It takes one to know one, that’s what they say. They also say that you only realize what you had once you lose it. Combine these two and you have it all. It takes a loved girl to know how to love, and sad girl to know how it’s like to be broken. Once when she was loved and then broken she realized what she had and what she lived through. And lessons we learn in life for ourselves are the ones we remember the longest. Those marks on our heart are carried with most attention:

1. She is not scared to love

When it comes to loving, and loving again, she is not scared. She is not scared truly to give her heart regardless of what it may bring to her. She is like a little child that fell off the tree but still keeps climbing that same tree hoping this time will be different. And each time, that tree is climbed with the same passion and same hope. Well, she is the same as this child, a climbing that tree is as same as her battles she has inside her. As much as intimidating they might seem, she is not scared.

2. Only because she’s seen the beauty that lies in it

Once you see how much beauty true love hides in itself, it’s hard to get off that drug. Once you realize how blissful it is to get up with a smile every morning, how amazing it is to love the whole world you never want that feeling to go away. Because when you love, the world loves you back. It provides you with the true beauty that comes within: it gives you happiness.

3. She is not scared to be hurt

It seems amazing for a human being not to be afraid of being hurt. But with her, this is truly the case. She is not scared to be hurt, or at least she doesn’t show it. She seems fearless. It’s really hard to get to this point in life and you must know that it comes after a very valuable lesson.

4. Because she’s been hurt before

She’s been on her knees with her heart in her hands, ripped from her chest. Can you picture this? Well, that’s how she felt – utterly broken. But she stood up. She put her heart back where it belongs and she he sewed her back into one piece. She’s been through the worst already, there is nothing that can stop her now.

5. You won’t be able to lie to her

She’s been lied to before, and she rewinds that move one too many times. She knows every scene by heart and she sees it coming from a mile away. This is as same as lying to her. She’s been looked in the eye and lied to and it doesn’t get worse than that. It just doesn’t so it’s in vain to even think of it let alone to do it.

6. But she won’t lie to you either

As a person who knew how it feels to be lied to and as a tender human being who’s been through it, she’ll try never to hurt another human being. She will not lie to you or to anybody else under any circumstances. She doesn’t know if you are as strong as she is and she doesn’t want to test you. She will not lie to you.

7. She might not give you her heart until she’s ready

You realize that she is guarded and there is no need to think twice why this is the reason. She will love you, she won’t be scared to be hurt and she won’t lie to you, but she will not be a fool to let herself so easily to fall for somebody. She’ll give herself enough time to treat her tender heart in an appropriate way and once it is healed and once she’s ready she’ll love you.

8. But she will never lead you on

She will love you, but once she is ready. And you will know when that moment comes. You will not live in the fallacy that she feels something that she doesn’t actually feel because she will not lead you on. It is not her mission to hurt you but to make you two to fall for each other. You have nothing to be scared.

9. Once she’s in, she’s all in…

Once she gives you heart she’ll be able to love you unconditionally. She’ll be all in. It won’t be like anything you have experienced before because these kinds of girls have something that others don’t. Experience. Pain behind them. And positive thoughts because after all this time and all this struggle she still believes. She still believes. She will forever believe.



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