Here’s How To Get Them To Commit Based On Their Zodiac Sign (His And Hers)


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It can be a challenge to get your partner to commit. Everyone has different wants and needs when it comes to love. People have specific ways of expressing themselves or letting people into their life. It’s time to quit playing games and tap into exactly what that special someone needs to finally settle down.

Don’t give up if your partner isn’t quick to commit— we know that it can be hard to open yourself up to forever. No one should leave their relationship up to chance. The answers are hidden in the stars and we can tell exactly how to snag their heart. Your astro sign can give you the direction needed to convince them to stick around from now until the end of time.

Maybe their natural tendency is to demand freedom and you need to give him space. Perhaps you should to tap into your silly side and show her just how funny you can be. Some people need just the right person to bring them out of their shell. Other people are super intense and need a light person to show them just how happy life can be. Please enjoy this list of how to get them to commit based on their astro sign.

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24-Aries Woman: Tell Her How You Feel When The Time Is Right

The Aries woman has a fiery personality and can be headstrong. She likes to take the lead so it can be challenging to get her to commit. The secret is to play it cool and respect her need for freedom. By giving her the space she needs and biding your time, she’ll realize that you’re strong enough to stick around and handle her independent nature.

It’s important that you do tell her how you feel at some point, though. She needs to be tended to or the fire can quickly fizzle out. Just be honest once you’ve proven that she can trust you.

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23-Aries Man: Act Unattainable Because He Loves A Challenge

The Aries man loves a challenge so if you want to snag his heart forever, act like you could care less about him. This may seem like you’re playing games, but he won’t be able to resist you once he thinks he can’t have you. He has a very strong personality, so once you’ve pinned him down, be clear about your own needs.

It’s a challenge for him to settle down so you have to be okay with giving him plenty of space. Once he knows you’re not trying to control him, he’ll be putty in your hands. Just don’t cross him, this guy has a tendency to burn bridges.

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22-Taurus Woman: Take Your Time To Prove Your Loyalty To Her

You have a big job ahead of you if you’re hoping to get a Taurus woman to commit. She’s ruled by Venus, the Empress of love, so it takes a lot of affection to keep her happy. No eager beavers for this girl, she likes a lover that can take their time.

She tends to be methodical and does everything with a purpose, especially when it comes to romance. So, if you’re willing to prove your loyalty to her, she’ll be more than willing to commit. It might take a bit of work to get her to open up but once she does, the connection is true.

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21-Taurus Man: Don’t Rush Him Because He Likes To Take It Slow

It can take the Taurus man a bit longer to process his emotions so you’re going to have to be patient if you want him to commit. You can’t rush him but if you’re willing to coax him a little bit, he’ll come around. He’s a very thoughtful person and will be worth the extra dose of patience it takes to get close to him.

He may come across as stand-offish but deep inside he too is ruled by Venus. This means that a romantic partner is just waiting to find the right person. Once he feels like he can take his time, he can be dedicated.

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20-Gemini Woman: She Craves A Deep Connection

Communication is critical when it comes to getting the Gemini women to commit. Don’t waste your time playing hard-to-get, she won’t stick around if you do. She’s attracted to honesty and intelligence. This means that her life partner has to be able to bare their soul to her.

It’s not all serious, though. She has an innocence to her that gives her a playful nature. With just a little bit of imagination, she might be willing to indulge in your innermost fantasies. Trust is key with her so once she knows you’re serious, the game is on. A relationship is always fun with this one.

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19-Gemini Man: Show Him Your Adventurous Side

If you’re involved with a Gemini man it can be a bit of a challenge to get him to commit. He likes to keep his options open but that doesn’t mean that you can’t pin him down. He has a side to him that craves adventure. Show him just how much fun you can be and you’ll get his attention.

No shrinking violets for this guy. He likes to be social and if he’s into you, then he’ll totally want to show you off to his friends. So be prepared to dress up and go out for a night on the town often.

18-Cancer Woman: Give Her Constant Validation

Let’s be honest, it really isn’t much of a challenge to get a Cancer woman to commit. It’s all about being emotionally connected for her so you have to be willing to validate her often. Kind gestures and a gentle touch go a long way with her. She is looking for the real deal and will settle for nothing less.

Casual dating isn’t her thing, so don’t even bother if you’re into playing games when it comes to relationships. If you can match her dedication then she makes for a nurturing partner who won’t think twice about giving her heart to you.

