Here’s What Kind Of Ex She’ll Be, Based On Her Zodiac Sign



The hardest part of breaking up with someone is when we realize that they’re no longer going to be in our lives. Then, there will come a time when we’ll feel as though it’s not really happening, especially if we were the one who got dumped. If the latter is the case, then the loss can feel a bit overwhelming. But if we’re the one who did the dumping, then we might be worried about how they’ll react. After all, we don’t really want to break anyone’s heart, but we don’t want to stay in a relationship that isn’t really working for us either. So, we decide that we’ll try to stay friends with our ex. There’s nothing wrong with that. Lots of people have managed to make it work. But how do we know if they’ll be able to handle “just being friends?” Well to know for sure, we’ll have to turn to the stars for answers. Astrology has offered people guidance regarding their future, and their love lives, for ages now. So why not use it to find out what kind of ex she’ll be when it’s all over? Who knows, it might save us from a couple of headaches.

21-Aries: If She Broke It Off, She’s Confident & Moving On

Don’t feel bad for your ex-girlfriend if she happens to be an Aries. She’ll bounce back like a rubber ball, and will embrace her single status in less than no time. She’ll even go on a road trip or travel abroad to get over her sadness. That’s how she deals with the breakup. But the secret to her emotional strength is the fact that she’s the one who ended things, remember? She doesn’t even care if she’s gotten any closure at all. She’s done, and she means it. An Aries chick doesn’t need to binge on Netflix or eat tons of chocolates, cause she’s A-Ok. But even though she looks to be totally fine on the outside, she’s hiding a deep secret inside.

20-Aries BONUS: No Second Guessing, But She’ll Have A Hard Time Forgetting Him

An Aries woman will push herself to reach the most challenging goals in her agenda. That’s how she gets over a break-up so quickly. She makes sure to stay busy, and doesn’t stop to think and wallow over why it didn’t work out. But she’s not heartless either. She knows that her significant other meant a lot to her. So a part of her will always struggle to forget him. In fact, he’ll probably never go away from her mind or her heart.

She might even consider sending him a text to see how he’s doing. But she knows that’s a boundary she shouldn’t cross, particularly because there’s no future in that relationship.

Still, she’ll definitely think about contacting bae one more time. But an Aries girl knows that in order to mend her broken heart, she needs to let go.

19-Leo: Quick To Rebound, She Loves “Being In Love”

A Leo woman wants to be loved. So, the last thing she wants to see is the flames starting to diminish. If she even suspects that this is happening, she’ll be the one breaking things off. This keeps her fragile pride protected, and gives her the courage she needs to move on right away. She’ll also waste no time looking for someone else if he’s the one who broke it off. If there’s one thing she can’t tolerate is feeling unloved. It’s not that she has a problem being alone. She’s just absolutely in love with the idea of being in a relationship. She loves “being in love,” so if one guy didn’t appreciate her, she’ll quickly look for someone else to sweep her off her feet…even if it’s a bit too soon.

18-Sagittarius: She Turns To Her Friends… And Treats Herself

A Sagittarius woman is all about loving herself after a breakup. She won’t even make a scene after learning that the relationship is over. That’s not her style. She would much rather stay calm and collected after the breakup and then go on a full pampering session. This might include a dramatic new wardrobe change or a brand-new haircut. She won’t even care if her do’ comes out looking like a birds nest.

After she’s done getting a mani-pedi, a massage, and going to the movies by herself, she’ll turn to their social circle to fill the void.

But one thing’s for sure, her friends will probably be more upset over the breakup than she will.

17-Sagittarius BONUS: She’ll Love The Single Life, But She’ll Come Crashing Down Soon After

A Sagittarius woman bounces back very quickly after a breakup. She even embraces singledom so much that it makes many wonder why she was even in a relationship in the first place. It’s clear that she loves being single! But it’s not always fun and games for her. She might seem okay on the outside, but once the adrenaline rush of being free wears off, reality may set in and she’ll feel the pain of a broken heart. It’ll sting for a while, but she’ll quickly analyze what went wrong in order to stop feeling defeated and sad over the breakup. She knows that if things didn’t work out, then it’s due to a reason. After all, a Sagittarius knows what they want!

16-Fire Signs: If They Don’t Get Their Way, Watch Out For Wildfire

Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are all fire signs, and just like fire itself, they are passionate and extremely temperamental. Oh, they’ll definitely keep you warm when they’re nice and calm. But they can really burn a hole in your heart when the relationship goes south. Now we’re not implying that all fire signs will be horrible exes. In fact, some can wind up being quite friendly, even after you both decided it was over. But some fire signs will only stay friendly if they can get their way. If they don’t, then they’ll set off like a wildfire. Don’t assume that time will temper the fire, either. It can draw strength from its ashes and can be fueled by anything that ticks them off.

