Here’s The Girl He Wants To Date (& Which He’ll Ditch) Based On His Sign


Your star sign can say a lot about us, from the way we like to dress to the person we choose to date. And the same goes for whether or not a person chooses to date us.

After all, a Leo would die if he was forced into marrying a no-fun Capricorn, and a Scorpio would be the happiest man on Earth if he found his soulmate in a mystical Pisces.

So if you want to know which girl he would love to date, based on his sun sign, and which one he would pass over, this list is going to do exactly that. It’s all about the compatibility, babe!

And since each sign is compatible with a lot more signs than the ones given below, here’s handy astrological guide if your sign is not paired with the guy you are seriously into:

Same elemental signs are highly compatible, while polar-opposite elements are not. Therefore, a fire-fire coupling of an Aries and a Leo is very good while a fire-water coupling of an Aries and a Pisces is not. Fire and air signs are moderately compatible. So are earth and water. They complement each other’s qualities. Similarly, fire and earth don’t see eye to eye, just like water and air. Their basic natures are like oil and water.

So with that primer, let’s find out which girl he’ll date and which one he’ll dump.

24-Aries Man: Will Date The Sagittarius Girl

When an Aries man and a Sagittarius girl come together, there’s only one outcome: fireworks! And it’s not just because both these individuals are fire signs.

They also happen to be lighthearted optimists who are always ready to take on the world.

And since Aries is a cardinal sign (read: the leader) and Sagittarius is a mutable (read: flexible to change), they are able to work well together as a team in the relationship… as long as the Aries man does not try to boss around his Sagittarius girl. But since both these signs are not the grudge-holding kind, they are able to iron out their issues quickly!

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23-Aries Man: Will Pass On The Capricorn

Nope. Not happening. Not even if the Aries man falls hard for the Capricorn because of her serious and standoffish nature (read: he thinks she is playing hard-to-get).

It’s because earth and fire are not a good match. And once the initial haze of infatuation wears off, the Aries guy will realize that the Capri girl is just too… boring!

Not that she really is boring. Their temperaments just don’t match, that’s all. Also, Capricorn is a cardinal sign like Aries. So these two will keep butting heads because each wants to get their way in the relationship.

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22-Scorpio Man: Will Date The Pisces Girl

Here’s a handy astrological tip for compatibility between two people: it’s a match made in Heaven if their elements match. That’s why Scorpios and Pisces are naturally attracted to each other. Both are water signs!

And since Scorpio is a fixed sign (read: rigid) and Pisces is mutable, their partnership will be an easy one.

The Pisces girl will accommodate all the quirks and habits of the Scorpio while the Scorpio will stabilize the aimless Piscean approach to life.

The only problem these two might face eventually is that of power imbalance because Pisceans are too passive and Scorpios too aggressive. But the love they share will smooth it out eventually.

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21-Scorpio Man: Will Pass On The Gemini

Here’s the thing: a Scorpio man might be attracted to a Gemini girl initially (because of her chirpy ways and bright personality), but he will pass on a relationship with her when he realizes that all that chirp does not come with substance.

It’s because Gemini is an air sign, and thus, used to flitting through life like a butterfly. She loves keeping things fun and superficial. Everything the Scorpio man hates! Because he’s intense, passionate, and loves to dive deep into the heart of everything.

Do you now see why a relationship between these two is doomed if it ever starts?

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20-Virgo Man: Will Date The Capricorn Girl

Another same-element couple! The Virgo man and the Capricorn woman are a really good pair. Both are conservative, hard-working, and believe in long-term partnership.

Plus, the Capricorn woman’s no-nonsense approach to life complements the Virgo man’s tendency to overthink.

His Capricorn lady’s support helps him calm down and be more strategic.

The other great thing about this couple is that these two usually don’t engage in power struggles within the relationship because the Virgo man, who is mutable, is more than happy to hand over the reins to the cardinal Capri girl in his life. #couplegoals

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19-Virgo Man: Will Pass On The Aries

These two won’t even make it through the first date if they got together! And that’s because their temperaments mix like oil and water. What else would you expect from an earth and fire pairing?

Want the lowdown? First of all, Virgos are hypercritical in nature and tend to overthink so much that they cut off their own feet before they even start walking. Plus, Aries people are the precise opposite. They are impulsive and like to bulldoze through their opponents to reach their end goals.

No wonder these two contrasting signs can’t stand each other, let alone make it through a first date!

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18-Gemini Man: Will Date The Libra Girl

Out of all the astro pairs, the coupling of the Gemini man and the Libra woman is the most prominent.

Mainly because these two are matching attention hogs and always find their way under the spotlight somehow.

