The holidays are rapidly approaching. For those that celebrate with gift giving, this means that the window of opportunity for going out and shopping is growing ever smaller. For some people, this isn’t a problem: they’ve already checked most people off their lists.

And while the stress of Christmas shopping no longer exists for some people, outside of the last-minute stocking stuffers they’re going to pick up while in line at Sephora or Chapters. But what about those folks that are still stuck trying to figure out what to gift their loved ones?

Some people are difficult to read and even more difficult to buy for. Take, for example, the Dads of the world. Dad will never say what he wants for Christmas, which means it’s up to the family to figure out what the mystery man is wishing for.

Which is why it’s helpful to consult the stars. Believe it or not, but star signs can actually tell people a whole lot about the items their loved ones may be hoping to find under the tree this year.

From the newest technology to some sort of out-there clothing item, here’s the full, comprehensive list of what each sign is hoping to find under the tree. This includes what not to get, just for good measure, as well.

24 Libra Would Love A New Pair Of Headphones

Libra likes to sink into his own head. Many people consider Libras to be on the intellectual side, even if they don’t always consider themselves to be. We know that Libra has a lot to say, despite the fact that they’re generally more comfortable keeping quiet.

Libras are the sign that would love to find a pair of new headphones under the tree.

Something a little fancy, like a pair of Bluetooth headphones, would be an awesome choice. Headphones will let Libra have a bit of an escape from the outside world, even when they start to feel intimidated or insecure.

23 … But Skip The Questionable Board Games

While some Libras like to play board games, they can be particular about what they put their time into. If they’re going to play a game, they’re going to learn everything they can about the game. Libras find it easy to master things, as their natural drive to think deeply about different subjects leads them down a rich road of knowledge. Games like Cards Against Humanity are fun, but they might not be the Libra’s cup of tea. Christmas is a time to share presents that are born from love. We recommend choosing a present that’s more focused on them, rather than one that they have to rely on other people to play.

22 Taurus Is Actually Excited For New Pajama Bottoms

When we ask a Taurus what they want for Christmas, it’s inevitable that they’ll come back with one of two responses: it’s either “don’t worry about me,” or “I want this very specific thing in this color and this size.”

If you want to try and surprise a Taurus, look no further than the quintessential Christmas gift of new pajama bottoms.

Pajamas are a gift that reminds us of being kids and unwrapping the set of socks, underwear, and PJs that a well-meaning family member would buy us every year. This nostalgic feeling of tradition coupled with a luxurious fabric like flannel or silk makes this gift the absolute best for a Taurus.

21 … And Feigns Excitement At Anything Intangible, Like Gift Cards

The one thing that could disappoint a Taurus? Gift cards. Some people love gift cards. We personally look forward to getting a Sephora gift card every year, as it’s a chance to freshen up our makeup bags with what we need (rather than that totally Mom shade of lipstick). Some Taurus folks will like getting practical gift cards as a stocking stuffer. After all, who doesn’t appreciate the great gift of coffee? but they definitely don’t want to waste their Christmas morning opening up tiny plastic cards! Tauruses love stuff, and it wouldn’t really feel like Christmas morning without ripping open at least a couple actual presents.

20 Virgo Wants A New, Sleek Notebook

This gift pairs well with a nice new pen or set of drawing pencils, for those siblings out there who want to give a kind-of-sort-of joint present. Virgos tend to be the type of people that want to figure things out.

They believe that their thoughts are important, and can even get stuck in spending more time with themselves than with other people.

Their attention to detail means that they tend to be more focused individuals than ones that flit from one plan to another. Detail, thoughtfulness, and their ability to focus on their work have all lead us to believe that a new notebook is exactly what they’re going to be looking for under the tree this year.

19 … Which Will Be Much Better Than Any Old Desk Knick Knack

We might be tempted to give those work-focused Virgos something to take to their desks. Fidget cubes and those bird pendulums might seem like a cute idea at a first glance, but trust us when we say that Virgos aren’t going to appreciate them as much as we would. Not only does Virgo err on the side of practicality, but they’d much rather have a clean workspace than one cluttered with lots of little items. They tend to keep photos, memos, and maybe a memorabilia item on their desks. Extraneous things can get distracting, and Virgo is not into distraction; they have too much to get done!