15-Taurus: After A Few Days, She’ll Find Any Excuse To Text Him

A Taurus woman uses logic to handle her relationships. And that’s a life skill that usually comes in handy when dealing with breakups. From her logical perspective, if it’s over, then that’s it. There’s no sense in crying over spilled milk. She probably even saw it coming before the breakup. Deja vu isn’t her thing either. So, the possibility of falling back in love again with the same dude is pretty unlikely. She doesn’t see any reason to over-analyze what happened or figure out who to blame. That’s just not how she rolls.

But while her logic might tell her it’s over, she’ll find a reason to contact him, even if it’s just to stay friends.

14-Virgo: She’ll Analyze Her Entire Chat History

Unlike a Taurus, a Virgo woman will turn herself into a private investigator. She’ll re-read the chats she had with her ex, and over-analyze every single conversation she had prior to the breakup. But why does she do it? Because she’s hurt, that’s why. She can’t move past it until she figures out if she could’ve done things differently. She has to understand what went wrong in order to get closure. But even though she wants to blame herself over the breakup, she’ll quickly realize she tried her best from day one. At some point, she won’t be able to find a specific reason, and that’ll be just as heartbreaking as the day she realized it was over.

13-Virgo BONUS: After Obsessing, She’ll Let It All Go

Alright, so Virgo women have a tough time dealing with breakups. It happens to the best of us. But as much as they obsess over the breakup, the whole thing will only be temporary.

Eventually, she’ll get over it, even if she hasn’t fully processed the end of her relationship. But that’s because she’ll come to the conclusion that actually she likes being alone.

When she’s single, she can do whatever she wants without anyone messing up her plans. She doesn’t really like to give herself to anyone on an emotional level, at least, not entirely. Eventually, she’ll get over the guy, and save her loving for someone she feels will appreciate her all-around awesomeness.

12-Capricorn: She’ll Become His Friend

Capricorn women generally see the breakup coming weeks, maybe even months before it actually happens. But her natural spirit obligated her to stay in the relationship, just like a captain who goes down with the ship. She’s gotten her heart broken before more than once, so she’s a bit indifferent at times. And really, no one can blame her! Fortunately, her creative mind allows her to express her suppressed feelings about the breakup in a productive way, usually through a hobby. She might write a poem, a book, or paint something that symbolizes her inner turmoil. She’ll eventually make peace with what’s happened and become friends with her ex. If there’s a sign that’s a total breeze to have as an ex, is a Capricorn chick!

11-Earth Signs: Have Trouble Letting Go, But Practicality Pushes Them Forward

Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are Earth Signs, and their practicality is one of their greatest features. They’re also extremely loyal, so they’ll remain by their significant other’s side until the ground crumbles beneath their feet. But their compulsive behavior sometimes makes it tough to connect with others. When this happens, a breakup is unavoidable.

The fact that they’re grounded allows them to move past the heartache and focus on what’s important in their personal lives.

In the end, it’s that solid foundation that allows them to imagine a possible new beginning with someone else. But they do have trouble letting go at first.

10-Gemini: She’ll Ghost Him Just To Avoid Drama

Gemini women are extremely sociable. In fact, they may be the most sociable signs of all. She’s charismatic and fun to be with. Best of all, she makes the perfect on again, off again girlfriend. In fact, she’s so brazen about the whole thing, that she’ll have zero problems with texting or calling, even after you called it quits. She might even try to get back with her ex at least once or twice. But since she’s not entirely sure why she wants him back, the relationship takes a hot-and-cold approach. But that’s a whole lot better than having her ghost her exes, which she will do when she’s finally ready to move on. But her ghosting isn’t intended to hurt anyone. She just doesn’t want to deal with the drama.

9-Libra: She’ll Never Show Him That She’s Hurt

Libras don’t like confrontations, which is tough when they have to face their exes during and after a breakup. They might even try to avoid the situation that will ultimately lead to a broken heart. But once it happens, she won’t be showing how hurt she is. She’s the perfect actress.

She’ll fake her smile to hide her pain and use her charisma to avoid making a scene when she runs into her ex.

He’ll probably be totally confused, especially if he knows that she’s really hurt inside. But no matter what, she’ll always keep her cool. And when she’s ready to move on, she’ll see the relationship as a life lesson…one that really hurt her deeply.

