Before I start anything, I would like to explain what a hopeless romantic actually is. It is a person who loves endlessly and who only hopes that they will get the same amount of love in return but in the modern times we live in, that usually never happens. Those people will treat you the way you have never been treated before and they won’t regret even a moment they spend on making you feel good. They are called hopeless because their love is never returned in the same amount. In fact, people take advantage of them because they are calm by nature and they don’t want to fight, no matter what others do to them. They are simply amazing people you don’t get to see often nowadays but others can’t recognize all of their qualities. If you always believe in love no matter what happens to you and if you get over every break-up like nothing happened, still firmly believing in love, you are definitely a hopeless romantic. There are some other traits that these people possess so keep reading and find out if you have some of them.  

1. You believe in fairy tales

If you are a hopeless romantic, you will believe in fairy tales and in your Prince Charming. No matter how many bad love experiences you have, you will accept everything that happens to you and you will believe that every human being has their perfect match, their soulmate who they are destined to be with. You are someone who will think of your loved one a lot and who will imagine your future wedding and kids. Maybe the worst thing is that you will start believing in all your dreams and once you get disappointed, it will be even worse than you thought. It will be hard for you to get over the one who used you but you will do so anyway before your next relationship because that is the only way you know how to love. Even if you would like to be a bit different, you won’t be able to change yourself and you will always be the one who cares more, the sensitive one.  

2. You are always the one who makes more effort

Another trait that defines you is the perfect romantic gestures that you unselfishly give to your loved one. You don’t care if they will reciprocate in the same way and if they will make you feel like you are on cloud nine. To you, the most important thing is that your partner feels good because you always put them first. It is worse for you if you hurt someone than if they hurt you because you know that you will eventually be okay but you don’t know how the other side will cope with sorrow. That’s why you often get stuck in an unhealthy relationship where your partner takes advantage of you because they see that they can. They see your behavior toward them and they believe they can twist you around their little finger. In most cases, they do so because they don’t see how amazing and great a person you are. If they just stayed in your life a bit longer they would see that you are a woman to love and that there isn’t anyone better than you. But even if they leave, don’t lose hope because there is someone molded perfectly for you and he will come when you least expect him.

3. You feel everything so deeply

When you are a hopeless romantic, you can feel everything so deeply. You are very sensitive and emotional and you can always see if something is not okay with your loved one. In fact, you don’t need to ask them if everything is fine because you know them too well and you can see it by just looking them in the eyes. When someone who is close to you suffers because of their problems, you tend to suffer and worry about them. You have so many problems on your shoulders, problems that are not even yours. That is something that distinguishes you from the rest of the people and that’s why you are so special and unique. If you have love problems, you are always willing to go the extra mile to fix them because you simply love to see that sparkle in your partner’s eyes. You don’t think about yourself but instead about the people around you because they make you feel so good and you feel like you owe them every smile on your lips and every positive vibe.  

4. When you fall in love, you chase nobody except your loved one

Another interesting trait of a hopeless romantic is that once you fall in love, you are totally dedicated to your loved one. You see no other guys and you are focused on your partner like he is the only man in the world. For you, that is the only right option because if you focused on someone else, rather than on your partner, you would feel that you were using them. You don’t want him to feel bad because of you, so you dedicate yourself completely to one man, cutting off even the slightest communication with other guys. What you hate the most is that you get disappointed often because your partner doesn’t follow the same rule and he talks openly with other girls just like he talks to you. That doesn’t make you feel special and you fight with him about that. Maybe the best thing would be to take off your rose-colored glasses and see things as they really are. You need to understand that every man will sometimes flirt with other girls just to feel alive. That is simply in their genes and they can’t resist their desire to chase girls who are not theirs. It could be just innocent flirting but if things get serious, you should know that you don’t deserve that kind of treatment and you should stay away from an unhealthy relationship like that.

5. Your heart beats faster when you are with your loved one

Even if the two of you are in a long-term relationship, your heart still beats faster when you are with him. The moment he reaches out to you to hug you and kiss you, you feel like the happiest woman alive. When he puts his warm hands around your waist, you feel so loved and desirable and you wouldn’t give that feeling away for anything in this world. You are in love with him like you were the first day and you cherish every moment you spend together. It could be a simple walk in the park or a coffee in a nearby café, but to you, it will mean the world. The thing is that you have such a deep connection with your loved one and that even after so much time spent together, you still feel like he is the only one and the right one for you. You are still in love with his eyes, with his perfect smile and with the way he talks when he gets excited. He is still the man you share incredible chemistry with and he will always remain the only one who has captured your heart and your thoughts.  

6. You feel the best when you are with your partner

It looks like the two of you are a perfect match because you only feel good when he is around. Even if you go out with your friends without him, you don’t have that much fun and you don’t feel great, like you would if he was there. You know that he pays a lot of attention to you and that he always tries to make you feel special. You love him because he loves you and because he accepts you with all your flaws, your insecurities, and your craziness. You believe you are not a dream girl so having someone who likes you that much means the world to you. This kind of behavior is okay to some extent but if you are too grateful, it can be dangerous. What would happen if the one you trusted the most took advantage of you? What would happen if he cheated on you? What would you do with all those feelings that are inside? I know, it would be so painful that you may even think of ending your life if he was not there anymore. But just know that no man should have this kind of power over you. You should always put yourself first and never let a man control you. Only in that way can you save yourself from a heartbreak and live in peace within.

7. When you love, you give all in

For you, there is no such thing as an almost relationship because you always give all in. If you love, you love with all your heart even if you risk it getting broken. That is probably the most important trait of every hopeless romantic. You are not afraid to love and you accept it whenever it knocks on your door. You are someone who goes all in with her power to make a fairy tale of every relationship and you never regret making so much effort. What you don’t understand is people who are not sure whether they love someone or not, even if they have been together for such a long time. When you feel it is real love, you approach your loved one and let them know it. In fact, falling in love happens pretty fast in your case because you have a huge heart that is always open to love and new people. Some say people like you should have been born way earlier because you always struggle to find real love in this modern dating scene. But I am sure that if you wait long enough, someone perfect will pop up and he will be even better than those guys you have been daydreaming about. His love will be pure and real. His love will feel like home.


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