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When it comes to showing emotion in a relationship, the woman always seems to be the one at the forefront when it comes to this, versus the man. Whether it’s society’s rigid standards that have been embedded into our male population that it’s not always “cool” to show emotion or your significant other just really doesn’t feel comfortable doing it, it can be confusing for us women to know what’s going on in their heads (or hearts).

All men handle their emotions differently, but if you know his sign (which, let’s be honest, you definitely do if you’re in a relationship) then you might be able to decipher what he’s feeling and how he deals with his feelings a little more easily. There’s no one size fits all when it comes to his sign, as every person’s astrology chart is different, but it’s a helpful starting point to reading into that icy stare he may give you when you express your own emotions. Here’s 15 ways he’s most likely to handle his emotions due to his sign—plus, a few bonus entries.

The most important thing to note is checking his moon sign (if you know it) because that’s the sign that tells you exactly how he deals with his emotions, in other words, his inner mood. Our moon sign is just as important as our sun sign, so don’t be afraid to ask for his exact birthdate and birth time…and birth location. Those three key items will help you figure out his moon sign!

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15 Your Sagittarius Man Is All About The Truth

When it comes to emotion, the only thing your Sagittarius man is interested in is the truth. He wants to know how you truly feel about him and then he will be honest and open about his emotions for you. He can also be a little too honest at times to the point where nothing is filtered or sugar-coated, so if you’re sensitive to harsh truths, you may want to keep that in mind. He’s an adventurous individual who’s always seeking out new ways to quench his wanderlust, and it’s no different when it comes to his feelings. Do you want to have an open, honest and intellectual conversation about life with him? He’s all ears. In fact, he loves getting into deep conversations that last until sunrise. Because he loves exploring life in all aspects, it makes it hard for him to commit when it comes to relationships so while he may share his feelings for you openly, it doesn’t mean he’s ready to make it official between the two of you.

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14 Your Capricorn Man Is A Professional When It Comes To Emotional Stability

Don’t ever expect an emotional outburst from your Capricorn man. He can come off as the ultimate pessimist when it comes to love. To date a Capricorn male, you have to practice a lot of patience before you get him to commit or even admit his feelings for you. Even if he is in love with you–head over heels even–he will still portray a cool exterior, almost detached. This is completely confusing if you’re on the receiving end of this, but he’s an earth sign and the most grounded earth sign so he doesn’t take chances in life or love. If he expresses any emotions at all for you, it will be a well-thought out conversation where he’s weighed the pros and cons beforehand.

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13 Your Aquarius Man Detaches And Then Attaches

If you’re looking for a boyfriend who is driven by his emotions, look again. Your Aquarius man is intellectually driven, not emotionally. It’s not that he doesn’t have any emotions or that he’s as detached as he comes off, he just doesn’t understand his emotions. If you find yourself getting close with an Aquarius male and feel him starting to really like you or fall for you, get ready for his detached demeanor. Because he doesn’t understand the emotions going on inside of him, he will pull away at first and come off as completely aloof. Another thing about dating an Aquarius? It’s important to have patience with them as they need a little longer than most signs to figure out their feelings. Because he’s an air sign, he’s extremely mentally stimulated so a little mind games never hurt when dating him. In fact, they’ll intrigue and excite him. If you’ve managed to be patient long enough for him to get past his detached stage, you’ll notice he actually becomes more attached to you. Though don’t ever expect him to become clingy or dependent on you. One of the best relationships you can have is with an Aquarius man becomes once in love with you, they’re sincere, loyal and secure enough to keep their own independence while you keep yours.

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12 Your Pisces Man Needs Alone Time With His Emotions

Here’s a man who’s in love with the idea of love. Your Pisces man is probably the ultimate romancer who dances in heart-shaped circles around you. When it comes to showing his emotions for you or anyone else, he doesn’t hold back. He may have a layer of mystery, but that doesn’t go as deep as his emotional depth. His emotions will run crimson red with passion for you one moment and clap with the earth-shattering thunder the next. In love, he’s an emotional roller coaster, so you never know how he’s going to handles his emotions. Because he’s such a day dreamer, he needs alone time with his emotions. Literally. Whether it’s to process his emotions or escape them completely, he’s no stranger to emotional turmoil, let’s just say.

