6 Signs That Your Man Doesn’t Love You Enough

  Love is the strongest feeling. It can bring both great joy and cruel suffering. Beloved is always happy, unloved – unhappy and this is an axiom. However, for somebody, this feeling lives for a long time, and someone s relationship lives awhile. If you believe in statistics, you should know that men are the first to break up. It happens that it is so difficult for women to accept the truth that their partner does not like them, that they even obviously refuse to understand it. At the same time, they are constantly looking for signs of love and, if they do not find, come up with it. The faster you put pink glasses off and you will understand that love has gone or it was not, the faster you will be happy in love with this man or another. But for this purpose, it is not necessary to look for signs of love but to look for signs of dislike. Today we will tell you about 6 signs that show that the man does not love you. Scroll further to find out details.

1. Fresh start

We all know that every love story has a magical beginning, full of love and mutual understanding. You from constant empathy take care of him and listen to him, and he as a true narcissist is pleased with your attention. Now you look like an ideal couple more than ever.

2. You are constantly playing the role of the giver

At the beginning, you even like this sort of things because you love to care for others. But with time it becomes clear that without getting anything in return, it is impossible to build harmonious relationships.

3. He manipulates you

When you finally realize that all your misguided love and care do not come back to you, it can lead to an emotional shock. The narcissist sees that you are upset trying to turn everything as if you are the one to blame for everything.

4. The turning point

Such manipulations last until a certain moment until you realize that your interests have been infringed and it can no longer continue. After this moment your relations turn into a chain of quarrels and mutual accusations.

5. Breakout

Now you will begin to notice the signs that your relationship is on the brink of falling apart. Since narcissist will convince you that you are an initiator of conflict, you will soon begin to feel guilty and nothing will seem the same.

6. Healing

After parting, you have to restore the balance soon, because this is what you can do best. You should release memories of your partner because such relationships will not bring you anything but a disappointment.


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