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We all express our feelings of love in different ways. While we all have specific ways of expressing our love, Dr. Gary Chapman, author of The 5 Love Languages: The Secret To Love That Lasts, has nailed it down to five types of “love” languages we all express to some degree or extent. In case you’re not familiar with all five love languages, here’s some background on them. There’s Words of Affirmation, where you show your love by giving your partner words that affirms them. There’s Acts of Service; for this type of love language, actions speak louder than words. There’s also Receiving Gifts, where you feel most loved when you receive gifts from your partner or you give gifts to them.

Second to last, there’s Quality Time, where you give your person your undivided attention and feel most loved when they give you theirs. Lastly, there’s Physical Touch, which doesn’t necessarily mean sensual touch, but more of an appropriate touch, whether it be a light touch of your arm or hand holding.

Now that we’ve gone over what the five love languages are, you have a better understanding of how they pertain to his sign. If you really want to find out his top love language, as well as his bottom love language, there’s no better way than to have him take the love language quiz.

15 Disciplined Capricorn Loves Acts Of Service

Your Capricorn man is a stickler for the rules and following them, he is also the more traditional type of the zodiac so, naturally, his love language is Acts of Service. This means that anything you can do to take stress off of his ambitious life will show him you love him. He receives love this way. So, what types of Acts of Service will lead to his heart? Bringing him lunch on a day he’s unable to get out of the office or folding his basket of fresh clothes that has been sitting on his floor for days because he’s too busy to get it. Because your Capricorn is such a man’s man, he appreciates when you do little things like that to take stress off of him, even though he knows he could easily do all of it himself.

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14 Aloof Aquarius Loves Receiving Gifts

The genius of the zodiac isn’t afraid to receive a gift. Because of your Aquarius man’s affinity for high tech gadgets, showering him with innovative and interesting gifts is the way to his heart. It shows him you know him well, and while he loves all the hottest tech gadgets, he also has a soft spot for animals. Bringing him home a cuddly puppy or furry kitten? He’ll be like putty in your hands. Although when it comes to Gifts as his love language, it’s not so much about the present as it is about the thought and effort behind it. When this is your man’s love language, it really is the thought that counts. Extending a gift to your Aquarius man shows him that you were thinking about him and though he has distant and aloof ways of showing it, it makes him feel good because you’re always on his mind too.

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13 Dreamy Pisces Loves Physical Touch

Your Pisces man is the ultimate romantic. Yes, there’s an air of mystery always surrounding him but he also has a tender aura around him that you can’t deny. Do you tend to notice he’s always brushing hair away from your face or has his hand on the small of your back whenever you’re walking? His need to be constantly touching you in some tender way or another, is the way he shows you he loves you. This is also the way he receives love. So, if you’re a touchy-feely kind of girlfriend then you’ll love having a Pisces boyfriend. If you really want to know the straight shot to his heart then give him a foot rub. Pisces sensual spot are their feet and if his love language is Physical touch, then there you go! Cheat sheet straight to his heart.

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12 Haughty Aries Loves Words Of Affirmation

The first sign of the Zodiac, as well as the warrior of the Zodiac, Aries men are all about Words of Affirmation. In other words, they have big egos and need them stroked from time to time, or a lot depending on how secure they are. He receives love when you give him specific examples of how he makes you feel. Anything you can say to positively affirm him will resonate deeply with him and his heart. Whenever he dresses well and looks exceptionally great or when he wins his basketball game, you giving him encouragement and words of support will come through as love to him. Your Aries man is passionate, romantic and quick so anything you can say to help him feel secure will keep him happy in your relationship.

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11 Sensual Taurus Loves Physical Touch

Taurus is the most sensual of the Zodiac, and also the most stubborn. So, if you ever make your Taurus man mad, just know that if you try to make up for it with some Physical Touch, you’re probably going to get over your fight as quickly as it started. Your Taurus guy is strong, tough, stubborn, but also extremely loyal so as long as you keep showing him you love him with light touches of his arm or rubbing his back, he will always feel loved. He loves Physical Touch as much as the next guy, but perhaps even more. You’ll notice he always wants his arms wrapped around you or to be physically near you most of the time, so if you aren’t the type to love physical affection, you may have trouble accepting his love language.

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10 Chatty and Flighty Gemini Loves Receiving Gifts


Your charming and chatty Gemini man may seem like his love language is Words of Affirmation due to his chatty nature, but he actually receives love by the thought and effort behind a Gift. He probably looks forward to his birthday and Christmas every year wondering what you might get him. A gift also tells him how much you truly know him and the things you notice about him. Your Gemini man is an intellectual at heart so while he loves the thought and effort behind a gift, he will also analyze it trying to figure out exactly how you might have come to the conclusion that was the gift for him. Don’t stress if you think he’s looking for expensive gifts or worrying about if your bank account can keep up with his love language, he’s actually just wanting concrete proof that you were thinking about him when he wasn’t with you.

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Sensitive and Serious Cancer Loves Quality Time


The emotional man of the Zodiac loves quality time. Your Cancer man has a lot of emotions behind his cool and serious exterior. Don’t let it fool you! Whether he’s let you in on his emotional side or he’s still a little closed off, the way to his heart is spending time with him. It’s how he gets to know you, especially when it’s just the two of you. This doesn’t mean laying around all the time at home staring into each other’s eyes. You can be doing nothing together or you could have a packed day going from activity to activity, but as long as he’s with you, he’s falling in love with you more and more. Anything you can do to make him feel most worthwhile of your time will only score you points with him.

