Does Marriage Have to Be Hard Work Like Ben Affleck Said?



Chances are, you have heard about the split between Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner. Divorce announcements in Hollywood are not uncommon but they do spark questions. Not so much about the particular situation, although the gossip columns would love to know, but they often make people think about their own marriage. One question that this split has sparked is, “Is marriage a lot of work?”Affleck has said it himself as have many others. It may seem like hard work to some but it doesn’t have to be.

Does marriage take effort, of course! Like any relationship it needs attention but putting that effort in the same category as hard work has become a bit of a myth over the years. The secret to eliminating the hard part of your marriage and overcoming the challenges that pop up along the way is changing your thought process. The word hard is often used to describe tasks and other activities that are not enjoyable and not worth your time. Do you see your marriage that way? You certainly shouldn’t.

To change your thought process all you have to do is embrace the joy of marriage. If you haven’t done so already, start paying attention to all the wonderful qualities of your partner, have fun being married and spend quality time with your husband/wife. In addition to that, start seeing things in a positive light. If a challenge arises, overcome it and move forward. Rather than letting it have a negative impact on the relationship, take a moment to think and solve it in a calm manner. All good things require some effort. Your marriage is worth it.

In order to prevent your marriage from ever feeling like work, you need three things. Those three things are compromise, communication, and intimacy. Both compromise and communication will successfully get you and your spouse through those challenging times minus the hard work. Whether the problem is something small or more serious like a financial matter be willing to compromise as the two of you come up with a solution. As for intimacy, that is required to keep couples close and most importantly, together.


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