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Female Beauty Tips According To Your Zodiac Sign

  Horoscopes are very useful predictive tools that not only tell us about possible future events but can also give us advice or suggestions of beauty, considering the features of each sign. Suggestions of zodiac beauty  Aries: For them it is recommended to use blond highlights in the hair, it is also advised to be neutral with the makeup and away from the striking in the nails, lips or when dressing red is an ideal color. Taurus: For them the recommended accessories are the necklaces and also the handkerchiefs that give a lot of elegance. As for makeup, earth tones or olive tones are the most successful. On the lips, using a soft shine is perfect for maintaining a sober style. Gemini:For them the light and dark colors combine very well. Using greens, oranges, yellows or purples in makeup is ideal for highlighting your positive energy. Instead, on her lips she uses lighter shades like peach to balance. Cancer: These women should integrate different textures and colors into their dress, with which they can diversify the effects. The shades of gray or silver are ideal for your makeup, achieving a glamorous look. Leo: For them red colors or orange tones are recommended when dressing. As soon as the makeup the previous colors can be used on lips but for your eyes and face in general gold, bronze and earth are appropriate. Virgo: sobriety is what characterizes these women, that’s why the use of classic and soft colors are ideal. Colors like nude, peach, light pink can be used on eyes, cheeks and nails. The blues and white at the time of dressing are usually the most chosen along with black and gray. Add a little color is fine. Libra: the air exerts a great influence on them and therefore for their makeup the yellow, green and pink tones are perfect. Clearly the silver and white can not miss to illuminate his eyes. Scorpio:Very passionate women need colors that make them stand out. That is why embroidery on your makeup or clothes is essential. The plum color is also ideal for the eyes. If you decide is to highlight the lips, the fuchsia is the one you should use. It is also perfect for nails and accessories. Sagittarius: for their part, these women are very sensual and therefore the lace garments can not be missing in their wardrobe. Black or purple also give elegance. For your makeup the blue or the green will highlight its beauty. As for his lips neutral tones such as cinnamon is recommended. Capricorn: if you enjoy a stylized body do not hesitate to use leggings and tight skirts. Neutral or pastel makeup is the one that goes with your personality. Aquarius:to achieve a good makeup the purple is the indicated color as well as you should use a little bronzer. Pisces: to this sign the makeup with brightness is not recommended. You can use different tones but opaque, in such a way that they highlight the best of the face.



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