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17-Cancer Man: Shower Him With Affection

The Cancer man is romantic and can be idealistic. This makes him fairly easy to snag. Yet, once you’ve pinned him down, be prepared to shower him with affection. He craves physical contact and would love nothing more than to spend a Friday night cuddling on the couch with you.

He can be insecure so you’ll have to reassure him often that everything is okay. This can lead to jealousy but he’s also quick to forgive. Once he’s convinced that you won’t hurt him, he’ll have no problem spending forever with you. He makes for a very attentive lover.

16-Leo Woman: Show Her Your Zany Side

The Leo Lady is the life of the party. She likes to do things her way and most people follow suit. If you’re hoping to make it last forever then show how just how much fun you can be. This girl isn’t about to conform to anyone so she needs a man that will go along with her zany ideas.

One thing is for sure, you’ll never be bored around her. She’s totally comfortable with her body so she prefers a partner who isn’t a prude and is always willing to try new things. Yet, the quickest way to win her over is through laughter.

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15-Leo Man: Make Him The Center Of  Your World

If you’re brave enough to try to snag a Leo man, be prepared to shower him with your attention. He has a wandering eye and a ton of charisma, which means it might take some work to keep him from roaming. The good news is that he is a slave to his ego so flattering him goes a long way.

As long as you’re willing to give him the spotlight, he’ll gladly let you stand in his shadow. Once he meets a partner that can match his energy, the Leo man is happy to slow down just long enough for you to keep up with him.

14-Virgo Woman: Prove To Her That You’re The Practical Choice

The Virgo woman may come across as shy but that’s only because she is holding out for the right person. She’s very selective and isn’t one to have a fling. The best way to get her to commit is to convince her that you’re the right person for her. She isn’t flashy and would prefer to have an intimate night in.

Once she knows for sure that you’re dedicated to her, she’ll give herself completely to you. Just be sure to give her gifts now and again, she loves getting sentimental presents. Don’t let her calm exterior fool you, though. This girl can be spunky when she wants to be.

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13-Virgo Man: Show Him That You Have A Willing Heart

The Virgo man is tentative when it comes to romance. He likes to take his time and won’t settle for just anyone. It can take a bit for him to open up so the best way to get him to commit is to let him know that you’re willing to wait. He really doesn’t like to be pressured.

He can come across as cold so you have to be pretty secure in yourself to get close to this guy. Yet, if he finally decides that you’re the one for him, he’ll slowly share his soul with you. Once he does, he makes a very loyal partner.

12-Libra Woman: Be Open To New Experiences Since She Likes To Have Fun

The Libra woman has the whole package. She’s got a magnetic personality that attracts people to her easily. The best way to get her to commit is to tap into your inner-child and show her how playful you can be. She needs a partner who can be goofy and make life fun.

Don’t even bother getting close to this girl if you get jealous easily. Everyone adores the Libra lady because she’s so easy to love. She’s attracted to positive people so be sure to celebrate the sunny side of life. She won’t be able to resist an optimistic attitude.

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11-Libra Man: Put In The Hard Work To Get Close To Him

The Libra man can be guarded and it takes some serious patience before he’ll let you in. So, if you’re willing to wait, he’ll eventually come around and commit. Once he does, he’ll put you on a pedestal and shower you with adoration. He’s totally worth the wait makes for a sweet and thoughtful mate.

It helps to be an understanding person and offer a listening ear. He craves connection and appreciates a gentle spirit. Deep inside, he really hates being single, so tap into his need for companionship. You’ll have him wrapped around your little finger in no time.

10-Scorpio Woman: Prove That You Will Be Her Soul Mate

If you’re brave enough to tangle with a Scorpio woman then you better watch out for her stinger. This lady demands complete devotion. She doesn’t just want a lover, she craves a soulmate. If you want her to commit then you’re going to have to prove to her that you can match her intensity.

She doesn’t let just anyone into her inner-circle and it takes a special person to win over her heart. Just be sure that you only have eyes for her, though The Scorpio lady gets jealous easily and doesn’t care who she hurts when it comes to keeping her partner all to herself.

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9-Scorpio Man: Be Willing To Delve Into His Innermost Thoughts

The Scorpio man may come across as confident but he can get broody. You have to be willing to delve into the depths of his soul if you want things to get serious. He has a certain vulnerability to him that seems almost romantic. Somewhere behind that moody exterior is a sensitive man who thrives on love.

