Here’s The Girl He’ll Marry, Lust For, & Friendzone (Based On His Astro Sign)



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Being single is hard, and even if you go on a few dates, you still don’t know if he sees you as “the one” or where the relationship is heading. Luckily we have astrology to guide us in finding the answers we need.

For instance, his signs can tell us the type of girl he wants to marry and who he only lusts for. The girl he’s attracted to may not be marriage material and just someone who he dates for a while. The type of wife his looking for will likely depend on his sign, and the main things he’s looking for are personality, loyalty, and someone who can take care of him.

Guys tend to have certain qualities that they lust after like the way you dress or even a certain hairstyle or hair color. Guys also like it if you have the same interests as them.

Of course, some signs are just too incompatible romantically but will work well as friends. Don’t expect him to be your boyfriend as he’ll only see you as his friend who he can hang out with and be comfortable around.

Read on for the girl he’ll want to spend forever with, who he lusts for, and who he just sees as his buddy.

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36-Taurus: Excitement All The Time

The Bull likes the finer things in life such as fine dining and art. He’ll want someone who has similar tastes. Therefore, the wife he’s looking for must have the same appreciation for the luxuries of food and fragrances.

He also admires a woman who is confident and can cheer him up when he’s down.

You must have a cheerful nature because he wants someone who’ll make him happy without having to tell you what he needs. If you have these qualities, he’ll be head over heels for you.

35-Aries: Air Of Mystery

He’s very active and fiery as Aries is one of the most vibrant signs. The girl he’ll lust for is a mystery. Aries likes not knowing precisely what she’s thinking as he loves solving puzzles and you’ll be a puzzle he needs to solve. An Aries man wants surprises, and you’ll need to keep him guessing every day. Beauty is essential to him as well; he’s attracted to red lipstick and high heels. Therefore, if you want his attention, you may want to dress up!

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34-Pisces: Creative Friends

If you’re a Libra, he’ll see you more as a friend as he can relate to you regarding art, creativity, and laughter.

Libra is a sociable sign, and he can occasionally be friendly but also likes to be on his own.

Therefore, he won’t be able to handle social gatherings all the time. Pisces is an emotional sign, and he won’t be able to control your frustration regarding he’s moody nature. As friends, it won’t frustrate you as much, and fighting won’t occur.

33-Virgo: A Nerdy Way Of Life

Virgo has a serious side with intelligence and has a list for everything. He’ll want to marry someone who he can have a conversation with. If you’re a “nerdy” type, you’ll be perfect for him as you’ll have endless intellectual conversations.

He’ll be so happy that he’s found someone he can relate to. He doesn’t care about beauty too much as he’s more interested in the mind. He’ll want you to be clean, though, as Virgo doesn’t like a mess.

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32-Aquarius: Be Unique

The one thing Aquarius lusts for is uniqueness. He always wants you to be yourself and never try to hide anything.

The girl he’s attracted to is someone who thinks outside the box with outfits, thoughts, and personality.

If you don’t hide these eccentric qualities, it’ll draw him in and he’ll fall for you. He’ll also admire you if you’re passionate about life as he thrives on a variety of ideas. If you support all his decisions, he’ll adore you even more.

31-Capricorn: Too Relaxed

Capricorn won’t want to be with someone who is successful like him but goes about it differently. If you’re an Aries, he’ll see you more as a friend as you’re both ambitious.

But if you were dating it would be a disaster. There’ll be endless fighting as he’ll be frustrated by your risk taking and having no thoughts before doing things. A Capricorn man wants to date someone who has the same responsible qualities of life. As friends, you’ll admire each other’s success.

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30-Sagittarius: Travel Partners

One of the most adventurous signs as Sagittarians see life as a constant adventure and are always on the go.

He needs someone who has the same lifestyle and has a lively nature like him.

Therefore, you’ll need to love traveling. He wants to go on fun trips with his wife and experience everything life has to offer with her by his side. Sagittarians love to try new things daily and he’ll want a wife who is just as adventurous.

