reorganize your life. Be single for a while and enjoy life or go in search of a new love. But beware, do not fall for these dating myths .


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