18 Gemini Will Love Unwrapping A New Novel

For the creative amongst us, Christmas can be incredibly hit and miss. Geminis are often misunderstood in the grand scheme of things, as their wish lists include everything from a new floor lamp all the way up to general concepts, like “inspiration.” Surprisingly free-thinking, Geminis are always unapologetically themselves; even if it means we’re left wondering if today is a day when they like rock music, or if that preference has changed again.

One thing that’s always a constant, though? Reading.

Geminis tend to love looking for inspiration. Even if they’re in a phase right now where they’re not picking up books, it’ll come back. A new novel will always be a hit with Gemini. What goes around comes around, after all.

17 … And Won’t Want Anything Practical, Like How-To Guides Or Self-Help

The one genre we’d recommend staying away from, however, is the self-help genre. How-to guides and self-help can be full of powerful, life-changing stuff, but Gemini doesn’t always receive things they perceive as criticism well. Despite their outgoing phases and independent attitudes, they’re very sensitive to what other people think and feel. Other people’s happiness is important to the Gemini, and they can sometimes get a little worried about what others feel about them. We suggest keeping Christmas happy and healthy and sticking to some awesome new fiction rather than the self-help stuff. Besides, Gemini is a sucker for imagination. They’ll love a novel, no matter what.

16 Aries Can Handle A More Esoteric Present; Try Gifting Some Yoga Classes

The powerhouse of the stars, Aries is a sign that we all grow to love, even if we’re drastically different from them. The Aries way of life is often filled with passion, commitment, determination, and early morning jogs.

The Aries tends to have a lot of energy, which is why they’re drawn to workouts and physical activities.

They also tend to be competitive, making it easy for them to be focused on getting ahead of everyone else. Forget about the usual fitness fare. We recommend giving Aries a whole experience for Christmas. High-temp yoga will relax and invigorate an Aries all at once. We’re sure they’ll love the physical aspect to it, but the true power will be in its gentle reminder to offer attention to themselves.

15 … They Definitely Won’t Like Lazy Day Luxuries Like Bubble Bath Or Candles

It’s a bit of a shock, isn’t it? After all, who doesn’t like bubble bath and candles? We know that we might be big fans of them, but that doesn’t mean everybody else is. Bubble bath and candles would be an excellent choice for someone like a Pisces or a Taurus; signs that love to spend time pampering and romancing themselves. But Aries? No way. Aries has too much energy to sit still in a bath for an extended period of time. Candles could be a nice gesture, but they aren’t exactly the most aesthetically-driven sign. Save that stocking stuffer money!

14 Cancer Is Just Happy To Share A Meal (But They’d Also Love A Nice Roast Of Coffee Beans)

If there’s one sign that loves the holidays, it’s Cancer. Any holiday is a good holiday in this sign’s world, as it means they get to spend time surrounded by their friends and family. Love is the Cancer’s biggest indicator of security. They appreciate those that value relationships and aren’t afraid to call someone out on being selfish or rude.

The Cancer is the one star sign that might actually be happy and content not receiving a gift this Christmas; they’ll just appreciate the love and shared experience.

However, if they were to receive a gift, they’ll love something like a decadent roast of coffee beans. That way they can revisit the Christmas memory whenever they make their morning cup of joe. Plus, it’s just practical enough to not feel frivolous!

13 … But Don’t Just Give A Generic Inspiring-Quote Mug

What’s the biggest way to go wrong when gifting to a Cancer? Offering something generic. Since Cancer values genuine connection, they want their gifts to reflect the relationship they have with the person. They’re not necessarily interested in filling their lives with things. Cancers are remarkably un-materialistic, which can actually make them tricky to buy for. Picking up something generic won’t impress the Cancer, though. Being heartfelt is the only way to really prove a Cancer’s value to you. While it might be tempting to pick up that cute mug from Starbucks to go along with the gift card you got them, we would recommend taking a slightly more personalized route; even something like a photo-printed mug with a special memory will be much better received!

