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Here’s What He Wishes She’d Stop Wearing, Based On His Zodiac Sign


Well, they say a look is worth a thousand words, but for those who don’t believe that, all they have to do is ask anyone in the modeling industry or a high school teenager. A person’s style is what defines them, true. But there are a few looks that’ll get ladies noticed by him… and a few looks that might make him say, “baby, please change.”

Now, it’s not that anyone should ever have to dress to please someone else. After all, every person’s life is their own and they get to choose the style that suits them. But if a lady wants to impress her crush, some looks might not be the best way to get his attention.

She’ll know it almost immediately when she gets zero compliments from him. There are a few things that he wishes she’d stop wearing, and they’re closely related to his sign. It’s crazy to think that the stars can align and put someone on the path to their one and only. And while people should definitely wear whatever they please, this list could help avoid incompatibility in the clothing department.

Compatibility is very important in any relationship. A woman doesn’t have to change her entire ensemble for a guy. But his taste is tightly aligned with his sign alone, so perhaps, that could explain why he tends to compliment her a lot when she wears the most unsuspecting things and why he’s so quiet when she pulls off that seemingly perfect outfit.

24 Cancer: Nothing Makes Him Wince Harder Than Cropped Hoodies

Cancer men have emotions that run very deep, but they’re also understanding and compassionate when it comes to things. So hopefully he can let it slide when you’re wearing a cropped hoodie.

Then again, Cancerians aren’t exactly fans of flamboyant styles.

It doesn’t mean they expect you to dress like you’re doing a rendition of Whoopi Goldberg’s Sister Act. But they do like a combination of classy and chic. If a gal’s look comes off as something they feel will embarrass them in public, they’ll bail in a quick second. On the other hand, if they love you, they’ll know you can wear whatever you want. No questions asked

23 Cancer: But He’s Really Not Impressed With Snakeskin-Printed Anything, Either

Wearing clothing that Cancerians consider appropriate is a win-win situation. But flashy stuff just isn’t their thing, especially when it comes to snakeskin-printed anything. Oh, they’re cool with a couple of edgy items. They might even add it to their style, but snakeskin is where they draw the line. Maybe they’re terrified of snakes. Most people are, not just Cancerians. But their turn-offs about this particular print is the fact that it doesn’t scream “sophisticated style.” But you know what? We’re sure you have to do a lot of compromising for him, so they should be willing to do it for you, too. Don’t you think?

22 Scorpio: He Loves His Girl To Be Comfy, But Raggedy Ugg Boots? Yeah, He’ll Pass!

He’ll totally pass if he sees his girl wearing Ugg Boots. Then again, Uggs are the kind of boots that you either love or leave (in the dumpster). Scorpios are strong-willed and don’t like beating around the bush.

They’re also extremely stubborn and they might get a bit dramatic if they spot Uggs on your feet.

Ironically, this sign likes mystery, and what could be more mysterious than hiding those adorable quirky socks you’re wearing underneath your Uggs? Oh well. You can’t please everyone. Besides, we’re sure he would prefer Uggs over Crocs any day.

21 Scorpio: Baddie-Camo Pants Are Stunning, But He Low-Key Hopes She’ll Dump Them For Good

Scorpios can be a bit opinionated sometimes, so there’s a good chance he’ll have something to say about those Baddie-Camo Pants. He might try to be nice in the beginning and not tell you that they really bother him, but he will eventually. He’s not a fan of boisterous women. But once he musters up the courage to let you know just how much he despises them, he’ll pretty much confess his hatred over anything military-style. But camo-pants are freaking awesome, c’mon. They make you look tough like a soldier but totally enhance your curves at the same time. Plus, you can blend in when you’re camping with bae while looking glam at the same time. If that doesn’t impress him, then nothing else in your closet will, that’s for sure.

20 Leo: They See Their Girlfriends As Total Glamazons, So He’s Not Crazy About Baggy Mom Jeans

It may be tough to tame a Leo because he pretty much does whatever he wants to do. It’s why his head will shake if he sees you in baggy mom jeans. Maybe he’s afraid you’ll start wearing ill-fitted clothes that make you look off.

But clearly, you just want to pull a Kylie Jenner (who, by the way, looks fabulous in a pair of these!).

You can always start with that and tell him Kylie and Kim wear baggy mom jeans sometimes and no one bats an eye. Besides, is there anything comfier than baggy boyfriend or mom jeans? Yup. Didn’t think so! But this next item of clothing really makes him twitch. But here’s the good news: you’d probably have no problem ditching them for good.