Want a celeb example? King of ‘kontroversy’ Kanye West is a Gemini while his wife, the fabulous Kim Kardashian, is a Libra! Clearly, the two totally embody their astrological signs in their lives and relationship.

And the reason why these two signs love to fall in love with each other is that both of them are extremely talkative, social, and imaginative. There’s never a dull moment between these two!

17-Gemini Man: Will Pass On The Scorpio

Scorpio and Gemini. Even the thought leaves a bad taste in our mouths. Not because there’s anything wrong with either of them, of course. But rather, it’s because both of them are so different (think: Alaska and South Africa) that when they come together for some (usually hormonal) reason, they spend 80% of their time just fighting with each other.

Not that Geminis are the fighting kind. They avoid conflicts at all cost. But Scorpios love to stir up the drama when they feel their partner is being too superficial and unresponsive to their needs (which Geminis can definitely sometimes be!).

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16-Libra Man: Will Date The Aquarius Girl

The Libra man loves women who feel like women (he’s ruled by Venus). But he also wants her to come packing with some solid grey matter (he’s an intellectual air sign, after all).

And a Libra guy can find both qualities and then some in the Aquarius girl.

Because when the Aquarius woman puts her mind to it, she can easily outclass classic beauty queens even if she doesn’t have good features to begin with. Because makeup, duh! And there are very few women on Earth who can hold their own in regular conversations or heated debates with a witty Libra man.

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15-Libra Man: Will Pass On The Cancer

Remember how we said that Libra men are into women who feel like women? Well, the Cancer woman is a feminine woman through and through. Why then is this male so averse to dating the crab girl?

It’s because the Cancer woman is extremely moody in nature (it comes with the territory of being ruled by the Moon) and relies on her heart rather than her head when it comes to decision-making. And both these traits are big turn-offs for the Libra man because he is very cerebral in his approach to life and does not like the drama associated with mood swings.

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14-Taurus Man: Will Date The Cancer Girl

While the Taurus man might enjoy relationships with the other earth signs–Virgo and Capricorn–it’s the Cancer woman who ultimately captures his heart. Here’s why:

First of all, these two form a harmonious earth-water pair where each half complements the flaws in the other.

That means he’ll be the rock to her emotional storm and she’ll be the warmth that will infuse his prized possessions with memories.

And since they are both traditional in nature, they will have classic gender roles in the relationship, which they both prefer. It’s really a win-win for these traditional and super classic types.

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13-Taurus Man: Will Pass On The Sagittarius

The Taurus man likes the comfort of his home and the stability of his routines and habits. That’s why he would never choose a Sagittarius woman as his partner (nor would she choose him). After all, this lady can’t sit still in one place for too long and is too dynamic to even have a routine!

They would just rain all over each other’s parades. Plus, Taurus men are extremely picky about what they eat. To the extent that when forced to go on a vacation (keyword: forced), they would still eat the same fare they have at home. And this cautious nature does not go well with Sag’s experimental side.

Nope. No snake chips for me! Thank you.

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12-Leo Man: Will Date The Gemini Girl

The Leo man is ruled by the Sun, the most important star in our solar system. That’s why even though he’s a fixed sign, he shares a lot of leadership traits with the cardinal signs of in astrology.

This is the reason why he always prefers it when his partner allows him to take the lead in the relationship.

And since other fire signs would never let him do that, his ideal partner comes in the form of the chirpy air girl–Gemini!

He just loves her animated stories and the way she reacts when he does something romantic for her. It’s the sweetest thing ever!

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11-Leo Man: Will Pass On The Scorpio

Leo and Scorpio are a bad match, through and through. And it’s not just because one is a fire sign and the other water. They also happen to be fixed signs.

That means both of them are extremely stubborn in nature and hate compromising first. So if they came together, it would be like setting up a tsunami against a volcano. Not a good outcome, people!

Also, the Scorpio woman is too moody and mysterious for the generous Leo man who prefers to live life king size with everything on display on the table. After all, what does he have to fear?

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10-Cancer Man: Will Date The Taurus Girl

And we are back to this pair! Cancer and Taurus are a match made in heaven. That’s why both Taurus and Cancer men prefer women of the other sign.

Their relationship creates a homely environment that is fulfilling for both of them.

Check out the Taurus man description for more insight.

Also, Cancer is a very fortunate sign when it comes to growing money. That’s why this pair will never have to live in lack for even a day in their life. And there’s nothing Taurus women love more than living perpetually in the lap of luxury and comfort.

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9-Cancer Man: Will Pass On The Aquarius

These two don’t get each other at all! One is traditional (Cancer) while the other is off-key (Aquarius). One prioritizes family (Cancer) while the other is more focused on giving back to the community (Aquarius). One is a heavily emotional individual (Cancer) while the other is very cerebral (Aquarius).

