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6 Real Physical Signs For Someone Thinking About You



How do you know if someone thinks of you? Is there a sure way to find out if someone likes you?

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Of course there is that.

Have you ever been in a situation that you could not understand how and why it happened?

It makes you speechless because you had a clue that something would happen or it’s like reading your mind.

It has happened to me many times.

Once my husband and I were at home, each with its own stuff.

We both did completely disconnected things.

We did not even speak because we were at work. And suddenly we started the same song, from the same stanza, singing at the same time.

And that was not the first or last time that happened, or anything like that.

We often complete each other’s sentences and sometimes just one look is enough to share our thoughts with the other.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that people have a kind of telepathic connection.

There is definitely a larger connection that you can neither see nor touch. You can only feel it.

The point is that life is not just physical phenomena and interactions; there has to be something deeper.

There has to be a kind of spiritual energy and power that makes us feel each other and ignorantly lets us know our thoughts and actions.

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And they exist. It is our subconscious.

We unconsciously absorb vibrations and other people’s emotions.

Do you know the feeling that you have to do something, but you can not explain why?

You just know you have to. It sits in your head and bothers you.

There’s something you have to do and your gut instinct or whatever, tell you.

So, these internal signals that we receive often manifest in a physical way and we are unaware of it.

Try to see it that way.

It’s probably already happened to you that you had the feeling that you were getting sick and you surrendered – you already imagined yourself ill, tied to the bed with a high fever.

Then you really got sick. It was a breeze.

You accepted the fact that you became ill and you became ill. So strong is our subconscious.

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You see, you have received and accepted these invisible signals, allowing them to assume physical form.

The same is true with signs that someone is thinking of you.

You just know it. You feel his thoughts – of course only if you also want to feel and recognize them.

If you deny it, nothing will make you see and feel those things and it will not make sense because your subconsciousness will remain closed to you.

Now these thoughts and vibrations that you have received manifest physically; You get real physical reactions when someone thinks about you.

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1. Unconscious smile

Your body reacts as your head commands; many of us are not even aware of that.

You have certainly been in a situation where you have received recognition for your performance and you almost burst with joy.

But perhaps it was not appropriate in the situation to show your happiness openly.

Like being praised to a friend who is going through a difficult time.

Of course you do not rub your friend’s luck in the face, so you tried to calm you down.

Although you had to stay serious, a smile stole across your face that you could not suppress.

It is a reaction that can not be stopped.

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It is a physical manifestation of the signals your brain receives.

It’s the same when someone likes you and keeps thinking about you.

When you see the person, you will see a smile that says more than a thousand words.

He will smile at you as if you have been friends for a long time, although you only met yesterday.

You will be his greatest achievement, the reason for his smile or blush.

When you look at it, you just know there’s more to it than courtesy.

You can feel that there is more than the naked eye can recognize, and that is your subconscious that tells you that it thinks of you.

Your appearance, your face and the fact that he sees you is the reason for his smile, which he just can not suppress.

2. Sudden mood swings

This has certainly happened to you, but you probably did not know why.

You were in a good mood, joked, laughed at you. You were pretty euphoric.

Everything that happened at that moment seemed to you positive and beautiful.

But then suddenly there was a big change in your emotional state.

You started to feel depressed, as if someone or something had drained you completely.

You just wanted to go away, lock you up and feel negative and sad or depressed.

Probably someone was thinking of you right there. So your subconscious mind is trying to tell us things, just in the only way that is possible.

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Your mind felt it. The energy of this person crossed yours, causing a change within seconds.

It has messed up your energy field, causing the mood swings.

3. Your subconscious brings you closer together

Have you ever wondered why and how people fall in love? What brings one closer and closer to this other person?

Once again, this has something to do with the subconscious mind and the vibrations that surround you and that are so obvious that it is as if they are touching you. Unfortunately, people often do not recognize happiness, even if it floats right in front of their noses.

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When they want to fall in love, people subconsciously look for those who can satisfy their needs – someone who can complement them and do anything they can not.

The subconscious mind wants to find a way to bring that person into your life.