19 Leo: Oh! And Those Midi-Flowy Skirts? Yeah, He Dislikes Them The Most!

It’s funny how Scorpio men love being the bad boys who are broody loners, and yet, when their girlfriends want to wear a midi-flowy skirt, they refuse to settle. It’s mind-boggling because they’re pretty much adventurous in everything, including love. But maybe they’re so turned off by this type of skirt because it doesn’t allow him to see your long, lovely legs. A lot of guys love to simple items of clothing that show off a girl’s curves, so they probably want to see you in something shorter. It could also be because these skirts look way too conservative, like something an elementary school teacher would wear. But hey, you didn’t wake up in the morning to impress him. 

18 Aries: This Fiery Sign Wishes She’d Stop Wearing Joggers Everywhere

Don’t even bother trying to reason with an Aries man. They sometimes like to argue about anything all and they’re pretty difficult to beat in a discussion.

So, if you get into a tiff over the fact that you’re wearing joggers everywhere, you’ll likely end up agreeing to disagree.

But why doesn’t he like seeing you with joggers? Aries men like it when their partners dress femininely, and although we think joggers can look very cute and girly if you know how to style them, some guys would bed to differ. But seriously, joggers are da bomb. They’re nice and comfortable, and you can just slip them on and go for a run or to the mall. But if you’re trying to impress your Aries honey, make sure to stick to fitted jeans, jeggins and skirts. Anything overly baggy will send him running for the hills.

17 Aries: And Those Vintage Thrift Sweaters She Loves So Much? They’re A Huge Nope

Aries guys are so fashion-forward, they’re willing to get everything customized to their taste, and yes, that includes their girl’s wardrobe. They feel that whoever’s by their side is sort of like a extension of who they are. But that doesn’t mean he wants their girl to give up her entire life and adhere by his rules. An Aries man would much rather wait around until he finds that “needle in the haystack,” and if that’s you, then count yourself lucky, because they’re as devoted as they come. Aries men are truly one of a kind, and that translates to every wardrobe choice they make. He may not admit it, but an Aries guy digs designer outfits and unique pieces that make her stand out. Vintage-anything is a major faux pas in his book, including oversize vintage sweaters

16 Sagittarius: They Love Adventure-Ready Girls, Which Is Why Acrylic Nails Really Irk Him

Out of all the signs, this one’s the easiest to impress, as Sagittarius guys are willing to try anything at least once. They’re wordly creatures who like to explore and go on trips as often as their paychecks allow them to. Unsurprisingly, they want their partners to be just as free-spirited as they are. So clearly, they dig an adventurous girl who’s ready to take on the whole world.

Only problem is, they’re looking for natural-looking partners who can get ready in literally five minutes.

Now, let’s get real for a minute. Acrylic nails wouldn’t stop a girl from setting up a tent in the middle of the woods. But grit and literally everything will get stuck under your nails. You can barely pick up a penny if it falls on the ground!

15 Sagittarius: But Nothing Ruins It For Him More Than Sticky Lip-Gloss

Sagittarius guys tend to gravitate towards girls who like to keep it natural. They value honesty but that doesn’t mean their girl should stop glamming altogether! They just tend to go for girls with a more natural look, and that includes makeup. If there’s one thing that will kill his vibe fast is sticky lip gloss or overly done makeup. Sagittarius guys really want their SO to embrace their natural beauty and feel comfortable in their own skin. Not that makeup wouldn’t allow her to do that, duh! But a Sagittarius guy is more likely to take their girl out on a date where there will be a lot of running around, hiking, camping, or walking. So a fresh-face beauty who likes to lounge in activewear really does it for him. It shows him she’s ready for adventure 24/7.

14 Taurus: He Can Appreciate Some Glam, But Big Fake Lashes Are A Major No-No

Overdone lashes and sticky lipstick is a surefire way to find yourself single in no time. Okay, so maybe that’s a tiny bit of an exaggeration. But c’mon! We know guys break up over the silliest things!

Taurus guys are 100% smitten by super feminine girls who like to keep it subtle, classy, and tend to chillax a bit when it comes to their makeup.

Taurus guys are seriously turned off by artificiality, and while he does appreciate it when she puts some effort and gets all dolled for him, there’s nothing he dislikes more than overly-done glam, caked-up foundation, and heavy blush. Oh, and those faux whispy lashes you love so much? Yeah, he doesn’t have the heart to tell you how much he wishes you’d stick to what your momma gave ya.

