5 Signs That He Really Does Not Love You

  You’re probably wondering why you’re here, or whether that will help you understand what is going on in your relationship. Nevertheless, we sometimes wonder if he really loves us or not. If your gut feeling sometimes tells you no, it’s the strongest instinct you need. And usually everything you need before you leave. But if you can not believe your gut feeling, here are five more reasons.

1. He looks at you differently

He usually gave you that look as if there was nobody in the world but you two. But now he can hardly look at you anymore. He does not seem to be trying to make that connection as he once did.

2. He does not seem to care anymore

When you two started, every little fight you had was like a punch in his stomach, and he always told you he was afraid of losing you. Well, when you quarrel, it’s like he can just continue living his life while you cry sometimes and he does not even look at you during that time. Now he needs his “cooling off” instead of trying to make sure you’re okay.

3. The “I love you” is less

At the beginning of the relationship you simply could not say enough “I love you”. And you could not express it enough. But now time has passed and the “I love you” has disappeared from the relationship, as has the spark. He seems to push you away doing whatever he can.

4. Lack of communication

At the beginning of your relationship, you probably talked a lot, told each other everything you did, or even what you were thinking of. But lately, it seems like you two are not talking much about anything anymore, and instead he starts quarreling to provoke you. It can be a way to push you away from it, just so you go instead of doing the damage.

5. Lack of intimacy

At the beginning you may have kissed, held hands and cuddled and now almost every contact has broken off. When you look back and remember how he held your hand in public, a tear can run down your face because he no longer does that – he just slides sideways so you do not touch him, or he just pushes your hand away. Even if you try to hug him privately, he refuses or gives you a quick hug. Sometimes, when people are together for so long, they tend to get bored. If you experience this kind of crisis, try to sit it out – do not leave it. Usually you have to suffer such a break-in in a long-term relationship. But if you think his feelings are gone, talk to him, see where he stands, and when he gets quite defensive and angry when asked, just pull back a little. Do not try to make something happen; you can not force anything!


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