Here’s The Guy She Should Marry, Lust For, And Friend Zone (Based On Her Astro Sign)

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Before meeting someone and starting a relationship, we question if this is the guy for us and if it’s a perfect match. Sometimes when we encounter a guy, we can also examine our true feelings for him and whether or not we’re best suited as friends. Luckily, we can look to our horoscopes for guidance as they can be pretty helpful with advice in where we can place him.

Everyone’s tastes are different, and our signs can tell us who we should marry, lust for, or even friend zone. The ideal husband would be someone who has similar interests to you, and each sign will have a perfect match. And one of the most important things before starting a relationship with someone is an attraction. If there’s no spark, the relationship will land up in the friend zone very quickly.

There are different criteria for each sign, and they mainly consist of humor, romance, and adventure. When meeting a guy, sometimes there are no romantic feelings, but we still get on well with them. If this happens, a long-lasting friendship can develop instead of a relationship.

According to our signs, we see some guys as friends because of similar interests or our personalities complement one another. Read on for who you should marry, lust for, and only be friends with, according to your sign.

One of the essential things in a long-term relationship is making sure he is entirely the one for you.

Pisces are known for their emotional connections, and the guy you would want to marry is someone you have a connection with both emotionally and spiritually.

The perfect husband will understand you and won’t be bothered with your creative nature and odd quirks. The ideal sign to marry is another water sign as the partnership will be stable, and there’ll be a connection.

35-Pisces Friendship: Different Lifestyles

The most incompatible signs are Virgo and Pisces. They’re so different as Virgo is all about structure, and Pisces has more freedom and likes a cluttered life. A Virgo man won’t be a good idea for a romantic partner, but as a friend, it could work. You won’t get too annoyed about his organized lifestyle, and the clutter won’t affect him too much. He’ll give you advice on how to have more structure, which you won’t mind as he’s just your friend and means well.

34-Pisces Lust Life: Sensitive Nature

Good looks are significant but so is personality. A Pisces is all about emotions and admires emotional qualities in a person. As well as looks, you also lust for a man who’s sensitive and isn’t afraid to reveal his emotions. You’ll also be deeply attracted if he shows empathy to people and animals as Pisces is a very caring sign. Pisces are dreamers, and if he has a similar lifestyle, you’ll lust for him. Eventually, you’ll want to plan and set life goals with him.

33-Gemini Marriage: It’s All In The Mind

One of the most important things for a Gemini is the brain. It’s all about intelligence and having long conversations about any topic. Therefore, you want to marry someone who shares the same qualities as you. He must be able to have long discussions with you and match your general knowledge IQ. The pairing will be a match made in heaven as you both have smart brains. It’ll never be dull as he’ll keep you second guessing and entertain you with his charm.

Attraction is vital because it lets you know if you like him or not. But there are different criteria for a woman, and humor is on top of the list for a Gemini. The most attractive quality is a man who laughs and will make you laugh. A bonus is if he can laugh at himself during embarrassing times or making others laugh. You’re not so bothered with looks as you prefer wit over physical appearance. You also long for someone who you can have an intelligent conversation with.

31-Gemini Friendship: Intellectual Friendship

The Twin sign and Aquarius are a perfect just friends match as Gemini energy and Aquarius independence work well together. He’ll be creative and intellectual like you and he’s the go-to friend for intellectual hangouts. You’ll feel comfortable with him as you’ll have endless debates and talk about books. He won’t get mad with your different moods, which is why he’s a perfect friend instead of a romantic partner. He’ll give you space and jealousy won’t come into the picture.

The Lion is a charmer and needs constant attention. You also thrive on pride, and when choosing your soul mate, you need someone with a similar personality. Therefore, he needs to be a charmer and have lots of charisma. Looks are also very important and you want him to be very good looking. You crave affection and will want a husband who will give it to you. He’ll even understand what makes you spectacular and you’ll love it when he praises you.

