You have a date and are already excited and curious how it will be? With these 5 tips you can stay relaxed …

Look into my eyes, Small!

Try to look your opponent in the eye a moment longer – when it starts to tingle, you already know more. Also on the behavior of your interlocutor can be read a lot. What is the reaction? Is he looking away and making a face? (Not so well) Do her pupils dilate and she looks embarrassed afterwards? (Pretty good) Or does he or she even lose the thread? (Excellent!)

Get beyond the small talk.

It does not bother you if, after the date, you feel that you have not really talked about relevant topics and got to know you better. Because there is a date for that. Do not be shy, you know both why you are here. But that does not mean that you should therefore immediately fall into the house with the door. This tender plantlet of your acquaintance should grow slowly and gently, so that it can beat firm roots. Or in non-figurative and understandable for everyone: Shift a gear back and disturb the other not to blatant attacks! Unless you feel that you are soulmates . Then nothing can go wrong anyway, right?

Be yourself .

Unless you can be a unicorn. Then be a unicorn. Okay, joking aside. As much as you try to pretend and prefer to be nicer, more open or otherwise – how long could you keep that up? From the beginning you should be yourself , with all your corners and edges. It will help you, because then you will be perceived as honest and satisfied. This makes your counterpart feel that you can rely on you and he will behave all the more naturally, because he feels comfortable in your presence.

Give yourself a fair chance!

Do you know these women who blaspheme that the man at the next table is seriously wearing a green, red and blue plaid shirt? Or how dreadful the red hair looks to the guy at the bar and how pale he is? Ever thought that the man at the next table might just like the shirt and the redhead was born that way? By the way, already stupid that such a shirt is tacked, otherwise you could just go shopping with him. Just let people have a chance, At least part with the outer appearance, because it changes throughout our lives. After all, you do not look like 16 anymore. And in the end, we all want someone with whom we can laugh even when we’re old and gray and know that we’ve made the right decision. Or not?


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