Do you see why these two can never make it together? Also, Cancer men always prefer women who remind them of their dear mother. And since the Aquarius girl is mostly aloof and independent, she does not fit that bill at all! Of course, that’s not necessarily a bad thing for most guys!

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8-Pisces Man: Will Date The Scorpio Girl

When two water signs come together, their relationship has the potential to either transform each of their lives in a good way or end up destroying both completely.

The only problem is, since Scorpio and Pisces are both so alike, they never figure out the bad stuff until it’s too late.

Nevertheless, a relationship between these two is the stuff of legends. It’s because both Pisces and Scorpio are known to have intuitive gifts and the ability to communicate telepathically with their partners. And so, when they do come together, they don’t ever want anyone else ever again.

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7-Pisces Man: Will Pass On The Virgo

Pisces and Virgo are opposites. Literally. That’s why a Pisces man would never choose to date a Virgo woman.

For one, he is a spiritual guy with a mystical aura about him while she is a hard, practical woman who does not believe in any woo-woo stuff. And for another, he is a go-with-the-flow kinda guy who hates drama, while she is a hypercritical my-destiny-is-in-my-hands kinda lady who cannot help but overthink everything to times a hundred.

So even if the dreamy Pisces does end up asking the Virgo girl out, it just won’t work out between these two. And since they are both passive in nature, they just might ghost on each other at the same time! At least, he would.

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6-Sagittarius Man: Will Date The Aries Girl

BAM! That’s what you get when you throw a rough-at-the-edges Sagittarius guy with an I-will-conquer-the-world Aries girl. A fireball relationship with enough passion to light up the entire city of Chicago.

They are both impulsive, adventurous, and open to experimentation of all kinds.

Trust us, these two will never face a single dull moment together. Even when they fight. Because their fights are epic too. And so are the ways they make up afterward.

Plus, Sagittarius men love free-spirited women who don’t need to be coddled every minute of the day. Therefore, the Aries woman is the ideal partner!

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5-Sagittarius Man: Will Pass On The Taurus

These two are as different as they get. So there’s no chance in heck they’ll ever get together. Not even if the Taurus girl happened to be the most beautiful woman in the entire universe.

Because she would still be a comfort-loving homebody. And that would clash terribly with the Sagittarius man’s intense need to expand out of his comfort zone and learn new things.

Also, Taurus women can be quite clingy. Not as much as the Cancer woman. But clingy still. And Sagittarius men hate that with every inch of their being, so Taurus ladies tend to get a hard pass.

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4-Aquarius Man: Will Date The Leo Girl

You might think that this match would not work out in the long run. But that’s not true. Because opposites in astrology also have a lot of similarities binding them together. And in the case of the Aquarius man and Leo woman, it’s a common love for drama.

After all, both these signs hate being wallflowers, just in different ways.

The Leo woman likes to be in the limelight as the star of the show, while the Aquarius man loves being the black sheep as it makes him feel superior to his peers.

And since both admire this quality in the other, they end up together a lot more times than not.

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3-Aquarius Man: Will Pass On The Taurus-

The Aquarius man is not into the whole “beauty without brains” routine. Not that Taurus women are not intelligent. Their intelligence is more materialistic in nature. But to an Aquarius man only cerebral intelligence counts as intelligence (he can be quite dogmatic).

Therefore, these two never really understand the other’s perspective. And that’s is a big no-no for the intellectual Aquarius because the ideal woman to him is the one who can finish his sentences and be in sync with his mind.

Also, they are both fixed signs, which would put them at odds with each other all the time!

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2-Capricorn Man: Will Date The Virgo Girl

The Capricorn man is not a romantic. He is ruled by Saturn, the planet of hardships, after all. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t want a partner in his life. He just doesn’t look for the same things as most people.

All he wants is a partner who would help him build a stable and respectable family in society. Someone who would be a solid support system to him as he climbs the mountain of success.

And a Virgo woman fulfills all those requirements and then some.

It’s a classic earth-earth pairing where both partners are conservative in nature and really practical about what they want out of life.

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1-Capricorn Man: Will Pass On The Leo

Knowing the traits that attract a Capricorn man, it isn’t hard to figure out why he would never choose a Leo to be his life partner. After all, Leo women tend to be high-maintenance drama queens who care more about getting attention than giving it out.

Also, Leo women are quick to stir up fights when they feel ignored. And given the work schedule of a Capricorn man, it’s easy to see why they would be at odds in their relationship and their lives all the time! That’s why no Leo women will make the cut for the Capricorn man.

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