29-Leo Lust Life: Power And Intensity

The Lion is a charming sign as they have so many great qualities. Leos sparkle and attract people with their charm and vibrancy. You’re a leader in everything you do, and the most irresistible thing you like in a man is power. You want excitement and constant thrill in your life and you lust for someone who can give it to you. He must also be fun and not take life too seriously; it excites you if he can drop things on a whim for adventure.

The two most compatible signs for adventure is Leo and Sagittarius as they thrive on living life to the fullest.

When you’re friends with someone, you want similar interests, which is why Sagittarius is the perfect friend for a Leo.

It’ll be a dynamic duo as you’ll share many adventures. You both have a daring nature and will challenge one another on all your outings. The friendship will last long as you have common interests and aren’t embarrassed to let your guard down.

27-Taurus Marriage: Build A Home Life

Building a secure future is very important to Taurus woman, and they want someone who has the same values. The husband you would want to choose will also want to have a stable home life and see family as one of the most important things. A Cancer man is a match as they’re all about family life and have no qualms about commitment. He’ll build a safe home and fill it with possessions. You’ll complement one another with romantic gestures from his side and loving support from yours.

The Bull sign does have a romantic side, and the type of guy you’ll lust for is someone who will love wooing you with thoughtful gifts and flowers.

One of the most import things is chivalry, as you’re mostly attracted to men who are gentlemen.

He must always open the car door for you and treat you with respect. Taurus signs are also known for their love for money. Therefore, if he spends lots of cash wooing you, it’ll impress you in a significant way.

25-Taurus Friendship: Fun Times

If he’s emotional and likes to have fun, you’ll see him more as a friend to do fun activities with instead of a romantic partner.

Pisces and Taurus can be two opposites, and therefore, friendship is better.

You’ll complement one another as Pisces can help you delve deeper into your emotional side and tame your stubborn streak. Outings will consist of fun adventures which last all day. Taurus and Pisces are secure in themselves therefore even dull activities at home can be fun.

24-Aries Marriage: Man Of Action

This is one of the fiercest signs as Aries are vibrant and have endless energy. You need someone who matches your lifestyle in marriage, lust, and friendship.

Therefore, you tend to go for a guy who has the same qualities in each relationship category.

Your perfect husband will be able to match your competitive nature and be up for any challenge you set. He’ll enjoy always being on the move and can match your fiery personality with arguments. Of course, you won’t mind because you like to argue.

Most of us tend to hate arguing and usually see it as off-putting. Not an Aries woman, though; you find it attractive. You lust for someone who will fight with you about anything as Aries love to argue about specific topics.

Arguing ignites a passion in you as it’s one of your favorite pastimes, and finding someone who can give you what you want is very rewarding.

The relationship will never get dull as Aries is a very passionate sign. You’re very direct and admire someone who can be straightforward with you.

22-Aries Friendship: Curb Your Boredom

The Ram is another active sign. Aries is always on the go and expects to have friends who are the same.

The perfect friend for you is a Gemini as they’ll be your companion when you want to try something new only once.

If you’re going to bungee jump, they’ll do it with you. Geminis are fantastic storytellers, and you’ll never be bored. There’ll always be a story to tell especially because of your shared adventures. There are weak points, too, but as friends, you’ll downplay them.

For some signs, physical attraction is vital, but not to a Virgo woman. It’s mainly personality you look for as you’re very analytical with detailed plans for every aspect of your life.

The type of guy you should marry is someone who’s completely good in every aspect of his life.

To complement your structure, he should be humorous and have some creativity. You do want some spark in your ordered life. But he must have a clean lifestyle to go hand in hand with yours.

20-Virgo Lust Life: Practical Is Important

Some women want romance where the guy woos her with dates and romantic gifts. Not Virgo. Instead, you prefer everything to be practical, and you want a man to be that way as well.

Your attraction is a guy who’ll fix things for you or does stuff around the house.

You’re attracted to his helpful nature and understanding of your weird ways. It’s a slow process because you need to be entirely sure you know all the details of how he likes things. Patience is a must.