13 Taurus: Plus, He’d Be *So Happy* If She’d Ditch Bulky Sneakers (Forever!)

Taurus men are usually quiet, gentle, and uncomplicated. He also loves to enjoy the fruits of his labors. But it’s so surprising that such a steadfast man can totally flip if he sees his significant other wearing bulky sneakers. They love it when women are careful about the colors they wear, too. Putting a well thought out outfit together is a huge plus for him because he has such an eye for beauty. But if you put on sneakers to a date as if you were going on a morning run, then don’t be surprised if he’s the one who ends up running away for the hills… so to speak!

12 Capricorn: He Loves Curve-Hugging Everything, So He’s Not A Fan Of Oversized Denim Jackets

Capricorn men are very difficult to figure out because they tend to be silent and uncommunicative. It doesn’t get any better when they build an icy wall so high you can’t climb through. But you wanna know when they’ll put their proverbial shields up?

The day you start putting on oversized denim jackets that look like a jean potato sack.

It’s like they can’t find anything redeemable about them! They’d much rather see their SO in something that accentuates every twist and turn, and every inch of their curves. Then again, it’s not like his girl is a relationship with him just so she could make him happy. So, if oversized jackets are too good to pass on, simply ask him to compromise.

11 Capricorn: He Loves Her In Elegant Dresses, So Biker Shorts Are A Big Bucket Of Nope

It’s funny how he likes his girl to be comfortable, but biker shorts are simply off the menu. You’re shaking your head. How could he not like a gal in biker shorts? It turns out that he wants to see his girl’s curves, but he also wants his bae to dress like she’s a million bucks. And let’s face it, biker shorts don’t necessarily scream “glam,” even if Kim K’s shorts are probably worth over $1000. He completely loses his mind when his SO manages to stay classy and formal, even though she’s going casual. A middle or long skirt is okay, but biker shorts will for sure make him wince. But hey! If he has a hissy fit over your uber comfy biker shorts, call a sitter, cause he’s sort of acting like a baby!

10 Gemini: He Wants Her To Show Off More, Which Is Why Ill-Fitted Blazers Have Got To Go

They say that Gemini men are affectionate, gentle, and adaptable, so hopefully, they’ll learn quickly that their girl’s ill-fitted blazers aren’t going anywhere. Then again, they might not, and that’s their loss because blazers look good on everyone!

But Geminis are attracted to people who dress impeccably, so they can’t help but admire people who pay attention to every detail, from tailoring, to fit, to color coordination.

From their perspective, nothing’s more irresistible than a girl who nails a tailored-to-perfection outfit. Plus, they dislike getting stuck in a routine, so they tend to admire those who try a different look different every day.

9 Gemini: But If There’s One Thing He Wishes She’d Ditch Forever Is The Whole Peplum Trend

If they dislike ill-fitted blazers, then you can bet your glitzy wardrobe that they won’t like peplum, either. We know! We know! The whole peplum trend is so 2012, and yet, so many gals refuse to let this style go away. But Gemini men wish it would go away… for once and for all! The look itself is a bit too conservative for them. And while we can’t help but admire the sophisticated look, Gemini guys tend to go for people who are into adding a little extra pizzazz. They fall for girls to manage to find the balance between a touch of edgy-cool sophistication and modern day elegance. Plus, peplum tends to hide their girl’s curves a bit too much which is why so much extra fabric around the stomach just won’t cut it in his book.

8 Libra: He’s All About His Girl Showing Off, But Those Trendy Sheer Dresses Aren’t His Favorite

If you’re wondering why he stopped flirting with you all of a sudden, it might have something to do with your sheer dress. Well, perhaps there were a number of reasons why there didn’t seem to be much chemistry between you two, even though you seemingly had a ton in common. But if you feel like you would’ve made total #GirlfriendGoals, then you might want to avoid anything sheer when you see your crush again.

Sheer dresses are super trendy, sure, but they tend to dampen a Libra man’s flirtatious nature and send him packing.

That’s his loss, not yours, of course! But if you’re really interested in this guy, then you should know that he loves a gal who dresses in a way that lets her stand out in the crowd by not giving it away right off the bat. They dig a little mystery, so a long black dress with a sultry slit on the side might just drive him bonkers!

7 Libra: He Just Loves Some Mystery, So In His Mind Mini Skirts Are Kinda Too Revealing

Libra men enjoy a look that’s a bit revealing, but they’re not expecting you to go overboard. This could explain why he looked so uncomfortable when he saw you wearing a mini skirt. You probably thought it was the best way to charm the heck out of him, but for some reason, he just stayed quiet and didn’t compliment you like he usually does. Good thing he’s cool headed and doesn’t fly off the handle. The last thing you want is to get into a scuffle over something as silly as a mini-skirt. But if you want to keep it playful and mysterious, find an ensemble that showcases your confidence and your best features, but doesn’t leave little to the imagination.

