Here’s What He Finds Most Attractive About Her (Based On Her Astro Sign)



Do you ever find out that someone has a crush on you and wonder what exactly it was that made them feel that little spark? We all wonder how other people see us sometimes — sure, you can’t get inside a guy’s head to find out what he was really thinking when you first caught his eye, but it’s fun to think about it, right? Sometimes, when you’re looking in the mirror, you might wonder what features a guy would notice first. Did he fall in love when he looked you in the eyes for the first time and got lost? Did he notice the way you carried yourself with such confidence and think, “I have to go over there and talk to that girl?”

Whether he fell for your looks or your personality first, it can be hard to tell which trait made him think that he wanted to be more than friends — it’s a mystery! But sometimes, the stars can have something to say about it — astrology influences so many aspects of our appearance and personality that it can even influence why men are attracted to you. Here’s what he finds the most attractive about you, based on your sign.

20-Fire Signs: He Finds You Hard To Resist

Let’s just be honest here for a moment — it’s just a fact that men seem to be wildly attracted to fire signs. Why is that? Well, it all depends on the individual sign, but ask any guy dating a woman who was born under a fire sign, and he will likely give you a similar answer. Simply put, a fire sign woman walks into a room like she owns it. She doesn’t take no for an answer, she goes out to get what she wants in life, and she will not change herself for anyone — she knows who she is.

19-Aries: He Loves Your Zest For Life

What is it about Aries women that makes men just flock to them — even though they are typically not on the lookout for a stable relationship and usually would rather play the field? Well, these women just have a certain zest for life that men happen to find very appealing.

They’re spontaneous, they’re fun to be around, and they like to go with the flow instead of always sticking to a particular plan.

They also tend to be compatible with other fire signs — so when you put an Aries guy in the room with an Aries woman, it’s love at first sight.

18-Leo: He Is Amazed By Your Sheer Confidence

Out of all the signs, Leo just might be the most confident, and when a Leo woman walks into a room, everyone there knows it. Men tend to fall for Leo women because they’re assertive — they rarely have to make the first move when they’re falling for a Leo woman!

That’s because if she likes him, she will let him know, no questions asked.

That ends up taking some of the pressure off the guy, who might otherwise feel like he’s responsible for doing everything to get the ball rolling. He just can’t help falling for a woman with that attitude.

17-Sagittarius: He Adores Your Adventurous Soul

Sagittarius women love to travel, and they will be the first to book a spontaneous plane ticket and take off at the drop of a hat! They don’t need someone to come with them—they’re happy to fly solo—but when a guy with serious wanderlust meets a Sagittarius woman, well, let’s just say that he will be happy to join her on all of her adventures. Men fall for Sagittarius women because they are so adventurous and open to exploring new places. They are open minded and curious about the world around them, and they are always very cultured.

16-Fire Signs: Men Are Naturally Drawn To You

Here’s the truth about women born under fire signs — honestly, they do not have to work very hard to get a guy. Men just seem to be naturally drawn to them, and they don’t really have to put in much effort to get a date. But they also have trouble staying in long-term relationships because they know that they can get so much attention when they’re single! It’s tough out there for men who want to date fire signs — they will fall in love fast, but it will definitely take a sincere effort to stay together for the long haul.

15-Earth Signs: He Admires Your Quiet Confidence

We all know that fire signs just seem to embody confidence, but honestly, so do earth signs. Earth signs are very secure in themselves, and they do not need to flaunt it.

These women really have themselves together — they live by a planner, they can always stick to a budget, and whenever they show up to an event, they’re always dressed perfectly.

Seriously, it seems like these women can do anything and do it flawlessly. Many men are attracted to the quiet confidence of earth signs, and they can’t help but take notice of the way they move through life.

14-Taurus: He Loves How You Stay Calm Under Pressure

Taurus women may think that most men are on the lookout for a girl who is flirtier, more outgoing, or more forward in her romantic advances. Taurus women just aren’t like that, but that does not mean that they have a shortage of guys who want to date them.

In fact, men tend to admire the way Taurus women stay calm under pressure.

If a man has a thing for a Taurus woman, it’s because he knows that dating her won’t be stressful and full of fighting — they will both be laid back and simply tackle problems as they come along.

13-Virgo: He Knows You Never Do Anything Halfway

Do Virgo women ever back down from a challenge? Do they ever approach a task with a anything less than their full effort? Answer: absolutely not. When a man sees how a Virgo woman just goes for what she wants with everything she’s got, he won’t be able to take his eyes off her. Virgo women live by the mantra that how we do one thing is how we do all things, so they don’t care what the task is — they’re not going to just put half of their effort in. They’re going to go all out no matter what.

12-Capricorn: He Is Infatuated By Your Ambitious Spirit

Capricorn women have major goals, and when they’re young, people will occasionally discourage them — so may even tell them that a man won’t want to be with a woman who is so ambitious! But as Capricorn women get older, they will find out that this is far from the truth.

They will realize that men of quality actually want to be with women who are hard-working, bold, and willing to hustle for what they want.

Men love the ambition of a Capricorn woman. These women don’t slow down for anything, and they always end up achieving some remarkable things.