19-Virgo Friendship: Always There

One of the most serious signs is Virgo as Virgoans are known for their schedules and to do lists. You wouldn’t really want to date someone who’s intense or will take you out your comfort zone as it’ll lead to disaster. But it’s okay if you’re friends with someone who will occasionally show you a different way of life. The best friend match is Scorpio as he’s different but still has similar ways. He’ll be there during the fun and hard times as you both take friendship seriously.

18-Aquarius Marriage: Long Conversations

There are two sides to an Aquarius: living life on their own terms and unpredictability. One day is never the same; it changes continuously. Even though you’re sometimes confused, you still have a sharp mind.

The guy you should marry is Libra or Gemini as they’re both intelligent.

A Libra man will love having intellectual conversations with you, and he’ll love your unpredictability. You’ll share an intense and spiritual connection with a Gemini man. He’ll also be willing to have long talks and will admire your creativity.

17-Aquarius Lust Life: React Quickly To Situations

You’re independent and change your mind at the drop of a hat. Therefore, you’re attracted to men who are impulsive like you and can adapt quickly to certain situations. You’re very sociable and like to hang out with friends at the spur of the moment. If he can adapt to your change of plans, it impresses you. You’re also drawn to risk takers because you like taking risks in life. It’s a big plus if he trusts you and follows whatever you do.

16-Aquarius Friendship: Opposites Can Work

Differences are not such a good thing in a relationship as they can cause some problems down the road. If he’s different than you, it’s best to friend zone him instead of starting a romantic relationship.

One of the signs that is chalk to your cheese is Taurus as he’s wholly materialistic and you crave crowds full of energy.

Somehow as friends, the relationship works as you enjoy quality time together while out and about. You will always have his devotion as well, albeit platonically.

It’s all about romance and good body image for Librans. They thrive on it and will want a husband whose the same. Therefore, you should marry a Libra man as he’ll be just like you. You want to be lavished with romance, and since he’s romantic as well, he won’t mind spoiling you. The romantic gestures will never stop. Physical appearance is important to you, and you want someone who’s attractive. He’ll look after his health because he has the same outlook.

14-Libra Lust Life: Sweet Romance

The Scales is one of the most romantic signs as Librans love everything about romance, including dates and thoughtful gifts. They like to be the one who spoils their partners, but they also love to receive attention. The most attractive quality you look for is a man with chivalry and romance. It’ll please you significantly if he opens the car door for you and lets you walk in first. You want a fairytale romance, and if he gives it to you, he’s the guy you fall for.

13-Libra Friendship: Gossip Friends

A Libra is sociable and has a lot of friends but sometimes struggles to connect on a deeper level. You’ll connect with a Gemini, though and build a strong friendship. You’re both fun and love to gossip, which means the friendship won’t be dull. You’re unable to decide on things, and he’ll help you as he has the patience to do so. Hanging out together will include a lot of social get-togethers such as parties and group dates. You’ll both cherish the friendship without having any romantic feelings towards each other.

12-Capricorn Marriage: Ambition

Success is everything to a Capricorn. They thrive on it, and it’s the one thing they work hard at. The perfect husband will be someone who follows the same life path and is goal oriented. He needs to plan everything and follow that plan through. The central aspect of your life is your career, and you’ll need someone whose primary goal is their career as well. Before marriage, he’ll already have achieved all his goals, and together you’ll be unstoppable. If he’s just a family man, the relationship won’t work.

11-Capricorn Lust Life: Success And Organization Skills

Capricorn is one of the most ambitious signs as it’s all about confidence, hard work, and success.

You don’t fall in love quickly, and not much can impress you.

The things you lust for are confidence and a man who is successful with money and in his career. You want him to be ambitious in everything he does and a big turn on is if he’s already achieved a lot. He will also reveal his powerful side and his strength will impress you.

10-Capricorn Friendship: A Sibling Connection

Capricorns like routine and aren’t necessarily the life of the party. It’s better if you’re just friends with a Taurus man because he has similar traits.

