Description of women of all zodiac signs. Very sure!



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Description of women of all zodiac signs. Very accurate!. Women have always been and will be the most incomprehensible creatures. We bring to your attention the most accurate description of all women of each zodiac sign.


Patron of  Mars. At the same time, the planet of femininity –  Venus is  very weak in this sign. Both the amber Amazon, a powerful engine that sweeps everyone and everything in its path, is  invisible to itself. Emotional nature , to love – so love! Hate – that hate! Like Taurus, they are unshakable in their attitudes. But Taurus – quietly unshakable, and Aries –  violently attract calm or weak men,  they themselves then suffer because of this. To survive such a charming volcano of feelings given only to strong men. The soul  never gets old , so with age they may seem younger or extravagant. Mom Aries is a  best friend but a weird parent .

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Patron of the Earth  Venus.  Unshakable beauty  and unshakable rock in its  quiet tenacity . Outwardly soft , often not even decisive, but this is precisely their Achilles heel. Fear of accepting a new  and  vulnerable nature  forces us to put on the outer armor of obstinacy. Often, because of their fears and insecurities, they give up new opportunities in life.

With a loved one will be to the last drop of blood, even if he is a bloodsucker. Keep such a relationship will be a sense of pity and fear of the future. In this case, Taurus is always  reliable friends, compassionate in heart, and a faithful vest for loved ones . There are two types: those striving for personal happiness and striving for personal peace without relationships. Most often they are  creative, hearty cook, stock up for the future  even with what they don’t need (mania of saving things)

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Patron Air  Mercury.  Constant in eter in the head, there is a tornado, there is a tornado . She is capable of intrigue, and if in company with Cancer or Aquarius, then in general – destructive force. It is rare when more than one child is given birth. They are divided into 2 groups: those who get married early and forget about their intellect and those who, on the contrary, do not get married until they are convinced of their career. But at the same time a  sea ​​of ​​flirting and relationships . They can’t live without communication. The coolest grandmothers are  forever young and mobile .


The patron is the  moon . Emotional, quick-tempered, passionate and romantic nature.  It is difficult for her to live in one state, she needs vivid impressions for experiences, sometimes even those that do not allow her to think sensibly. Over the years, she becomes an  excellent mother , but very sensitive, if she does not work on herself, then scandalous, touchy, moody.

If he wants to control his emotions and strives for this, then he has a broad outlook and is good at learning wisdom from his own mistakes. In his youth, he  can be fickle  and is in an eternal search for himself, his identity, his happiness.

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Patron of  the sun . A sea of ​​brightness, yourself and a cheerful mood . She  is good at everything until they cross the road . He likes to be  noticeable  and becomes so often invisible to himself, because  it cannot be overlooked . She  successfully jokes , knows how to care , she knows how  to solve the problems of others , but she must be praised for it, otherwise woe to your home. A bright and confident character is  reflected in everything, even in the style of clothes and jewelry.

For example, thin and inconspicuous chains are not her option; she likes to attract attention with her color, format, quality and design of what she wears. In  anger, it is as bright and natural as in joy . A little  selfish , but over the years this gives her a charm. He longs to have the best, getting what he wants – loses interest in him. If their potentials are not realized, they can become a scandalous neighbor, and when they are realized, they can become a  charismatic leader .

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Patron of  Mercury.  Intelligence, tenderness and softness all rolled into one . Often a Virgo woman cannot find a worthy companion for a very long time, she is not too keen on relationships, her mind is  sober and pragmatic , so she can end up living alone. It is good for her alone and calmly, in life and in the house – order, she all goes to work and lives for herself, periodically entering into a non-long-term relationship. If the feminine principle is not realized, they can become a strict lady with a vintage appearance from a sweet and tender girl.

 They are excellent mothers and housewives , but they may be too pedantic  in particular matters than they drive their household members crazy. Men are very comfortable with them, but exactly as long as the Virgins teach their life wisdom. So, unbeknownst to herself, a Virgo woman can become her mother a mother or a mentor, which she herself will not be happy in the end. Not striving for this. Their pedantry in the profession – makes Dev  indispensable and responsible employees.