11-Earth Signs: You Attract Men Without Even Realizing It

Women born under earth signs shouldn’t get discouraged when it comes to dating. Yes, it can be difficult for them in high school, but as they get older and meet men who are more mature and realistic about relationships, they will find that the men who pursue them mean business. They’re not boys who are just looking for a fling — they’re adults who want to be with women who value the same things that they do. When it comes to earth sign women, men shouldn’t bother seeking casual hookups — they should be ready to settle down with a special woman.

10-Air Signs: He Might Fall For You At First Sight

There’s a certain, special quality about women who happen to be born under air signs — they just can’t help but give off a glow. Not because they’re wearing too much highlighter, but because they take good care of themselves, they have a way of deeply connecting with people who they want to become friends with, and they don’t waste time worrying about what other people think. And men can instantly see this about them. That’s why so many guys just seem to fall in love with these women at first sight! They are naturally charismatic and charming in their own way.

9-Gemini: He Loves That You Can Strike Up A Conversation With Anyone

Gemini women are known for being super social. In fact, the Gemini girl is always known as the life of the party within her group of friends!

These women simply have no problem walking up to pretty much anyone and making some casual small talk, but they are such great conversationalists that they can get a guy to spill his whole life story with just a few questions.

Men always love this about Gemini women—talking to them feels so easy and low pressure, and they don’t feel like they have to steer the conversation to get the ball rolling.

8-Libra: Your Style Makes It Hard To Look Away

When it comes to looking good, Libra women have it down to a science. They have perfectly curated wardrobes, they will wear heels to the grocery store, they have an incredible skincare collection, and they don’t leave the house without putting on at least a touch of mascara before heading out the door. Yup, these women just walk around looking like models, and it’s only natural that men take notice. A guy who is attracted to a Libra woman does tend to notice her looks first, but as he gets to know her, he falls in love with her personality, too.

7-Aquarius: He Is In Awe Of Your Independent Streak

Aquarius women definitely tend to do their own thing. They don’t mind standing out at all — in fact, they prefer it to fitting in! While other people might feel lonely with a small social circle, this is how Aquarius women actually tend to thrive. They don’t need to be best friends with everyone or try to get everyone to like them — they just want to be themselves. Men who are attracted to Aquarius women tend to fall in love with their independence. They understand that she will need her own space, hobbies, and friends, and they are happy with that.

6-Air Signs: You Don’t Have To Work To Get His Attention

Here’s the one thing that women born under air signs need to know about dating — you don’t have to work as hard as you think you might to catch the attention of the right guy.

Seriously, with your amazing outlook on life, your shining personality, and your willingness to stand out when everyone else is following the crowd, he will come to you.

The right man for you is definitely out there, and when he shows up, you will just know — and best of all, you won’t have to go out of your way to impress him.

5-Water Signs: He Won’t Be Able To Hide His Feelings For You

It’s a well-known fact that water signs wear their hearts on their sleeves and they don’t care what anyone thinks about it. They couldn’t change this about themselves even if they wanted to.

And here’s the funny thing — women born under water signs actually seem to have a way of bringing out this quality in men.

Seriously, once a guy falls for a woman born under a water sign, he’s going to have a tough time hiding his feelings for her. In fact, he won’t be able to help himself from telling her how much he likes her right away.

4-Cancer: He Can See How Genuinely Kind You Are

Cancer women sometimes seem like they’re too good to be true — they are gorgeous, smart, and most of all, they are so caring and kind that you can’t help but wonder if they’re part angel or something. Any man who is dating a Cancer woman is extremely lucky.

She will be the best girlfriend he’s ever had, and if things end badly, it will take him quite a while to get over it.

Really, men are attracted to Cancer women because they are unbelievably kind. They are just genuine people who want to make others happy, and that can be so refreshing.

3-Scorpio: He Loves Your Emotional Intensity

Scorpio women sometimes start wondering if they should censor themselves a bit more — after all, they are very open about their emotions, and when it comes to telling people how they really feel, they simply can’t hold themselves back. They are the type to blurt out that they love a guy on the first date. But the kind of men who are attracted to Scorpio women really admire that about them. They love that Scorpio women don’t hide what they’re really feeling and would rather just be open about their true emotions instead — they don’t have time to play games.

2-Pisces: He Will Fall For Your Creative Side

Pisces women are known for being very artistic. They often follow creative career paths, and they don’t mind being a starving artist in their twenties — in fact, they would much rather do what they love for a small paycheck than work at an office job just for the money.

Men will often fall for Pisces women because they are so inspired by their creativity.

If she is on the lookout for an artistic guy, she probably won’t have to look very long — she will definitely find the right man to be her creative partner in crime for years to come.

1-Water Signs: The Right Guy Will Notice All Your Best Qualities

It’s no secret that women born under water signs can be shy, sensitive, or even feel a little anxious in social situations. That’s why it can be tough for them to meet guys when they’re young — they haven’t really developed their self-confidence yet, and they are just so nervous about saying the wrong thing.

But as they get older, they will find that they will definitely meet guys who understand and fully embrace their best qualities.

They won’t have to force themselves to act differently to find love. She will naturally meet the guy who is right for her.


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