Astrological Monthly Tips October 2019.



Read Astrological Monthly October 2019 . and you will have all the information you need to make the right decisions, make the right choices and change your destiny through your free will! In the October Astrological Monthly Tips find out what the new month will be like.

Monthly Emotional Astrology Tips October 2019



Looking to be more time with your partner, you have a more playful mood with Mars in your seventh house, relationships. But beware as with the new Moon in your very emotional Eighth house you may feel annoyed by some things, and as a result you will be competitive, which will cause controversy. Check your nervousness and selfishness. You may be apart of the circumstances as either or both of you may travel or work late into the night. You do not have to be anxious about the course of your relationship, thinking things will go as you will be impatient and will not be able to wait long.


Become more open-hearted, confident and stripped of your soul. Aphrodite and the new Moon in your seventh house of relationships, favor a new beginning to your love life through a meeting, your patience is rewarded. But you should not give up in the name of security and love. Are you in a relationship? You are now thinking of difficulties from your past that could potentially reappear, reflecting that you need to think about what to do for the harmony and balance of your relationship. Ask yourself if your partner represents you, are you in a healthy relationship or in an emotional state?


Mars in your fifth erotic house makes you very erotic but also social. Joy returns to your love life again, so take advantage of this positive planetary influence to bring flirtation and joy back into your relationship, becoming more adventurous leaving behind the drama. But beware: There may be times when there are signs of chaos or instability in your relationship, especially if you react inadvertently. Your revolutionary tendencies could burst now and you might not think so seriously about commitment. On the one hand you want your beloved but on the other you want your freedom. Decide at last!


Your eroticism comes back into the spotlight, you are very sexual and mysterious thanks to Venus and the new Moon in your erotic fifth house. After a while of resting and closing yourself, you feel your sexual energy intense. If you feel sluggish, believe in your inner strength, get back into the sex game again. If you feel emotionally exhausted but also more reassured, or do not receive the support of the person you desire, get rid of all this by opening a new chapter in your love life. Keep in mind that your addictive tendencies are a source of stress. You have already sacrificed too much of yourself to please others, perhaps at your own cost.


Your family will play a decisive role in treating your loved one as well as the stress you will have under the influence of Aphrodite and the new Moon in your fourth home, the family. Don’t influence and decide for yourself, thinking about your own needs. You may have anger left by one or both of your parents, who may not have responded to your emotional needs. Try to get in touch with your true emotions and not be selfish and aggressive towards the opposite sex. Someone from your past could distract you, or an old friend or acquaintance could suddenly look attractive to you and start a secret love affair.


You are thinking about the path of your relationship, you are incompatible with halves, you want them all or nothing! Under the influence of the full moon on your transformative eighth house, you may be thinking about commitment and in some cases, even if you do not get what you want, there could even be a split! You will not tolerate many things now. If you feel that you can live with your partner, you may be trying to formalize your relationship. A pregnancy or cohabitation can also happen to some of you this month. Also consider the common financial or assets you have with your partner. But before you open a shared bank account, you may need to check or simply discuss these issues openly.


Do you doubt your relationship, especially if you had discovered a misconduct by your partner? Or do you feel that you are bored and do not even have to try? Either way, it’s time to clear your feelings about your partner, it’s the request of the full moon in your seventh house, of relationships. There will be no medieval solution now! This month can be a bit difficult, as you will be particularly expressive but also rebellious, perhaps some of you and emotionally distant. One may be hot and the other cold. The key to balance in your relationship is not to act with a strong emotional response.


If in recent months you have experienced your endurance in love, know that you have become stronger. With Aphrodite and the new Moon in your zodiac, it’s time to strike a balance with yourself, doing some internal endoscopy, even asking for advice to figure out where you are and what you want. You may be trying to bring back your lost love or even come back into the hunt for relationships. The universe helps you feel much more emotionally relaxed, and despite the small obstacles, you’ll start to see green light. You should add some salt and pepper to your erotic life, get away from it and the same.


After a few ups and downs, happiness comes! With the new Moon in your twelfth house you will need to make some serious re-evaluation of your choices. But you have your ally and the full moon in your erotic fifth house which helps you to be much more open and receptive, with more romance and passion. You feel dynamic, sexy, confident and attractive. This month is for crazy spree and fun! Now your deepest emotions come to the surface. You may need to chat with someone you know at a friendly level and your feelings can be quite extreme.


Because you are looking for more intimacy and bonding, it will be impossible to hide what you are feeling. With the full moon in your sensitive and emotional fourth house your emotions reaching their climax, it has come to light what has been suppressed in recent months. You might not even realize how you feel until everything comes to light! Now you may be thinking of a more meaningful engagement with your loved one, pregnancy, or the desire to take things to the next level. If you are sure that your partner is trustworthy, then move on. You may learn something that will cause you trouble or just stop fighting for a relationship that does not cover you.


It’s time to put things in their place by saying what you feel confident about and putting everything on the surface. But the full moon in your third house of communication asks you to speak with compassion and understanding rather than showing your selfishness, this will help you get closer to each other, really listen to each other, and support each other. Or maybe all of a sudden, you may want to get rid of a partner who is psychologically paying you or even shake things up for the sake of excitement. If lately your erotic life has become a bit stagnant, beware: The temptation to sabotage things through conflict or tricks could turn against you.


With Mars in your cruel eighth house you may at times feel anger or frustration inside you, maybe even cruelty over something you have already hidden inside. Although this person may pretend to have changed, the actions speak louder than words. Try to hold back if you don’t like something and check things out in depth. Is this person worthy of your love? Can it respond to your sensitive soul? Some of you may be quickly seduced by your passion for someone, you may still be thinking of commitment. Don’t make hasty moves and make sure you’ve really left your past behind.


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