Fall In Love With Someone Who Loves You Like This


Don’t fall in love with somebody who’ll tell you how beautiful you are or how s_-y that tight dress fits you. Fall in love with somebody who loves you the same no matter how you look physically.

Fall in love with somebody who cares for you, who pulls the chair out for you, who holds the door for you, who pays attention to which side of the sidewalk you walk on.

Fall in love with the guy who pays attention to the things you like, who remembers your favorite book, who constantly plays your favorite song until both of you are bored sick of it, who makes silly impressions to make you laugh, and who remembers what you’re allergic to.

Fall in love with somebody who’ll make you forget your scars, all the previous lovers, and all the times you got your heart broken.

Fall in love with somebody who won’t make you feel like you’re hard to love, who’ll make you forget all the pain you’ve been through, and who’ll lessen all the pain that is yet to come.

Fall in love with the guy who’ll be your partner in crime, with the guy you can always count on no matter if you call him at 3 AM or 3 PM.

Fall in love with the guy who makes depression unknown to you, who’s excited about life, who you want to share your dreams with no matter how silly or unrealistic they are because you know he’ll believe in them just as much as he believes in you.

Fall in love with the guy who loves you for who you are, not for what he wants you to be.

Fall in love with the guy who only sees you when he walks into the room, whose whole world is lit up when he sees you, whose day is made of thinking about you and how to make you happy.

Choose to fall in love with the guy who calls just to hear your voice or drives for hours just to see you for a while.

Fall in love with the guy whose happiness is fused with yours, who chooses you regardless of whom you choose, who decides to love you the same on your bad and even your worst days.

Choose the guy who has seen your bad side and still decided you’re the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to him.

Choose to fall in love with the guy who somehow knows what to say and when to say it. Who knows how you feel even before you realize it yourself.

Fall in love with the guy who’s hurting when you cry, who’s happy when you smile, whose arms feel like home, and whose hand fits perfectly in yours.

Fall in love with the guy who makes you realize that home isn’t a place but a person.

Home is that person who makes you feel safe. Home is that person who keeps you warm at night and sheltered during the day. Home is that guy who wraps you in his arms and makes you never want to leave.

Fall in love with him. Fall in love with the guy that is your home, that never leaves, and that understands you have to leave sometimes but is waiting for you when you come back.

Please, don’t settle for anything less. Keep waiting for the right guy. Keep learning about yourself. Keep fighting for the things you love and believe in. Keep taking care of yourself and making yourself grow and discovering your needs. When the time is right, you’re going to find someone who deserves you, who makes sure his words are followed by his actions, and who’ll make you feel you’re home wherever you may be. Only then you’ll finally understand what true love really is.


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