Have you ever asked yourself about this? Seriously, have you wondered if you’re loving too much or if you’re loving less than you should… because more often than not, we don’t really notice how much we’re giving. We just give. We don’t see whether or not the person is worth loving or if he’s worth the amount of love we’re giving. Well people, it is official: we are all overflowing with love. The only thing we need to pay closer attention to is whether we’re loving too little or too much. Good thing is, we have our zodiac signs to help us. On a scale of one to ten where ten also means loving a hell lot, we’ll figure out if we should slow it down a little or not.

You don’t want to be taken advantage of, right? You don’t want someone to treat you terribly and not get bothered by it because he knows you love so much all you can see are the good in the world. Well, this article will help improve your love game.

15 Aries – tough love

Known to be tough women, Aries ladies also tend to do the tough love. It’s difficult for you to know whether you’re already loving too much or still too little mainly because you have a super tough exterior. Your strong personality is way too strong most of the time that when wondering if you’re already loving too much, you can’t really decipher it. Most of the time, you just think tough love is the normal way to do it. It is not. Sometimes, you will meet people worthy of gentleness. People you don’t need to be tough with. People who are just so amazing you can lay everything in front of them and come out of your tough shell and he will accept you, still. Girl, it’s about time you let other people see the real you, beyond your toughness. You love others just right, but because you’re being tough on others and on yourself, it appears that you’re loving them too little.

14 Taurus – always in denial


We’re not sure why Taurus folks are like this but in case you haven’t noticed it yet, you’re the kind of person who denies anything and everything that has to do with loving others. Yes, woman, that’s you… the one who denies she’s madly attracted to the hot guy in the office or maybe the hot barista serving her coffee. You prefer that others confess their love for you first before you even admit to yourself that you’re starting to love them too. Yeah, we know this sounds lame and we know that’s a terrible word but we just can’t think of other words. Denying to yourself and to others the love you feel for them is such a childish thing. If you’re hoping for a mature, serious relationship, maybe you should start with yourself. Taurus women in general are loving people, and they’re easy to love too. The only problem is, you’re too quick to deny it.

13 Gemini – loves you for something else


Gemini women have the huge tendency to fall in love with someone not because of his attitude and character but because of something else, usually money. We’re not saying Gemini ladies are gold-diggers or something, it’s just that a lot of them tend to be on this path. They tend to pay more attention to the money and looks of someone else, rather than to his character and attitude. Gemini lady, this is not how love works. You don’t love someone for his money. You love someone because he’s a nice person and he loves you too. You don’t flirt with him because you want what’s in his bank account. Gemini ladies love hard, as in real hard. They also tend to get hurt easily because they’re highly sensitive. But at the same time, they become more attracted to material things than to the man they’re in a relationship with.

12 Cancer – loves too much but also too hungry for it


Cancerians are creatures of love. It’s like they have an overflowing supply of love and yeah, maybe they do. Maybe that’s why when you’re a lady under this sign, you find it easy to love someone else. It’s not a challenge to make you fall for him because you’re someone who sees the good in the world. You have no walls and no guards to let down; it’s always down. When you see someone, who is his amazingly natural self, that’s a huge plus for you and chances are, you’ll fall for him in no time. And you will love him like your life depends on it. However, Cancer ladies like you also tend to be hungry for love. You expect others to love you just as much as you love them. Well ladies, we all have different ways of showing love to our SO’s. You really can’t expect him to love you the exact same way as you love him.

11 Leo – wrong love… Every. Single. Time.


Leo also loves a little too much. Ladies under this sign are friendly and social butterflies and you end up wearing your heart on your sleeve. You’re not ashamed to make the first move and in this era, that’s really no big deal anymore. It’s just really unfortunate that you attract and fall in love with the wrong person, every single time. Okay, almost every single time. See, because you’re too friendly, a lot of men out there mistake it for something else. They may think you’re flirting with them or that you’re showing them you kinda like them when in reality, you’re just being your bubbly self. Because of this, men tend to feel the obligation to love you back, until they realize they can’t. So, they either walk away or continue the faking until it becomes a huge mess. Leo, you need to learn how to channel your love to the real person.

10 Virgo – too busy for the love thing


Often living a free-spirited lifestyle, our Virgo pals are just way too busy for love. They love too little and even when they do, their very little love tends to fade easily. If you don’t notice this, just think and look back to when you had your last real relationship. How long did it last? How long ago was it? See what we mean… we’re not saying this is wrong, but if you want to settle down soon, you need to remind yourself to take the YOLO a little slower and allow yourself to fall in love with someone. Don’t get too distracted and too pre-occupied with other things in life. There’s a time for all those things and there’s also a time for you to let your heart belong to someone else. There’s also time for you to be with someone else. After all, life is too short to spend it on your own…

Libra – most loving sign


Libra is the most loving sign of them all. Because of how your stars align, you have too much love to give and you’re also the kind of person who is easy to love. You have very little self-issues and you tend to welcome everyone in your life. You easily let your guard down because you easily trust others. You have a full understanding that yes, they may be a bad person but you still give them a chance to be part of your life. You’re amazingly brave like that. Thus, you can say you’re lucky… you find it easy to have a partner in life and you tend to prefer your relationships to be long-term ones. You’re not the hook-up type and you don’t really understand the thing about one-night stands. For you, it’s either he’ll be serious or he won’t. And when he chooses to be serious with you, he will be sorry for it because you’re the woman who tends to give her all when it comes to love.