29-Libra: Stand Out In Confidence

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The Scales is very big on beauty, and it’s one of the most critical aspects he looks at. He’ll be the guy who’s always grooming and has immaculate style.

Since dressing well is so important to him, he’ll lust for a woman who dresses nicely and has inner and outer confidence. According to Astrology Bay, you need to dress well and be able to stand out in a crowd at all times. Another thing he’s attracted to is intelligence. Therefore he admires beauty and brains.

28-Sagittarius: Food Besties

One of the things Sagittarians like is food; they love trying new food and anything to do with food. The perfect friend for him is someone who can go on food adventures with him.

The woman he’ll be friends with is Cancer as he can call you up when he wants to have a feast or sample new restaurants.

You won’t mind as you love food like him. The best part is you’ll keep him entertained with funny jokes while you sample new flavors together.

27-Cancer: Stable Homelife

Out of all the signs, he’ll be the most caring as Cancer are known as nurturers. He’ll want to take care of you all the time, and he’ll expect you to do the same. According to Amor Amago, family life is significant to him.

You need to be ready to start a family and be the nurturer of the household. It’s essential to be close to his family, especially his mom as family is the most important thing in his life.

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26-Gemini: Intellectual Conversations

He’ll be very friendly as Gemini love to have conversations with people.

Charm him with your mind as he’ll fall in love with his brain before his heart.

Therefore, his main attraction will be intelligence. He wants to be able to talk about things that interest him such as current affairs. Different topics and long conversations are also essential, and with this, you’ll attract him with your intelligence. Gemini also has a particular style of taste; he likes trendy looks and a touch of makeup.

25-Virgo: Long-Lasting Friendship

If he can be really comfortable with you, he’ll want you as a friend instead of anything romantic. If you’re a Cancer, he’ll be your best friend and the friendship will last forever. It’ll be cozy, as you both love the home life instead of the social scene.

When he needs downtime in front of the TV with popcorn and Netflix, you’ll be the one he calls. He’ll choose you over anyone else because you can chill for hours without getting bored.

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24-Scorpio: Trust Is Everything

Scorpio is the darkest sign as it’s filled with mystery. The only thing this guy needs is loyalty and trust.

Therefore, the wife he’s looking for has to be loyal all the time.

There can’t be any fun and games as he can’t handle that. He won’t tolerate it if you go behind his back. If you’re very trustworthy, you’re a perfect match as he’ll never wonder how loyal you are to him and the relationship. It’ll make him happy if you put his feelings above all else.

23Leo: Take Pride In Style

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The Lion’s main trait is beauty and pride, and the type of woman they lust for must have the same qualities. He wants you to take pride in how you look. Manicures and pedicures are a must, along with a glamorous overall style.

Make sure you have your nails done regularly. You must always be immaculately groomed but make sure you don’t get all the attention as he needs to be number one. Another thing he admires is a woman who’s bold and straightforward.

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22-Taurus: Help Each Other Out

There’s nothing better than a friendship where you can help each other when in need. If you’re a Gemini, he’ll be your friend who comes to you for advice to get out of a rut.

You’ll need him to help you with financial things or recipes for food as food is one of his favorite things in life.

The reason why you won’t work as partners is that you’re too different as he is practical and you’re playful, but as friends, the relationship works.

21-Capricorn: Need Creativity

He’s quite serious in every aspect of his life whether it’s work, home, or social. He won’t want someone who’s serious, because the relationship will be dull and too practical.

The wife he wants to marry is someone who’s creative and passionate without being too intense. He needs you to bring him back to reality as he’s a workaholic. A nurturing nature is also vital since he needs a wife to take care of him when he’s immersed in his work.

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20-Virgo: A Simple Look

The type of girl Virgo will admire is someone who can dress like his personality. Virgo is a practical sign, and if you have a neat and professional style, it’ll impress him. It won’t attract him if you’re wearing the latest trends as he prefers a perfect look.

Makeup and hair should also be simple and heavy makeup or messy hair won’t impress him at all.

Another big attraction is if you share his analytical thinking as he wants to talk about philosophical subjects.