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11 Your Aries Man Has A Short Fuse

Your Aries man is a passionate force to be reckoned with. He’s a fire sign and doesn’t stray far away from that element, especially when it comes to his mood. Aries men are just as passionate when it comes to their emotions as they are in everyday life. Once he sets his sights on something, he will do what it takes to get it. He’s determined and moves quickly, so if you’re what he has his mind set on, good luck turning down his charming advances. While he’s not afraid to show passionate emotion, he also isn’t afraid to show when he’s upset or angry either. He will shut you down just as quickly as he opened up to you, so if you offend him or hurt him in any way get ready for some steam heading your way (and not the sexy kind). Though he has a short fuse, he also gets over whatever set him off in the first place quickly. Lucky you.

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10 Your Taurus Man Has A Tender Side He Rarely Let’s You See

To put it plainly, emotions are foreign to your Taurus man. Sorry to say, but this zodiac sign in male form has trouble shelling out his true emotions. He’s stubborn and so are his emotions. While he has no problem showing his physical attraction to you in romantic ways, he also isn’t going to write you a poem or serenade you. He has a strong need to maintain his masculine presence so while he has strong emotions he experiences, expressing them is not his strength. If you want to stick around long enough to experience his emotional side, you’ll have to gain his trust first. He’s a patient man and, in return, your patience for him will result in the highest form of loyalty.  Your Taurus man is one of the most loyal signs of the zodiac, so waiting on him and his emotions makes it worth it.

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9 Your Gemini Man Pushes His Emotions Out Of Sight So They’re Out Of Mind

So, you’re trying to figure out how your Gemini man handles his emotions? Good luck, because he doesn’t even know. But really, the Gemini man is well-versed in many subjects. He’s a Jack of All Trades, if you will, but your Gemini man’s emotions is a puzzle to him. The thing about him is he has the ability to identify that what he’s feeling are intense emotions for you, but he looks at them from a detached standpoint. If you insist on speaking with him about feelings or, more specifically, his feelings for you, be prepared for a less-than-deep response or a direct, dry response. It’s much better to get him to share what he’s feeling via an email or text or letter. The more you can discuss your own emotions from a detached view point, the more willing he will be to do the same.

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8 Your Cancer Man Has All The Feels

Here’s a zodiac sign that has a lot of emotions. If you’re someone who’s willing to talk about your emotions candidly, vividly and into the wee hours of the morning, the Cancer man is your ideal longterm partner. As a Cancer, his ruling planet is the moon, which represents all emotions–hence, our moon signs. So, chances are he’s eloquent and easily expresses his feels for you. He’s a serious lover who doesn’t take relationships lightly. He’s more often than not in a relationship. Your Cancer man isn’t one to casually date so if you’re in a relationship with one, don’t think he hasn’t considered you marriage material. He’s naturally a nurturing partner, so he will nurture your emotions, as well. As long as you are open to receiving his strong emotions for you, this is a relationship built to last with lots of communication.

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7 Your Leo Man Is Deeper Than He Lets On

Your royal Leo man may come off as the ultimate alpha male, but don’t be fooled. Leo men feel their emotions intensely. Leo’s are intense individuals in nature, so you can imagine how intense they are when it comes to their emotions. If your man’s moon sign is Leo, then you can expect no one to love you harder. They say the only sign that loves harder than a Cancer is a Leo. Just like your Leo man likes to take center stage, so do his emotions. He can try and hide them well under his pride and big ego, but the more he tries to bury his strong emotions, the harder they fight to come out. Talk about a struggle. Once you’ve shared your own emotions with him, he will be more comfortable and willing to freely share his with you.

6 Your Virgo Man Would Rather Focus On Your Emotions

This sign in male form is also known as every woman’s Knight in Shining Armor! He’s the type of man that’s going to be there for you when you need a shoulder to cry on, when you need someone to talk to, and when you just need help moving heavy furniture. Your Virgo man has a deep need to feel wanted and to help you. Virgo is the sign of service, so it’s no surprise he will always be drawn to those damsel in distress types. Because he’s such a fixer, he would rather work on figuring out your emotions with you than divulging his own. He loves analyzing and dissecting and once he’s felt that he’s help you to some degree, he can feel more at ease. But once you stop “needing” him, prepare for him to either distance himself so he can find the next project or for him to finally start working on his own emotional issues (the latter is what you can hope for).