Scorpio – hiding it for no reason


The thing about Scorpio ladies is that they think too much. As in, way, way too much. Because of this, you end up hiding your love. You end up loving too little because you can’t bring yourself to trust anyone. But worry not, this doesn’t mean you’re a terrible person. It just means you got a little something to work on. Girl, you need to trust people more. We get it, some folks just want to inflict hurt and there’s really nothing we can do about that. This world is full of terrible people. But if you keep on building walls and refusing to trust and love others, you’ll end up feeling lonely in your own bubble. You won’t get to meet the amazing folks in this world. And that’s just terrible. So instead of protecting yourself too much, why not learn how to not hide your love. Learn to love a little more and wear it on your sleeve, proud.

Sagittarius – fairytale love (a.k.a. it’s not happening)


Ever wonder why you’re obsessed with fairytales? Probably because of your sign. See, Sagittarius women tend to have this crazy thing about fairytales and they end up bringing it into their adulthood. As a result, you still long for that knight in shining armor. You still think there’ll be a prince riding his white horse, looking for you. Girl, it’s 2017. We’re not saying it’s wrong to like these fairytales but really, you cannot base your love in these stories. They’re called children’s book for a reason. Stop finding the perfect man because that’s never going to happen. Instead, just let your heart love someone, anyone you think you’re falling for. Stop avoiding a person just because he’s not perfect because you never know, if you love him enough, maybe he will show the kind of perfect man you deserve. Because we all know you deserve a great man.

Capricorn – cold folks


If there’s one word to describe ladies under this sign when it comes to love, that would be cold. Yes, dear Capricorn reader, you have the tendency to be cold. You love to build high walls but when asked why you have no definite answer about it. That’s because you’re not even sure why you build those walls. You think it’s the normal way people live, it’s not. People wear their hearts out. People express their love. Some play the shy card but when they muster their courage, they will be an open book when it comes to their feelings. You, on the other hand, remain cold. Girl, it’s time to stop playing the role of ice princess. There’s nothing wrong with loving someone a little too much because hey, maybe he deserves it. Maybe he’s been loving you too much all this time and you’re just not seeing it. Open your heart and open your mind, dear.

Aquarius – very loving but with personal issues


Aquarian ladies love too much. That’s for sure. These are the ladies who never get tired of loving someone. They’re not after perfect men, they just want someone who will love them and stay honest with them. and if you’re an Aquarian, you have a perfect idea of what we’re talking about. But the thing about this sign is that they tend to have self-issues. Sometimes, you feel like you’re not worthy of love. or maybe you don’t think you’re loving him enough. Or you probably think you are not yet ready to be in love or be in a serious relationship. Girl, enough with all these issues. Enough with thinking of yourself as someone who doesn’t deserve the best things in life because you surely do. We highly suggest you just keep on loving. Love other people and most importantly, love yourself as well.

Pisces – heart on sleeve


Pisces women wear their hearts on their sleeve. They’re super brave and bold and honest and they never get tired of loving. And oh, they’re patient too! You’re the kind of woman who gives tons of chances to a man when he does something wrong. Thus, this is probably the reason why you are usually taken advantage of. Girl, you deserve so much more than a man who only remembers you when he’s sad or lonely. You deserve a good man too. Stop settling for crappy people. There’s nothing wrong with wearing your heart on your sleeve but the problem is, when men notice it, they think you’re the weak girl they can play with. Remind them you’re wise and strong and while you’re such a loving person, you know how to shut people out too. You love too much, woman. Maybe it’s time to learn to lessen that love until the man proves he deserves it.

Signs that need to make up their mind



Seriously Aries lady, what do you want? Because when you love, you give folks the tough love as if they’re kids. Girl, you’re dealing with grown-up men here (unless you’re dating an immature man). So when you say you love him, the least you can do is make this man feel your love, not play around and make him feel like he needs to go through difficult times just so he can feel your love. That’s not really how love works, in case you haven’t noticed. You’re loving too little but what you really want is to love a little too much because you’re usually with an amazing guy who deserves it. But girl, because of this tough love, you’re not only confusing him but you’re also confusing yourself. What exactly is your plan here? We suggest that before you get in the relationship, make sure you know what your agenda is, and give it your all. Don’t limit your love.



And then we have our Gemini pals who love men for something else – like their nice car or their nice house or their money. Woman, you’re not as cheap as that, please don’t act like you are. If this is your way of making a secure life for yourself, it’s not really going to work because that man will soon wake up and when he does, he’ll realize you’re trash. He’ll break up with you and you will be alone. You love too much but you do it the wrong way. You love the money too much, not the person. That’s just pointless, you know. This world is already full of crappy people, the least you can do is not add to their population. Besides, you’re too gorgeous for that. Don’t use it as an advantage to do something crappy because that’s really no fun. And you won’t get what you’re dreaming of – a secure, happy life.



Wrapping up, we just want to tell our Sagittarius pals to know that this world is far better than fairytales. If you just know what to expect from a normal human being, if you just steer away from dreaming about something perfect and something lifted from children’s books, you will see that. You will realize that this world is so full of amazing men and amazing people in general. You can give them your overflowing love, because yes, we do know that you are overflowing with love. You love too much but you just haven’t found the right person to pour all your love to. Now, we’re telling you, go out there. Allow yourself to meet other people and don’t judge them because they ordered bad food in the resto or because they have a bad fashion taste. Real imperfection is better than fairytales and until you see that, you won’t really feel real love.

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