That being said, he can be a hard egg to crack. This guy isn’t interested in a casual hook-up and likes to hang back a bit before making a move. He can be possessive but that’s only because he cares so deeply when it comes to love.

8-Sagittarius Woman:  Give Her Plenty Of Freedom

The Sagittarius woman can be a bit intimidating because she’s so carefree. This lady craves adventure and isn’t stopping for just anybody. She enjoys that chase so the best way to get her to commit is to give her plenty of space. She’s direct to a fault and will let you know if she feels smothered.

This means that you need a thick skin to embark on a relationship with this girl. Don’t be dark and broody, either. She prefers to surround herself with happy people. Her positive attitude is almost infectious. This makes her a light and fun partner to be around.

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7-Sagittarius Man: Let Him See Your Independent Nature

The Sagittarius man is super independent and isn’t afraid to demand space. The best way to snag him is to give him plenty of freedom. He enjoys the hunt so don’t always be readily available. Just be sure to keep your calendar open and bag packed because this guy loves spontaneity.

His wanderlust keeps him traveling but he’s more than happy to take you with him. He likes to do his own thing sometimes as well. The perfect partner for this guy has their own life and is totally flexible. Once he feels like you’re not trying to control his every move, he’ll give you the reigns.

6-Capricorn Woman: Show Her That You’re Capable Of Stability

The Capricorn woman really doesn’t like to step out of her comfort zone. You have to coax her a bit before she’s willing to open up. If you can help push her beyond her own limitations then she’ll totally commit to you. Even though she doesn’t exactly where her heart on her sleeve, she tends to thrive on companionship.

She can be a bit serious so she needs a partner that can loosen her up. Vulnerability is challenging for her so be sure to handle her emotions with care. Once she sees that you can offer stability, she’ll totally come around.

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5-Capricorn Man: Take The Time To Break Down His Walls

The Capricorn man has an amazing work ethic but can be challenged when it comes to human connection. He’s smart and successful in almost every other area of his life. He just needs the right person to break down his walls before he’s willing to commit.

He’s career driven and has plenty of cash so he’s been known to totally spoil his lover with an expensive date night. You might need a special night out now and again because he can be a workaholic. He can be grumpy so he needs a light-hearted mate to make him laugh.

4-Aquarius Woman: Encourage Her To Open Up

The Aquarius woman can be closed off when it comes to romance. If you’re hoping to get this girl to commit then you’re going to have to help her open up. She’s not the best at expressing her feelings so encourage her to share her thoughts and fears with you.

It’s important to think outside the box when dealing with the Aquarius lady. She’s quirky and has a fresh perspective on life. She can easily feel smothered so give her plenty of space. Once she sees that you’re willing to give her some space, she’ll instantly want you to come back around.

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3-Aquarius Man: Show Him How Witty You Are

The Aquarius man is creative and very intelligent. He’s totally comfortable in social situations and is super fun to be around. The best way to get him to settle down is to make him laugh. This guy has a sharp wit and wants a partner that can keep up with him.

He has a public persona that differs from who he really is on the inside. If you don’t mind peeling back the layers then you’ll reveal a great guy. He isn’t changing for anybody, so convince him that you love him for who he is and he’ll be all yours.

2-Pisces Woman: Handle Her Emotions With Care

The Pisces women is sensitive and thoughtful. If you want her to commit then you’re going to have to prove that you can handle her emotions. This girl has her head in the clouds, so she needs a partner that can keep her grounded.

She has no boundaries and is more than willing to lose herself in love. So, you have to be willing to give 100% to the relationship. If you don’t, she will bend over backward to keep you happy. It takes a balanced person to handle her depths. She loves romance, so a sweet gesture will go a long way with her.

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1-Pisces Man: Let Him Know How Much You Need Him

The Pisces man has been known to give his heart freely to his partner. He tends to suffer from heartbreak often so if you want him to stick around, you have to prove to him that you need him just as much as he needs you. If you can handle his adoration and deep devotion, then he’s an amazing lover.

He totally makes up for all of his neediness by being romantic. Although, he might hold back at first. Don’t let his skid-dish nature discourage, though. Once he feels comfortable, he’ll drop the victim mentality, and let love in.


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