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Do you need a break in a relationship?


Hello readers of my blog , today I decided to discuss with you the question: is it necessary to take a break in a relationship ? Will he be able to help solve the accumulated problems or will it make it worse? When should you take such a step? And what can be achieved in this way?

There are really a lot of reasons when people start thinking about how to part for a certain time and think about their future. But the two most common: the first, when the passion passes and questions about the sincerity of feelings begin, and the second, when the number of quarrels and internal contradictions in the family overcomes the permissible norms and people decide to just cool off the heat.

I think that this is not a good sign, if your second half offers to break the relationship . So you need to think about what is causing this development. As a rule, for the majority of couples, such separation , even if it is absolutely deliberate and coordinated, will not benefit.

According to statistics, very few people who have agreed to live separately for a while, then return to each other. Therefore, do not rush to immediately agree in this situation. There are always alternative solutions to the problems that have arisen and to overcome misunderstandings, it’s just that you both want the same thing, namely, to maintain and improve your relationship.

You know, this is the easiest option for people who do not want to look for causes, they just walk away from difficulties, and then, becoming lonely, regret that they did not have the courage to figure everything out, without drastic changes.

I believe that in most life situations you can do without a break in the relationship, it is better to just speak frankly with your second half. The only time when such separation is appropriate is the beginning of a relationship, when you are not sure whether you love a person or not.

Usually, people going to such a move want to understand their feelings, but it often happens that the person who initiated this situation remains at the “broken trough”. That is, he would like to return everything back, but this is no longer possible, because his chosen one made another decision.

Yes, you can object to me: if the feelings of people are strong, then a break will benefit them and make their union even stronger. It seems to me that people who really love each other will not go to such extreme measures, which, ultimately, can separate them forever.

In conclusion, I want to summarize all of the above. I think that a break in a relationship is absolutely not needed, with such a decision you will only make it worse, it will further distance you from each other, and it will be almost impossible to return everything to normal.



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