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Primal Leo Loves Physical Touch

The king of the Zodiac has, of course, a primal love language. Your Leo man may come off as the total alpha male, but he’s also a sweet, cuddly lion. When you initiate touch with him, it lets him know you love him and want to be closer with him both physically, but also emotionally. Cuddling with your Leo man is the way to his heart. But also keep in mind when someone’s love language is Physical Touch, they also keep an eye on how you touch others. So, if you tend to be very touchy-feely with your guy friends, you may awaken the jealous side of your Leo guy. A light back rub in public or caress of his arm will keep him feeling secure and loved, especially because Leos are all about PDA.

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Organized and Detailed Virgo Loves Acts Of Service

The Knight and Shining Armor of the Zodiac is also a traditionalist at heart. Because he shows his love language through Acts of Service to the one he loves, he expects it in return. Your Virgo man loves a damsel in distress so he’s not afraid to jump head-first into your problems and figure them out with you, but he also doesn’t mind when you return him the favor in a traditional way like cooking his favorite meal or helping him with his laundry from time to time. If he’s not a typical Virgo, he will even let you pick up the check occasionally (or rarely), but this shows him that you care for him and love him. So, while he may be your favorite handy-man and the person you go to when you need a good, deep conversation, he doesn’t show it, but he also loves Acts of Service, too.

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Charming Libra Loves Receiving Gifts

Just another air sign who loves receiving gifts! Your Libra man is a little more materialistic than other zodiac signs, so he doesn’t mind receiving higher end gifts from his partner. But, because his sign also represents justice and balance, he’s sure to shower you with gifts in return. While he’s a natural intellectual and charmer, he’s also not as reserved in emotion as the other two air signs (Gemini and Aquarius) so his excitement when he receives a gift from you is undeniable. Any tangible proof that you were thinking about him when the two of you were apart is enough to pull on his heart strings. Although, he won’t be afraid to tell you if the gift you gave him isn’t his style, but he will absolutely appreciate the thought and effort behind it.

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Intense Scorpio Loves Quality Time


When you start dating a Scorpio man, get ready to never sleep in your own bed or shower at your own place or eat dinner alone for awhile or for the duration of your relationship (meaning possibly forever) because once Scorpios have a taste of being with the one they love and enjoying it, they won’t want to give it up. Your Scorpio man is intense and has a foundation of deep emotion, and he doesn’t want anything to get in the way of it, even distance. While he isn’t one to shout your relationship from the top of the mountain or post consistently on social media about him, he will always want you near him. So, Quality Time is, naturally, your Scorpio man’s love language. You could be laying in bed next to each other staring at your phones, but as long as your together, he’s happy.

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Adventurous Sagittarius Loves Your Quality Time Together

If you’re dating a Sagittarius then you’re no stranger to the wanderlust that fills their heart. In other words, you know he loves to travel or always be on the move! While your Sagittarius guy is all about adventure, he also wants you right there with him to experience it. He’s all about having a partner in crime to accompany him on his wild destinations, so if he asks you to travel with him then you know you’ve made it to his heart. His love language of Quality Time is all about enjoying the journey together on the way to the destination, not just about the destination. If you can handle his spur-of-the-moment adventures then you can handle him and his love, and that’s how you catch and keep a Sagittarius guy.

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Emotionally Closed-Off Aquarius Loves Physical Touch


Talking about your Aquarius man’s feelings can make you feel like you’re trying to pull out his teeth, trust me, I know. But he’s probably not shy about showing his physical attraction to you. Don’t expect him to bring on the PDA, but you’ll notice his increased Physical Touch with you when it’s just the two of you in the comfort of your own place or his. Whether he’s the big spoon when you two are watching a movie or he has his hand on your knee while driving, there’s always a Physical presence between the two of you when you’re together. Don’t be thrown off by his aloof behavior and try initiating Physical Touch with him by caressing his arm or kissing his neck. You’ll be surprised at how well it’s received.

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Independent Aries Loves Acts Of Service

While your alpha male Aries may seem like he can do it all on his own, he secretly doesn’t mind it when you do things for him, especially if it helps take stress off of him. He’s the “baby” of the zodiac so while his know-it-all and do-it-all demeanor may fool everyone else, don’t let it fool you. He doesn’t mind being taken care of sometimes. Whether it be when you pick up the dinner check or buy the groceries, doing things for him that show you care and want to help him, doesn’t make him feel weak but appreciated it. Just don’t ever expect him to ask for your help. Similar to the Leo male, he has too much pride to do that. But as long as you offer, that’s what will have him swooning over you and feeling loved.


Night In Shining Armor Virgo Loves Words of Affirmation

While this sign loves giving his woman all types of words of affirmations and acts of service and physical touch, he doesn’t seem to ask for much in return, which is why it can be hard to pinpoint your Virgo guy’s love language. While he may seem like he has it all together, he has his insecurities too. Yes, he wants to focus on you most of the time–helping you, loving you, and in negative terms, he can be a little bit of a criticizer to the one he loves–but it’s good to know that he needs some affirmations, as well. Telling him how much he means to you and how much you appreciate it him will go a long way with this sign.


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