7 Signs That He Has Real Feelings Towards You

  When you meet a man, you can not always tell right away whether he is interested in you or not. You actually have to spend some time with him and watch how he behaves towards you. If you pay attention to his body language and the things he does in your presence, then you can easily find out if he is interested in a deeper one To contact you or if he does not want to. If you are wondering if he wants more of you, then check those signs and find out once and for all what his real feelings towards you are.

1. He wants to be close to you

If you sit next to your friends and he comes, he will try to sit as close to you as possible. It’s a way to show you that he likes to be around you and that he likes your funny stories. This is also an opportunity to touch you “by accident” and hug you from behind when you least expect it. 12 words text that makes him need you in his life

2. He tries to impress you

Whether you are alone with him or your friends are with him, he will try to impress you. He does that because he really likes you and because he wants to be with you. He thinks you’ll like him more when he says something funny and interesting, that’s why he’s so concerned. He’s willing to do anything to win you over, so get ready for all sorts of crazy things. After all, a man who is interested in a woman reacts in the end.

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3. He is always there for you

Whether you call him at midday or at midnight, he will always answer you as fast as he can. That’s a sign that he really respects you and that you mean a lot to him. If you have any problem, he will try to help you or he will just be there for you until the bad phase is over. The thing is, he likes to spend time with you and can not stop him from seeing you at least once a day. In this way, e gets his daily dose of joy from you and he feels like on cloud nine.

4. He remembers little things

If he knows your dog’s name or where you were during your last vacation, it means he’s been listening attentively. The little things make the most! So, if you have met such a man, do not let him go because he is one of the good guys. If he showed interest in you from the beginning, when he did not know much about you, imagine how it will be later, when he first got to know you better.

5. He listens to you when you speak

A man who is interested in you will listen to what you have to say and he will gladly do it. He finds your stories interesting and he wants to know more about you. This is a surefire sign that he likes you and that he wants to make a deeper connection with you. He simply does not see you as a person who will only stay in his life for a short time, but as a person who deserves to be a part of his life for a very long time. And trust me, such a man is very rare, so keep him! 12 words text that makes him need you in his life

6. He does nice things for you

If a man is interested in a particular woman, then he will try to make nice things for her to make her happy. So if a man sends you flowers to surprise you or buy you a gift, it means he has deeper feelings for you. He’s trying to show you that he’s on you, but he’s too scared to admit it. That’s why he grabs things like gifts or compliments you, to make you realize he really likes you

7. He is nervous near you

When a man meets a woman and starts liking her, there is a good chance that he is rather nervous around her. He feels that way because it means a lot to him and he does not want to make a fool of her. So, if you see a man who is afraid to approach you, or becomes clumsy in your presence, it may be a sign that he likes you. So that’s why it’s up to you to ignore it or give it a chance. “Click Here To Discover What Men Secretly Want, But They Could Never Tell You.”


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