7 Subtle Ways to Tell Your Crush You Like Them


Telling someone you have feelings for them is easier said than done.

Who wouldve thought that mustering up the courage to say I like you is more difficult than traveling around the world barefoot. We know thats dramatic, but its true.

So how do you go about making your sentiments known without stating that terrifying string of words? You drop hints until they realize you like them and end up asking you out. Yes, it really is that simple.

Scroll below for seven subtle ways to tell your crush you like them thatll kick off your relationship!

Be There for Them

Simply being there for someone goes a long way and tells them that you really care. When theyre upset, be there to listen to them. When theyre sad, be there to cheer them up. When theyre happy, be there to add to the celebration. Theyll sincerely appreciate that no matter what theyre going through, they can always count on you to be by their side. Through thick and thin, you got them. And, eventually, theyll realize the reason youre always there for them is because you like them. It might take them a minute, but trust us, theyll get there.

Laugh at Their Jokes

Theres no greater feeling than when someone laughs at your jokes and finds you hilarious. So if you want your crush to know youre interested, just let out a cackle or two any time they crack a joke. But remember not to go overboard. You dont need to laugh every single time (because that will quickly get annoying and come off as fake), especially when their attempted humor isnt at all funny. What you can do is playfully tease them for their lackluster joke. Theyll appreciate the honesty and still notice your subtle flirty vibes.

Give Them Your Undivided Attention

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Whether its a casual conversation among friends or a person one-on-one chat, make sure they have all your attention. Even when theyre not talking or doing anything of importance, focus on them. No, this doesnt mean to stare at them intensely until they notice you, because theyll find that creepy and try to distance themselves as quickly as possible. Just listen to what they have to say and maintain eye contact whenever they have the floor. If no one else is listening to them rant, at least you will be, and that goes a long way. After all, we all just want to be heard.

Partake in Their Interests With Them

Do they enjoy playing soccer on the weekends? Are they constantly volunteering whenever they can? Ask if you can do their favorite activities with them. You might not necessarily be interested in it yourself, but theyll be so thrilled to let you into their world. Not only will it broaden your horizons and introduce you to something new, itll help you grow that much closer to your crush. When they see you making an effort like this to get to know them better, how could they not realize youre the one for them? This could very well be where your love story begins.

Do Something Nice for Them Regularly

A nice gesture goes a long way, no matter how simple or grand it is. You dont have to go out of your way for them every single day, but doing it on a regular basis will truly show them how much you care. Whether you offer to get them coffee one morning and buy them lunch, this thoughtful gesture  is something theyll greatly appreciate. The more often you do it, the faster theyll realize that youre not just being nice, but youre totally into them. Not that there should be ulterior motives to you being nice to someone, its just that we do tend to go out of our way for those were interested in.

Ask for Their Number

We know this isnt as subtle as the rest of the things on this list, but its all in the way you ask. You may be shaking like a leaf when doing it, but keep it casual. They dont know why youre asking for their number. Maybe its because you have a class together and might need homework help. Maybe its because you have a ton of mutual friends and want to make sure theyre included in group hangouts. And once you get their number, you dont need to text them right away. Give it a few days, even a week, to leave them guessing.

12 word text that makes him need you in his life

Have a Friend Ask About You

The oldest trick in the book, get your friend to find out how they feel about you. They dont need to explicitly ask whether or not theyre interested in you, but they can do that in so many words. Better yet, they can drop hints about your feelings for them and see how your crush reacts. This way, you dont have to do anything and if they end up not really being that into you, you wont have to deal with the sting of rejection as harshly. Were not saying that will happen, but if it does, at least theyll turn you down through your friend rather than directly to your face

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