12 Pisces Will Embrace Art, Music, And Anything Unique

Oh, romantic Pisces! Who doesn’t love shopping for the Pisces on their list? Dramatic, charming, and often choosing their dreams over difficult reality, Pisces can be some of the most fun people to purchase gifts for. Pisces will love anything unique, as it embraces their creative side.

Artistry and artistic freedom is a priority in any Pisces’ life, even if they aren’t a typical “artist.”

They love the quirky side of the world and tend to surround themselves with neat things (even the ones that aren’t practical). Picking up a cool wall hanging, a new record, or an interpretive bust of Shakespeare will likely go over incredibly well. Just make it fun, and try and link it to an interest you know they have.

11 … But Don’t Gift A Fitbit Or Workout Gear; It Could Be Taken The Wrong Way

In the same way that Gemini can be a little sensitive to any sort of self-help book, Pisces also has a few sensitivities to be aware of. Due to the fact that they like to live on the more fantastical side of life, anything that grounds them back down into reality might not be the breath of fresh air that we hope it’ll be. A Fitbit is a popular gift for many, especially those that are health conscious. In this day and age of desk jobs and Netflix, staying active has all of a sudden become a priority for us. If a Pisces hasn’t asked for a Fitbit, though, it’s best to not pick one up. It could be seen as a judge-y gesture rather than one that comes from the desire for good health.

10 Scorpio Will Have Dropped Hints About What They Wanted, Like That New Video Game

Wondering what to get a Scorpio? Look no further than your last conversation with them. Scorpio, whether they realize it or not, wears their heart on their sleeve. While they might try to hide their thoughts and feelings, sooner or later they always come out. The same can be said for their desires, opinions, and beliefs; which is awesome news at this time of year!

Scorpio might not realize it, but they’ll have been dropping hints about what they want for Christmas for a while now.

Maybe it came in the guise of a text exclaiming how cool a new game looked. Maybe it was complaining about how their favorite shoes are looking a little ratty. Listen to the hints and let them guide you. Scorpio knows exactly what they want.

… And Will Be Disappointed Only If They’re Left Out Of The Gift Exchange

While we’ll get the highest level of kudos if we can read Scorpio’s mind, they will tend to be happy with whatever we get them. Scorpio loves getting attention, even if they don’t want to be the center of attention all the time. They like the reassurance that they’re cared about, as connecting with other people can be difficult for the more guarded Scorpios. The only way that they’ll be truly disappointed this holiday season is if they’re left out of the gift exchange. While a sign like Cancer will just be happy to be involved, Scorpio likes the tangible reassurance of a present.

Leo Loves Anything Shiny And New, So Try Giving A New Watch

We’re finally at the sign that charms and dazzles their way into everyone’s hearts. Leo likes to be the center of attention, even if they play bashful and shy sometimes. They pride themselves on their looks as well as their wit and intelligence and aren’t afraid to show off a little when the occasion calls for it.

Some signs might shy away from anything that draws attention (like shiny jewelry) but Leo loves it.

A new watch would be a great gift choice this holiday season. Practical, stylish, and a little bit lavish are all the things that Leo would want in a gift. We’re also sure that some sort of necklace or bracelet would go over well; bonus points if there’s a meaningful message or monogrammed initials on it.

… But Skip The Old-And-Gold Family Heirloom Cufflinks For Another Time

It’s not that Leo dislikes tradition. In fact, Leo is one of the first to appreciate the security and community that comes with tradition. They love feeling that they’re part of a group, despite their desire to also come across as the leader or independent. Despite this desire to embrace family traditions, family heirlooms should be passed down at a different time. Leos are bigger fans of shiny and new than they are of old but gold. They tend to wish for little luxuries around the holiday time, rather than being content with the love and warmth of the season. Family cufflinks, brooches, and necklaces won’t be able to make the impact they deserve when it’s mixed in with Christmas. Gift those at a separate time.