19-Aries: Gym Buddies

If you’re Sagittarius, you’ll get on well with him as friends due to similar traits. You both have an active lifestyle and you won’t annoy one another with your “interesting” habits.

When he wants to party he’ll call you as you enjoy a crowd too. He likes to remain fit, just like you. so you’ll end up being gym buddies. It won’t work as a relationship, though, because it will just annoy you when he needs to do things his way.

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18-Pisces: A Dreamer

He lives in an unrealistic world as Pisces are dreamers and they like to live in a creative setting. The type of wife he’ll want is someone similar.

He wants to create a dream world for you both to live in forever.

It’ll be constant bliss, and like you’re living in a bubble. Romance is also a big plus as he’s a hopeless romantic, but he’ll want you to be even more romantic than he is. He’ll expect you to keep the romance alive every day.

17-Cancer: A Girl With Class

The nurturer sign has a specific taste in style, and he’ll be most attracted to a woman who has class. He still wants you to be fashionable by wearing the latest trends, but you must look your best at home and in public.

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He admires a chic style, but it must remain classy instead of flamboyant. It will turn him off immediately if you embarrass him with what you’re wearing. Consider wearing silver jewelry, too, as it’ll have a positive effect.

16-Aquarius: Too Different

One sign he can’t have a romantic relationship with is Capricorn because you’re too different. He can only be friends with you as your differences won’t annoy one another. Aquarius is a rule breaker, and Capricorn loves to make rules.

As a couple, your traits will clash, and fighting will ensue.

As friends, you’ll be patient with him and he’ll let his guard down once he can trust you. Your different goals won’t get on each other’s nerves as your free-spirited way of life won’t bother him too much.

15-Aries: A Constant Challenge

He needs a daredevil as life is a constant adventure, and it’s a thrill when he does extreme activities like skydiving. The wife he wants is someone who also finds these activities thrilling, so you must also be confident and courageous.

He can’t be with someone who’s scared to try new things. A big thing is beauty; he’ll want you to look immaculate at all times. If you can impress him with your love of adventure, it’ll be a match made in heaven.

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14-Sagittarius: Nice Scent

Beauty is essential to him as well as personality. The type of style he lusts for is a woman who dresses well but doesn’t reveal too much. He’s always on the go, and you’ll always go to new places or do outdoor activities. A Sagittarius man wants you to look beautiful whenever you’re in public.

Another major thing that he’s attracted to is perfume.

He loves it and will like any scent, just keep it light as if it’s too much, it might just overwhelm him.

13-Gemini: Always Learning

A Gemini guy is astrologically opposite from a Sagittarius. Therefore, friendship is better than dating for this pair. The bond will be one of a kind as he’ll be the teacher and you’ll be the learner.

You both love learning, and together you can help each other out by studying books or keeping up with general knowledge. You’ll be a great partner for trivia nights. Another plus is you’re sociable like him, and together you can hang out with your other friends or travel.

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12-Leo: Respect Is Key

The Lion needs constant praise and adoration, and he wants the woman who he dates to give it to him always. When he finds and commits to his wife, he wants respect and reassurance.

You’ll need to respect his ego and not let it annoy you, and when he needs reassurance about something, he’ll come to you for it.

Leo doesn’t want someone who tends to argue as he sees himself as the King in the relationship. If you argue with him about his ideas, it’ll put him off.

11-Scorpio: Miss Independent

Scorpio’s attracted to physical appearances at first, and he lusts for a woman who dresses with taste and sophistication. Personality wise he wants independence as he doesn’t like clinginess. You need to be able to look after yourself both financially and health-wise.

He won’t want to feel like he has to continually look after you as he lives an independent life and respects it. He’s attracted to ambition, and if you’re able to support yourself financially, it’ll make him happy.

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10-Libra: Exploring Friends

The Scales don’t get on well with Sagittarius relationship-wise, and you’re better suited as friends. The Libra man will think you’re too self-centered as a partner and you’ll think he’s too superficial.

As friends though, you’ll try not to cause conflict and stay on good terms.