8-Libra BONUS: That Fake Smile Is Holding Her Together

Some therapists would advise to let it all out, instead of bottling the pain inside. But a Libra girl knows she deserves a lot of credit for keeping it together, even when she wanted to throw the towel. She may have considered quitting school or locking herself at home to have a cry out for months. But instead of letting her emotions get the best of her, she managed to stay in check. After all, a Libra woman has a bit of a temper, so masking her true feelings was really tough! But she’ll do it anyway because she’s afraid that others will see past the strong persona she created. But in some cases, she’ll confront a situation head-on rather than retreat. And once it’s truly over, she’ll remove all traces, like Instagram photos of her former S.O. and move on.

7-Aquarius: She’d Rather Live Her Life Than Hold Grudges

Aquarius women are totally independent and adventurous. So, after a breakup, she won’t be shedding a bunch of tears in bed for very long. She’ll actually feel a sense of relief that it’s finally over. She simply can’t be locked into a relationship for very long. She prefers the single life because it allows her to be her true herself. She spent too much time locked into a relationship and now she’s free to live life by her rules. She doesn’t hold any animosity towards her ex though, and she’ll probably want to remain friends with him.

She’s got plenty of space in her heart and she’d rather spend her valuable energy on living and loving life, than holding grudges.

6-Air Signs: It’s Their Nature To Change, Their Instinct To Move On

Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are all air signs, and they need to be on the move. It’s the only they can truly feel alive. But since their instincts are always telling them to keep moving, it’s difficult for them to form emotional connections with anyone, including themselves. Their ideas and life goals are all driven by their impulsive nature. So even after a breakup, they’ll likely get over it pretty quickly. They’re like a strong gust of wind which brings change. Breaking their hearts is about as difficult as capturing them, as they see love as an adventure. And like all good adventures, they know it will come to an end.

5-Cancer: She’ll Delete Him Off Social Media To Get Her Closure

Love produces endorphins and oxytocin, the feel-good hormone, and Cancer women are hooked on that. But she also knows when to call it quits. It doesn’t mean that she won’t have a tough time dealing with the hardships of a breakup.

She’s just strong enough to put on a brave front. So, once she’s cut her ex out of her life, it will feel like a brand-new beginning.

Of course, even though she might ghost her ex on social media, she might not let go quite so easily. She might even plan a rendezvous with him, but only so that she can get the closure she needs. Then, he won’t ever hear from her unless she feels like reaching out.

4-Scorpio: She’ll Plot A Casual Encounter To Get Closure…Or To Get Him Back

Scorpio women are the sign to watch out for. They have a tough time facing the fact that it’s over. From her perspective, she was misled and then dumped, so obviously, she wants to set things right. But she can’t do that until she’s had a chance to speak with her ex. If he won’t give her the opportunity to get some much-needed closure, then she’ll probably create a fake account and check out his social media to see what he’s up to. But she doesn’t necessarily want to get back at him. In some cases, she might be wondering if there’s any way to salvage what’s left. If she wants him back, then she’ll use every trick in the book to convince him to give her a second chance.

3-Pisces: She’s Such A Friendly Ex… He Might Want Her Back

Pisces women are amazing! They’re so selfless and willing to give everyone a second chance. But they also like to second guess a lot, especially when it comes to relationships. That’s just part of their personality traits. They’re way too nice, but their heads are always in the clouds. So, they may actually be super understanding when they realize that bae wants to break things off. If he wants to stay friends, then she’ll have no problem staying in touch. She’s so easygoing and aloof that he might get a bit confused over time.

She’ll be the friendliest ex ever, particularly if things ended on a positive note. But that doesn’t mean she didn’t take the break up pretty hard.

The only problem is that now, he’s the one who’s totally smitten by her carefree personality, and is secretly starting to dream of the possibility that she’ll get back together with him.

2-Pisces BONUS: She Can’t Stand It When He Tries To Win Her Back

Pisces is super chilled most of the time. But it’s important to remember that she’s also very emotional. So, if her bae ends the relationship, she’ll stay friendly and cool for the most part. That is until he starts trying to win her back. There’s nothing that irks a Pisces woman more than dealing with people who don’t know what they want. Plus, she isn’t interested in relationship labels. But here’s the thing about Pisces: if you push her too far, she’ll get fed up, and when that happens, there’s no going back. And as kind and as forgiving as she is, she’s got a built-in defense mechanism that will ensure that she never looks back.

1-Water Signs: They’re Dreamers, But Can Be His Worst Nightmare

Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are water people, so they want to enjoy the fluidity of life. They also value their solitude so they can meditate and think about life. It’s in this moment of peace and quiet that they’re able to daydream. They would do this all day if they had the chance as they’re the ultimate dreamers. It’s in this state that they’re able to combine emotion and creativity. But when it comes to matters of the heart, they can be as soothing and as intense as the sea itself. But as refreshing as they are, when pushed too far, they can also bring their bae down to the ocean floor.


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