5 Your Libra Man Puts On A Passive Aggressive Front

Just like his female Libra counterpart, the male Libra also strives for harmony, especially in relationships. He will avoid conflicts at all costs and because of his charming and romantic nature, he’s great at avoiding conflicts so trying to engage him in an emotional tug of war won’t work. The Libra man doesn’t play games when it comes to love because not only does he love being a relationship, he loves being in love. When it comes to his feelings and emotions, he wears them on his sleeve. There will never be any question on whether he’s interested in you or not. If you do happen to ruffle his feathers, he won’t directly address you with you a confrontational response. He is passive aggressive when it comes to showing any negative emotions.

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4 Your Scorpio Man Will Show You The Deepest Emotions Of ‘Em All

If you’ve bagged yourself a Scorpio boyfriend, then it’s safe to say you are in for one wild ride. Scorpio men are not boring or subtle. When it comes to emotion, they are the most intense feelers in the Zodiac. No emotion falls lightly on Scorpio men, or Scorpios in general. Because there are so many facets of the Scorpio man’s emotional side, you’ll have to hang in there if you want to see it all. Your Scorpio man may come off as aloof and even cold on the exterior, but deep down he’s boiling with emotion. Once he’s comfortable enough to let his guard down with you, be prepared for a whirlwind romance. He’s the type of man who can’t get enough of the object of his affection. He’ll want to spend every night with you and learn as much as he can about you. With his irresistible and mysterious charm, he will easily be able to learn even your deepest secrets. With this said, he can also get a little possessive, at times. With healthy boundaries, he is sure to make a fiercely loyal and intensely passionate lover.

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3 BONUS: Your Scorpio Man Is All About Discretion

Just because your Scorpio man is full of passionate emotion deep down, doesn’t mean he’s willing to shout it from the rooftops. Sure, he may want you sleeping next to him every night, rain or shine, but it doesn’t mean he’s ready to make you two Instagram or Facebook official yet. The Scorpio man is full of mystery and likes to remain that way. Discretion is important to him, especially when in love. When he finally does show your relationship off in some form, that’s when you know he’s really in love with you and is in it for the long haul. Just be prepared for his wrath if you hurt him in any way. All of his intensities translate when he’s been hurt or made angry, and he will hold out his anger the longest compared to any other signs.

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2 BONUS: Your Aquarius Man Fears His Emotions

Because Aquarius is one of the most, if not the most, independent signs of the Zodiac, he’s not prone to experiencing a lot of emotion. If you’re involved with an Aquarius, you’ve surely noticed he has a large and multiple circles of friends, but probably not a lot of very close relationships. He’s easy to get along with and easygoing in nature making him appealing to all sorts of people. But once he’s experienced any type of real lovey-dovey feelings for someone, he can’t intellectualize them and becomes scared. So, if you’ve dated an Aquarius who’s just ghosted you before, it’s probably because he was experiencing feelings for you and didn’t know how to process them and didn’t care to take the time to process them. Dating an Aquarius in his late twenties or early thirties makes it easier to have a relationship as he’s more open to the emotional aspect of romance.

1 BONUS: Your Cancer Man Retreats Into His Shell

On the offhand, because your Cancer man is ruled by the moon, his moods change just as much as the moon does. If he feels hurt by you in any way or rejected, you can absolutely expect him to retreat into himself. Since his sign is the crab, it’s not unlikely he will retreat back into a shell-like environment and if that happens, good luck getting him out. Because he is ruled by emotion, he can also be moody with his emotions. When he really starts to let his emotions get the best of him, he can get clingy and demanding of your attention. When he’s really not at his best, your Cancer man has the tendency to get controlling and easily jealous. With lots of communication and trust in your relationship, it’s easy to keep these negative emotions at bay with him.

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