The best thing is you’ll be the friend he goes to when he wants to explore new things and places. During your adventures, you’ll laugh a lot which overrides the annoyance you might otherwise feel about one another’s habits.

9-Aquarius: Free Spirit

The type of wife Aquarius wants is someone who’s not lazy and doesn’t laze around all day. He wants someone who is active and always doing new things. He’ll want to be included and will admire any idea you develop.

An Aquarius man is frequently on the go, and it happens spontaneously. Therefore, he’ll like it if you’re a free spirit as you won’t mind going with him whenever he has an idea. He also admires a woman who’s rebellious and independent.

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8-Capricorn: Impress Him With Food

He isn’t too fazed with physical appearances as Capricorn is quite a serious sign and they like practicality. Therefore, personality and hobbies are more important to him. The one thing he’ll lust for is a woman who will cook for him.

He adores everything about food, and it’s an excellent way to get to his heart.

If you cook him a surprise dinner occasionally, he’ll be immensely pleased. He won’t expect fancy dinners as he appreciates the gesture more than the actual food.

7-Scorpio: Encouragement

It’s always good to have a friend who can give you helpful advice when needed, especially when you can repay the favor. The perfect friend for a Scorpio is Virgo as when he needs someone to listen he’ll call you. You’ll give him practical advice and even give your opinion.

Scorpio is intense, and Virgo is more shy with portraying their feelings. Therefore, he’ll inspire you to reveal your emotions more. He’ll be there when you need a friend, and you’ll be there when he needs you.

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6-Libra: Generous Wife

A Libra man is kind and empathetic with people since he has these traits, he wants a wife who is kind and knows the difference between empathy and sympathy.

It’ll impress him if he sees your generous side with people.

It must be empathetic as he wants you to give back because you know how it feels to go through certain things in life. He’ll have a temper sometimes, so he’ll want someone who can handle his moods and know when to speak up or keep quiet.

5-Pisces: A Fairytale

Pisces is a hopeless romantic and likes to give love and be loved in return. He’ll lust for a woman who is romantic and wants the fairytale romance.

A Pisces man wants to hold your hand in public, shower you with gifts, and call you sweet names. It’s a perfect match if you like romantic dates and it’ll be unique if you can think outside the box like handwritten love notes and handmade gifts. He’ll appreciate it more than anything as he’s sentimental and creative.

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4-Cancer: Creative Spark

The Crab and Scales don’t work romantically at all. The pairing should never happen, but it could work as friends. Don’t expect too much as he’ll immediately see you as only a friend. The problem is your emotions are completely different.

When he gets emotional, it’ll make you uncomfortable, so dating isn’t ideal.

As friends, your shared interest in creativity will rule out the negativity. Your friendship will consist of always collaborating on new projects, which leaves no time for fighting.

3-Gemini: Patience

Gemini is a sign of many personalities, and he can get moody sometimes. The wife he wants is someone who’ll be patient when he’s in one of his moods. It’ll irritate him if you argue with him about his attitude.

If you wait long enough, he’ll snap out of it, and you can secretly help him with your patience. He’ll love it if you have humor as he doesn’t want a dull relationship. Conversation is also vital in winning his heart.

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2-Taurus: Feminine Qualities

The Bull admires the beauty in a lot of things, including art, and he lusts for a woman with feminine qualities.

It’ll please him if he can see you put a lot of effort in outfit selections and accessories.

He’ll also admire if you choose your outfit colors carefully as it shows him a lot of thought went into it. Little details like makeup, the way you style your hair, and the fragrance you choose are also significant. He looks at every aspect so be prepared.

1-Leo: No Bond

The one sign he won’t get on well romantically with is Virgo. They’re so incompatible as there’s no emotional bond. He’ll rather be friends with you as he’ll be able to tolerate the differences.

You wouldn’t understand one another as partners since he’s more charismatic and drama prone than you are. Your stability and sensitivity will drive him crazy. As friends, the relationship will work as he’ll admire your intelligence, and you’ll let him be in the constant spotlight which he loves.


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