6 Virgo: He Doesn’t Have The Heart To Tell Her The Whole Distressed Trend Doesn’t Do It For Him

Anyone who has ever dated a Virgo man knows that they love order. You’ll rarely find any kind of untidiness in their homes, their style, or their minds. So, imagine what a pair of distressed jeans or skirts will do to them? Uh, yeah. That’s right. It’s going to drive them up the wall, and not in a good way.

They always dress up appropriately, so they expect their bae to do the same.

Distressed anything is like a cross to a vampire. It will definitely repel them, but they might be too polite to say anything and let you know they find this style totally and completely unappealing. But you’ll know there’s something wrong if they barely compliment you whatsoever when you show up wearing some super edgy ripped jeans.

5 Virgo: But Leopard Pattern Skirts Won’t Fly In His Book Either, (And Neither Will Bold Colors

We’re not saying Virgo men are prudish, but they do go for the subtle and sensible style of clothes. It’s also something they look for when they’re on the prowl looking for a significant other. Bright primary colors are a no-no. But leopard pattern skirts will have him climbing up the wall in a bad way. They tend to get finicky with their particular style choices. But purity and modesty aren’t traits you want to see reflected on your clothes, of course! We’re willing to bet that you tend to use clothes that allow you to express yourself and that may or may not include a few patterns here and there. Fortunately, Virgo men are balanced and fair, so there’s a slight chance you might be able to get them to overlook that particular style that irks their aesthetic nature

4 Aquarius: He’s In Touch With His Emotional Side, So All-Black Outfits Drain His Happy Vibes

The Aquarius man is a closeted introvert, but it’s not something anyone would notice at first glance due to his vivacious and sparkling personality. He’s always the life of the party, and he loves to meet strangers and make new friends fast. And while he’s got some impressive social skills that allow him to meet new people, this happy-go-lucky sign doesn’t let anyone get too close to his heart. Well, except for a handful of people! He’s guarded, but brilliant at socializing and handling the pressure of being the center of attention.

But someone who’s so genuinely happy needs a girl who’s just as colorful and vibrant as he is.

Light colors and flowy long hair will definitely catch his eye. But all-black ensembles will definitely put him in a bad mood. 

3 Aquarius: He Wishes She’d Ditch Her Clunky Heels. After All, He Just Wants Her To Be Comfy

Not that most girls would care, but when it comes to footwear, Aquarius guys wish their girlfriends would muster up the courage to break up with one of the ugliest trends ever… well, according to them! Platform shoes, wedges, and clunky heels have been voted the least attractive trend according to CouponCodes4u.com. But here’s the thing. Most guys seem to be put off by Uggs, Crocs, and clunky heels, but Aquarius guys are from a totally different planet. They don’t just dislike the awkward shape and the styling of these shoes. They have a hard time understanding why their SO would feel the need to wear something so uncomfortable. Plus, he really wants bae to stand out from the crowd and wear things that actually represent her. Just because every other girl is wearing these clunky shoes, does not mean she needs to follow suit. And we couldn’t agree more!

2 Pisces: He Loves To Run His Hands Through Her Hair… So Let’s Just Say He’s Not That Into Hair Extensions

Did you ever stop and wonder what guys think of weaves, hair extensions, and wigs? Maybe you just wanted a little more length and volume and decided a weave would be a fun new thing to try. Perhaps you were left with no other choice while your scraggly short hair grows back after deep-frying it at home. You never knew the first thing about bleaching your hair, but you couldn’t help but DIY it at home after watching a single bleaching tutorial on YouTube.

You might be loving your new mane, but your Pisces bae is not feeling it whatsoever.

Pisces guys don’t like to wear uncomfortable or restrictive accessories and clothes. And because he’s so empathetic, he’d absolutely not want to see you uncomfortable, not even a tiny little bit. 

1 Pisces: He’s So Sensitive, He Wishes His Girl Would Stay Far Away From Fur (Even Faux!)

When it comes to fur, everyone’s got an opinion. But no one gets more heartbroken at the sight of it than a Pisces guy. They’re such sensitive creatures, they can’t bear to see their loved ones wrapped around an item of clothing that represents vanity. Their compassionate and gentle nature wouldn’t allow them to focus of anything other than the animal you’re wearing over your shoulders. If you absolutely love this style and want to honor bae’s wishes at the same time, then just stay away from wearing real fur. Fashion Nova and Misguided (to name a few) have tons of coats and accessories that are made out of faux fur. See? That’s shows him you’re truly committed, and he wont be able to give you any rude looks over that seriously gorge faux fur coat that totally goes with your brand new ankle boots. 



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