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The patron saint of  Venus , but also  Saturn  affects this sign. External  grace and softness are combined with tremendous willpower and a steel rod . Most often they are powerful , but  wise  leaders of the situation or gentle, but prudent and wayward seducers. Appearance is graceful. representatives of this sign, as a rule, have a  chiseled figure  and adhere to the classical style. Graceful from birth, have the ability to dance and gymnastics. They can be good friends until you offend them. Forgive with difficulty, but not offended for malice, but for the sake of principle.


The patron of the sign is  Pluto , the planet of  fateful passions , animal desires and quiet drowning in his own feelings up to self-destruction with the further need to be reborn again, no matter how hard it is. Such women always give the impression of being  independent , but at the same time  gentle and passionate . From them blows mystical appeal . The abundance of internal fears becomes either a powerful engine of development, or draws to the very bottom of its seething emotions.

In a quiet pool – devils are found : this is about them. At the same time, they  are ready to give everything to the last thread for their loved ones . Jealous and soulful are big owners, but outwardly they can be cold,  sarcastic and restrained . If Scorpio is ulcerating and trying to hurt you intellectually, it means there is a grudge against you. The problem is that he harbored a long time and now to understand what exactly – it can be almost impossible. The logic of a Scorpio woman cannot be comprehended with her mind.

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The patron saint of  Jupiter  is the planet of  expansion, optimism, and mentoring.  Such women are always  bright and dynamic , they strive to help the whole world. There are adventurous and reckless hooligans, and there are expressed business women or just activists at the call of the heart. They have a  lot of ideas , so they are often not up to the family. Early relationship, but late official marriage and 1 child. The big proprietors are always  rebellious .

Sagittarius women love everything good, in this they are similar to Taurus, however, unlike Taurus,  they are not very attached to the material. Therefore, they easily spend money, make wide gestures. It is much more difficult for them to save money than to earn money. If the Sagittarius woman is educated, then she does not have problems with earnings, but there is a direct progression – the more money comes, the more often she lacks it. Jupiter, after all.

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The patron is  Saturn, a  planet of  stable stability and unwavering correctness.  There are two types:  tender and family , a  great friend and comrade  with a sad look and a powerful spine, because she has taken over and successfully pulls the problems of other people. Or  proud and independent , avoiding wide contacts, but with a gentle and  warm look . It feels a sea of ​​tenderness outside the surroundings.

Often suffer from  low self-esteem , so they are in search of the ideal profession for a long time. Usually, the understanding of what comes over for personal happiness after 30 years, often a change of profession and the beginning of a career take-off falls in the second half of life.

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The patron is the planet of  rebels and informals  –  Uranus . Smart, sociable, domineering, rebellious.  An unstoppable stream of charm, ambition and thirst for freedom from any burdens.  At the same time, as a representative of a fixed cross, he needs constancy  – in constant work and in constant relations.

Two main types can be distinguished  : the informal clever girl or the authoritarian She-Wolf, who is usually a loner, but at the same time in a circle of people. The Aquarius woman, as the boss, is always the test of her subordinates. Both cunning and feminine charm and authoritarianism are used. Complex character for complex people.

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Patron  Neptune,  element of Water. Sensitive, tender , more than others in the Zodiac are subject to fears , because of which the psyche, sleep, and health often suffer. In adulthood, there are  two types : a goldfish that fulfills the wishes of loved ones or a shark: confident, dodgy, living in its own world. Here is a strange  combination of activity and passivity ,  tenderness and emotional aggressiveness.  Only strong-willed Women Pisces are able to pacify their internal contradictions. They are capable from birth to music, fine arts, dancing, excellent worldly psychologists and gentle friends.  However, upbringing is very important.

To create a bunch of complexes in such a vulnerable soul – just to spit, and already in adulthood, a woman of Pisces may not have the strength to fight her fears. Then you need a reliable partner, strong shoulders with a huge loving heart. Wise women of Pisces choose a profession that helps them smooth out internal fears and gives them the  maximum sense of security.

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