You go on one date with him and then you never hear from him again. Sounds familiar? I bet it does. Why does this happen? Because you know that first moment when you meet someone you fall for him for some reason. It can be that you just have that special kind of a feeling which is usually not the case, or it can be that you are just attracted to that person physically which is more common. And what happens next? You go on a date and you realize that your date is completely different than you thought he would be. Or to stick to the theme of this article, that guy sees one small chunk of your personality and he doesn’t like it, or he is afraid of it. Maybe you just fit in one of these types that men don’t want to date for some reason. Check it out and see if you find the type that describes you the best and see what you are doing wrong.


You are a type of woman who has to have everything under control. If you just sense that things are slipping out of your hands you will totally freak out. This behavior of yours is bad. No one wants to be under constant pressure that everything must be done in a “proper” way, otherwise, problems are going to emerge. Imagine if someone constantly keeps an eye on you and tracks every single move you make in order to criticize you in case you did something wrong. You would go crazy. No one wants that type of a person by his side. When you criticize and control your man, you are putting him in a cage, metaphorically speaking. You are not giving him enough space for his thoughts and actions. He is your prisoner.


Don’t act like you are his mother. This is similar to the abnormal controlling. Maybe you act like this without even knowing it. You want to make him feel good and give him everything so you tend to exaggerate. You are telling him how to behave, you are choosing his outfit or you are asking him if he ate??!! WTF?? His mom did those things when he was a child. He is all grown up now and he doesn’t need you to replace his mom. This is just acting crazy. No one wants this kind of a girl. And trust me, you don’t want to be this kind of a girl.


Men tend to be very territorial. They like to mark the stuff that they consider that belong to them. And they want you to know that as well. So if you are extremely “friendly” with other guys, it will drove your guy away from you. He won’t put up with the fact that other guys may get the idea that they have a chance with his girl. If he is serious, you are his and no one else’s. Also, we can take a look at this from a different aspect. He may be attracted to your flirting at the beginning but it will start to bother him very soon. He will see that you need all the attention that you can get and that is what makes you happy. Maybe the fact you are probably self-centered is the things that scares him.


You do not understand what the word “boundary” means. You leach on to him and you don’t let go. You are totally invading his personal space. If you are doing this, especially at the beginning of your relationship, you will scare him away. It’s not normal to be with one person 24/7 even if you love them more than life itself. You have to have a break from someone now and then and you have to let them live their lives and that doesn’t include you. If you don’t, you will suffocate them and they will leave you.


You react on every little thing that he does as if he told you something extraordinarily important or something extremely sad. You can’t handle that cute teasing of his. That’s his way of flirting. He teases you and makes cute, little jokes about you. You don’t get them or better said you get them too personally and you fall apart emotionally. Calm down, don’t take everything to heart because if you do, he wouldn’t want to be with you.


You are a type of a girl who still thinks she is in high school. I have two words for you – MEAN GIRLS. Do you really want to act like them despite the fact it is not age appropriate. Guys don’t dig this stuff. This only shows them that you are immature because you are acting like a kid. Gossiping goes along with this also. This is just not cool and no one likes this kind of a woman and neither do men.


If gold diggers were a part of the “evolution chain” they would be on the bottom of it. This is wrong on so many levels. And believe me, guys can smell you miles away. I’m not talking about guys who just want to score something on the side and their purpose is to lure these types of women with money, no, I’m not talking about them. I’m talking about nice, normal men that are searching for a real relationship. They won’t fall for a gold diggers. There won’t be any type of connection between them ever, because of the money and guys know that.


Let’s get things clear. If his friends don’t fancy you, he erased you from his little book also. Guys are in some aspects the same as women. They have friends which is logical, and they love their friends which is even more logical. And therefore, it means a lot to them that you get along with their friends. No one likes a harsh, judgmental bitch that always has something to say about someone. So ladies, if you fit in these types of women, work on yourself. Try to make yourselves better. Not only that you will have scored a nice guy, but you will also become better people. And I guarantee you that.


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