Aquarius Wants Anything That Will Make Them Think, Like A Favorite Documentary Or Online Classes

The strong-yet-silent type, Aquarius doesn’t always let people in on what they’re thinking. Those that they do trust will know every nook and cranny inside an Aquarius’s head, making it possible for them to easily pick out the perfect Christmas gift. Those that don’t know Aquarius very well, however, will recognize that they’re not as easy as they seem. Incredibly complex creatures, Aquarius are mostly just curious about the world.

They might process internally, but they’re not afraid of reaching out and getting to know someone (or something) that they’re curious about.

Due to this desire to know more and more, we recommend linking them to a class online in a subject they’re interested about or even gifting them a subscription to an art database or documentary site.

… They Really Won’t Appreciate New Clothes Or Silly Presents, Though

For a sign that isn’t often considered serious, Aquarius isn’t exactly one for frivolity or funny stuff. Often considered creative and independent, this might make Aquarius seem hard to buy for at a first glance. Trust us when we say that it’s not worth taking the easy way out with them, though. Many signs would love some new clothes or a hilarious toy. What better way to capture the fun and whimsy of the holiday, right? Aquarius, though, will feel bad for accepting a gift they likely won’t use. Waste not, want not, after all. We’re better off sticking with the practical gifts for the Aquarius.

Capricorn Would Love A Handcrafted Scrabble (Or Other Game) Board

Honestly, games aside, Capricorn just wants something that feels like it took time to create. Forget about this belief that Capricorns are difficult or easily displeased. Capricorns just need to feel thought about.

For a sign that spends so much time thinking about others, they get a little disappointed with the attention isn’t reciprocated.

We know that Capricorn might get a bit of a bad rap, but trust us when we say that it’s easy to overcome. Gifting Capricorn a handcrafted game board, handmade jewelry, or even a one-of-a-kind art piece will not only impress the Capricorn, but they’ll also feel like we took the time to really and truly attend to them.

… And Won’t Be Impressed With Gifts Like Knock Off Designer Shoes

The one thing they won’t be too impressed with? Anything knock-off or fake. Capricorns are very concerned with being real. They’re naturally very down-to-earth and don’t consider themselves difficult to deal with or too demanding. They just like doing things their way, and dislike those that think they should be doing something a different way. They respect those that respect honesty and integrity and put tend to put their trust in those relationships. While some signs, like Leos, won’t mind getting a knock-off version of a designer item, it’s just too fake for Capricorn. They won’t be impressed with false Yeezys; better to stick to the real stuff.

Sagittarius Would Go Wild For Concert Or Travel Tickets

There’s one thing that we often buy for ourselves but don’t typically get as gifts for other people. Is it because it can be difficult to plan? Maybe.

For Sagittarius, who don’t typically plan anyway, buying tickets ensures that they don’t miss out on concerts or shows that they want to see.

Sagittarius are the free spirits of the star signs, living by their impulses more than their to-do lists. This makes them very engaging to hang out with, as there’s never a dull moment. They’re passionate about new experiences and aren’t afraid to make changes to a plan on a whim. Why not give the Sagittarius a whole experience this Christmas by planning an awesome concert or adventure for them? We know it’ll be a hit!

… But Would Rather Not Receive Power Tools Or Build-It-Yourself Stuff

As much as the Sagittarius folks out there love to try new things and have new experiences, we wouldn’t necessarily call them the go-getters of the star signs. Sagittarius folks prefer to let the chips fall where they may. Creativity isn’t difficult for them, but sometimes following through on a plan can be a challenge. Power tools and DIY adventures are the one thing that Sagittarius doesn’t usually get excited by. They prefer to use their heart than their hands when it comes to exploration. Talking about projects is different from actually building them, and Sagittarius would be better served by a volunteer carpenter than a drill and a saw. Building something together, though? Now that could be a great experience.


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