Do You Really Love Me? 15 Things A Man In Love Does



Do you really love me ? What evidence is there that your he is seriously in love with you? Well, the traces could be difficult to identify in the early stages of a relationship, particularly if you have just met. The new reports are often complicated in the starting phase, but they are also super exciting. After all, nobody wants to waste time on a dead end relationship or with a man who is not really interested in giving everything. So how can you tell if your partner is really tempted to let go in the long run and open his heart completely?

What evidence indicates that he is undoubtedly in love with you?

1- Eye contact

If your partner is constantly looking for your eyes and maintains eye contact, this is considered as one of the biggest signs that testify that he is in love with you.

Eye contact is part of body language, it is the first sign to be noticed and is valid for both men and women. In reality, most men when they are not really interested in something look away. If you look at a man long enough you will begin to understand the precise moment when he loses his interest: when his eyes get distracted from you.

2- He is interested in you

In the event that your he really begins to dive deep into how you are inside, rather than your external part, this means that he is in love with you. When a man loves a woman he wants to know his deepest secrets, his desires and his dreams. When it starts to analyze you deep down it means that it is falling in love even if it still doesn’t want to admit it!

3- Cuddles

Among the irrefutable signs that testify to his falling in love it is worth noting that when a man fails to stop touching you and cuddling you, then he is definitely in love with you. In that case, you should learn to seduce a man with words and cuddles with each other.

4- Introduces his friends

When a man really respects a relationship he can’t wait to introduce you to his friends. A man in love is not afraid to introduce his woman to his friends. He is not interested in what others think, rather he is looking forward to showing them how happy he is with his new relationship. So meeting his friends is absolutely one of the first signs that he is in love with you.

5- Introduces his family members

Family members are after friends. Normally men do not present their women so easily to family members, especially mom and dad. In the event that your he introduces you to his parents, it is clear that this is a great sign of love and in this case he should be ready to admit it.

6- Makes you laugh

Being in love doesn’t have to be something rigid and boring all the time. On the contrary, one must have fun. If your partner makes you smile and laugh, it makes you feel special, then it could be that man who ends up in the back of a church waiting for you, he wants to marry you!

7- Spend your time with you

If a man doesn’t feel something special for you, he might not want to spend his time in your company. If the partner is constantly looking for time to be near you it could be love. Whether it’s quick lunch meetings or entire weekends or days … you should do the same thing yourself, spend your time with him.

8- It’s a little jealous

In reality it is quite normal for a man to feel a little jealous in some specific situations as long as this falls within the norm, that is, he does not become pathological or obsessive and above all do not limit your freedom. The desire to have a woman’s attention all to herself is an involuntary feeling when one is in love.

9- Talk about your future

If your he often mentions future plans or initiatives to be undertaken together, he is likely to be in love with you and would like to have a long-term relationship with you. So if you imagine long-term projects with you or even just joking about what you two will be in the next 10 years, it means that you probably want to be married. No man thinks and talks about the future together if he is not sure of his love and his feelings for his woman.

10- Makes compromises

The clear sign that a man loves you deeply is when he is ready and willing to compromise even when he does not want to. Altruism is considered one of the first signs of falling in love.

11- Exit from his fence

If for him to get away from his fence of habits is not a burden to make you happy, then he is in love with you, this is a sure sign. Men often do not leave their world for anyone.

12- It is protective

The next signal on this list is that he tries to protect you. Usually when a man is protective about his partner’s well-being it means that his feelings and emotions are very strong for you. If you know you’re out with friends or you’re away on a trip alone and waiting until late to be safe and sound (and not to control yourself), he’s definitely in love with you, even if he doesn’t want to admit it.

13- He can’t stay angry for more than a day

If your partner can’t stay angry with you for more than a few hours, then it’s the sign of love. People, in general, and men, in particular, who are in love, cannot remain angry with the lover for a long time without repenting. Therefore, if he makes the initial move to make peace or to apologize even when he was not wrong and worried and because he loves you.

14- Your opinion is important

If your he appreciates your opinion and everything you tell him is a sign that he loves you and values ​​you as a whole. Especially if you talk to you before making an important decision or talk to you if something is bothering you.

15- He says “I love you”

In the end, the last but the biggest signal that he is in love with you is that he says “I love you”. When a man admits to love he does it with certainty. Normally it is not easy for a man to tell a girl to love her. Men often, not all of them obviously, have difficulty expressing their emotions and feelings.


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