It won’t work as a relationship as you’ll see each other almost as siblings.

You will set goals with him and write up a routine together for basically everything. You’re both stubborn, and if an argument arises, the silent treatment will ensue. Luckily, Taurus and Capricorn can forgive and forget after cooling off, so the friendship will be back on track.

It’s all about the outdoors for Sagittarians, and they want to settle down with someone who feels the same way. The husband you’re looking for won’t care about his physical appearance too much as he’s more interested in going places. According to Love to Know, his favorite pastime is regularly traveling and doing outdoor activities. And that works, because you want someone who’s fun and will go to sports events, camping, and hiking with you. You thrive on spontaneity, and he’ll need to be the same for the relationship to work.

8-Sagittarius Lust Life: Finding Common Ground

It’s not a good idea to date someone who’s your complete opposite. Sagittarius is an outdoor sign and Cancer is more of a homebody. They like to build a beautiful home for themselves and stay there.

A Cancer man will want to stay at home mostly, so it won’t be a good idea to date him.

He’ll make a good friend, though as Sagittarians and Cancerians like their food. He’ll also be funny, and the friendship will be based on food and laughter.

7-Sagittarius Friendship: Charm And Fit

There’s nothing a Sag woman likes more than adventure, travel, and health. You love keeping fit and going on numerous adventures, and you’re attracted to a man who’s the same. The psychical quality you lust for is a man whose very fit with muscles and height is also important. You want to be able to work out together, and he must be able to keep up with you. Personality wise, he must have charm in the way he flirts with you as you like the chase.

6-Cancer Marriage: Family Man

The Crab is the most nurturing sign due to a kind and loving nature. You want to look after people and dream about settling down with a family.

The key attraction is someone who has the same values in life.

You fall hard for a family man who’s still macho but has a caring heart. The biggest attraction is if he’s kind to everyone, including the elderly, children, and animals. If he wants kids as well, you find it attractive as Cancer is known as the mother sign.

The Scorpion is one of the most intense signs because of their dark and obsessive nature. You live in mystery and have a dangerous dark character to your personality.

According to Bride, the perfect husband for a Scorpio is someone who’s mysterious, strong-willed, and obsessive.

Due to your dark nature and jealous tendencies, you’re going to need someone who’s similar and won’t mind your jealous streak. Its all about mystery and you’ll demand to figure out what makes each other tick.

4-Scorpio Lust Life: Strength And Sensitivity

Some signs lust for personality more than looks, but a Scorpio woman wants a man who has a strong appearance and soft character. You want a manly man who’s intelligent and has success in every aspect of his life.

You’re attracted to his success before anything else as it’s at the top of your list.

You want a guy who’s masculine on the outside but has a feminine side, personality wise. He must be sensitive on the inside which will make your heart swoon.

The Crab likes a caring nature in a relationship and doesn’t want him to have too much emotion. You want an emotional guy as a friend due to the long deep conversations you sometimes crave. The best friend is Pisces as he’ll be emotional and won’t mind talking all day long about sensitive things with you. The friendship will be intense, but you’ll be able to decompress with him due to each other’s playful sides. After intense conversations, you’ll both want to do something fun together.

Scorpios don’t do well with a man who’s different as the relationship will fizzle. Gemini and Scorpio are complete opposites personality wise. Scorpio is dark and mysterious, and Gemini is energetic. It’s best if a Gemini man is only your friend because of the emotion contrast. He’ll want to uplift your emotions with optimism and since he’s your friend you won’t mind. According to Tarot, his continuous need to talk will annoy you, but your love for mystery fixes everything.

1-Cancer: A Father Figure

As mentioned before, the Crab is a very nurturing sign and Cancer women are known as the mothers of the signs. The perfect soulmate will be someone who has similar nurturing qualities. You’ll most likely fall for someone who has a fatherly type of nature.

You want someone who’ll be able to protect you and support you emotionally.

Therefore, he needs to have a sensitive side. If you can picture him as the father of your child and giving you a stable home, that’s a sign that he’s the one.


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