Once again, spiritual messages become tangible – something real and physical.

If the person who thinks of you is the right person for you, you will sooner or later come across each other.

And when you meet, you will definitely find out that life has often tried to bring you together.

Maybe you both know the same people, but you’ve always missed each other for seconds.

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You were probably more often in the same places at the same time. Maybe you even sat back to back in a bar.

Your subconscious felt the connection and brought you closer to each other until it finally brought you together.

4. Strange eye movements

If you have allergies or other eye diseases, you can exclude this sign.

But if that’s not the case and your eye suddenly goes crazy, then your mind might perceive something.

A sudden itching or twitching in the eye – someone is thinking of you.

But there is a catch. When someone thinks about you, it does not always mean that he likes you.

It does not have to mean that he thinks positive about you.

It can be the other way around. He can blaspheme about you or mention you in another negative way.

And believe it or not, you can tell if someone has good or bad thoughts about you.

For example, if your right eye itches or twitches, then someone does not like you a lot, but if it’s your left, then someone is in love with you or well on the way.

And for men, the opposite is true.

So, when their right eye twitches, someone praises it, while for the left, it means someone is chasing or misinterpreting them.

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5. Tense spirit

The human mind is extraordinary. He is so magical and partially unexplored.

He has boundless strength. Think of all the things you can do with your head.

Even trying to put a limit in your mind is impossible or not?

So think about how many ideas you can produce and how many solutions you can find for just about anything.

You just have to crack the code and take full advantage of your mind, or at least try it.

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Did it ever happen to you that you started to eat and swallowed you?

Or that the water has gotten into the wrong tube while drinking and you had to gasp for breath with watery eyes?

This means that your mind is tense. He feels your name in the mouth of another person.

Your mind is trying to warn you and make you look around you.

Even if someone speaks badly of you, your head will send you a physical signal.

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Your mind will again create tension that manifests in a physical reaction, such as sudden blushing.

If there’s no reason, why are your cheeks so red? Do you have an explanation?

The negative energy of the other person looks as if she had slapped you from afar.

Or another such signal can be hiccups.

He also points to a strained mind and negative energy. Hiccup usually means someone complains about you.

That means drama again. Unnecessary drama that includes you leads to negative energy that you will eventually perceive.

And if you only hiccup in the company of a particular person, that’s a sign that the person is complaining about you.

Nobody can explain these things.

But we can assume that there is more than just us and our physical life.

There is something spiritual in our subconscious and around us – and we have to respect that.

Our subconscious mind will always send us tangible signals, but it is up to us whether to accept them or close our eyes to them and live on in ignorance.

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6. Positive energy

Our mind is truly amazing and just as it is capable of perceiving negative energy and blasphemy, it can also recognize when someone loves and supports us.

Even if the person is miles away, our minds can feel them as if we were connected.

Couples feel physical impressions that can tell them that their partner is thinking of them.

They show themselves either in the feeling of being rubbed on one’s back or arm, or of a fleeting touch of the cheek; they can really feel the touch of their partner even though they are currently separated.

Couples can also feel their connection when they feel their energy or general mood lifting.

It happens when a person breaks down, feels depressed or depressed and then experiences a complete change in their energy just because their partner is thinking of cheering them up.

Another sign that someone thinks of you in a positive, or more accurate, loving way is when your ears heat up.

You know the feeling when they suddenly get warm and you feel that they are blushing and they feel like they’re glowing, but it’s nice.

Fire feels good once. This is a sign that someone is in love with you and is thinking of you.

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And do you know this sneezing that shakes your whole body and is so loud and strong that you can not stop it?

And there is no real reason to sneeze?

So, it’s not dusty, you have no allergies and your nose did not itch before.

This sneeze usually means that someone thinks of you and misses you a lot.

Our mind and body are linked to ways we can not yet understand, and the best we can do is to pause and admire nature itself – this great masterpiece that surrounds us, the masterpiece we do themselves are.

So the next time you perceive one of these signs, take the time to feel it and watch what your senses tell you.

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