7 Signs For That He Does not Dare To Fall In Love With You


  Men are usually thrilled when they fall in love, but none of them would admit that.

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Deep down, they all yearn for love and affection just as we do.

The only difference is that we like to talk about it while men are indifferent, even though they very, very much like having someone at their side they love.


Sometimes his fear of obligations can confuse you. You may give him up because you think he is not interested in you.

He does not show his emotions and may behave very nervously in your area. But that does not necessarily mean that he does not feel anything for you. It can mean the complete opposite.

He likes you, but he’s afraid to fall in love.

We tell you how to figure out if he’s just pinching himself and taking a small bump because he likes you, but is afraid to admit it.

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1. It sends out mixed signals

You go crazy when you try to interpret his messages. But he probably does not know how to behave himself and that’s why he’s so strange.

Once he is taken by you, the next moment he has disappeared without a trace. He is confused because he likes you, but somehow he is afraid to act accordingly.

Maybe his heart was broken recently, maybe he was never lucky in a relationship, and he does not want the same story to be repeated, that’s what he does.

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2. You were not introduced to his parents

He keeps you secret because he does not know what he wants. Usually, a man introduces his new girlfriend, the love of his life, to all the important people of his life, including his friends and, of course, family.

You are the most important part of your life and if you want an official approval, you have to go through the family.

It’s not like he’s ashamed of you. He has not introduced you to them because he knows what a big step this is for him.

He knows there is no turning back from there. What if you break his heart and his parents annoy him with questions like, “Where’s the nice girl, why are not you together, what have you done?” And so on.

Because he is still overwhelmed with all the new things in his life, you, he needs a bit of time to process things and get over his fear.

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3. He is in no hurry

He wants to take it easy. That means he likes you, but (and there is always a but) he’s probably not ready to be with you right yet.

He definitely has a few unresolved issues that put his life in his path and he has to take care of it.

Do not assume he does not like you when he spends time with you and enjoys your company, but keeps you at a distance.

Leave him alone and go on with your life. When he finally realizes that he has loved you all the time, well, if not, then you can manage well without him.

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4. He is there for you when you need him

Although you are not together, he will always be there for you if you need a helping hand.

He will stand aside as a friend if you have to move and someone has to carry your stuff, or if you are in trouble and need someone to help you out.

He will always be there to assist you. Real friends do that, but men who secretly love you, too.

He will be with you when no one else is left. So you can be sure that he likes you, but is afraid to fall in love with you.


5. He remembers the little things

Only people who really care about you remember the little things, the things that nobody else cares about. He is one of these people.

He remembers your cat’s name, which school your sister goes to, and pretty much all those trivial details that nobody realizes.

If you’re sick, he’ll come over and bring you soup.

This shows that he is interested in you, because these little details that nobody notices distinguish him from the others.

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6. He gets a little jealous when you talk about other men

He does not have to show you exactly what he’s jealous of, he’ll never tell you that, but you’ll recognize it by his behavior.

You’ll see that he changes the subject when you talk about your male friends, or he gets nervous and is no longer able to control his feelings or reactions.

It’s kind of cute as long as it’s harmless and as long as it does not put you in danger.

Jealousy can be a beast and it’s hard to get rid of it, but if your buddy starts to get a bit jealous just because you’re talking about other men, then you should be aware that he’s afraid of losing you and that he likes you but does not know how to handle it.

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7. He is overprotective

He will be struggling to protect you. Some things in life are really logical, you know?

For example, it would be more than logical to let you walk the short distance to your car alone instead of walking with you. But for a man in love, this logic disappears.

He will do things the way his heart tells him, not his head. All rationality will be gone. He will come to your car with you, even if there is nothing that could happen to you on this short path.

A man in love with you sees only you and fears that you might get hurt and wants to be there to protect you.



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