Here’s What Makes Him Fall In Love With Her, According To His Sign


Many things in this world are black and white, but love isn’t one of them. Life would be a lot simpler if love came down to a clear calculation or a series of logical factors that determined whom we fell for and how it happened. But love rarely makes sense, because there has to be chemistry involved.

Sometimes a person can tick all the right boxes and look perfect on paper but we just don’t feel anything for them. And other times we find ourselves falling for someone who seems totally wrong for us, but we can’t help it.

Yep—welcome to the frustrating yet delightful world of love.

Though love can be extremely unpredictable, people can learn to follow the patterns that emerge in their own lives. We all have that one quality we see in someone else that draws our attention, hooks our interest, and provokes us to develop feelings—even if they don’t last.

In particular, the signs in astrology tend to have their own personality traits and personal behaviors that bring them to their knees, regardless of all the other factors involved. Read on to find out what makes him fall in love with her, based on his astrological sign.

20-Aries: Her Energy And Passion

Aries fellas are attracted to a person’s energy, passion, and zest for life. Being full of energy himself, he’s not well-suited to someone with a more relaxed vibe and is naturally drawn to people who can keep up with him. Since he’s a fire sign, he finds it very alluring when he meets someone who can get fired up about things that matter. He wants to see enthusiasm and a girl put her whole heart into something, because to him, that’s what life is all about. Give it everything you’ve got, or forget about it altogether—that’s his motto, and yours, too if you want to catch his eye.

19-Leo: Her Self-Confidence And Tendency To Ask For What She Wants

Nothing does it for Leo like confidence and self-esteem. He happens to be one of the most confident signs, but interestingly enough, he still has his share of insecurities (don’t we all!). That’s why confident people still inspire him, and he wants to surround himself with them every chance he gets.

Leo is a very direct sign and loves it when a girl isn’t afraid to ask for what she wants.

Even more so, he loves a girl who chases what she wants, no matter what it takes. That ambition and fearlessness make his knees go weak.

18-Sagittarius: Her Worldly Knowledge

As the traveler and explorer of the signs, Sagittarius is the most impressed when he meets someone whose knowledge of the world extends even beyond his own. For one thing, he finds it fascinating to hear enchanting stories about lands far away. And secondly, if someone is worldly and well-traveled, there’s a good chance they’d be willing to travel with him in the future, which is something he has a tendency to look for in a partner. A girl like this reminds him of everything he loves about life and almost never fails to win his heart over.

17-What The Fire Signs Fall For: A Sense Of Individuality

For the fire signs, a sense of individuality is super important and may just be the thing that makes them fall for their partner. Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius don’t like to spend their time with people who are exactly the same as everybody else.

Instead, they value the confidence it takes to be yourself.-

If you’re trying to hook the interest of a fire sign, never be afraid to be yourself (we know—that advice is cliché, but it really works with the fire signs!). The things that make you unique will help you to stand out in his mind and, eventually, work your way into his heart.

16-The Fire Signs Are Turned Off By: Someone Too Aggressive Or Dominating

The fire signs were not made for partners who are overly aggressive or dominating. Being a fire sign comes with a certain amount of being a natural spirit, as you can imagine, so if they date someone who is as fiery as they are, they’re bound for a lot of blows.

The fire signs usually claim the position as the alpha of the relationship.

They like to be in charge and lead, which means that they’re usually turned off when someone tries to take that away from them and be the one to dominate. Instead, they’re better suited to someone who will take their lead.

15-Taurus: Her Undying Loyalty

For Taurus, loyalty is more important than just about any other element in a relationship. This sign values stability and reliability and craves real security when he’s in love. According to him, that’s the best part!

When someone proves that they will be loyal to him until the very end, he usually gives them his heart in return.

Taurus is really looking for that ride-or-die type, and admittedly, that’s a little difficult to come across sometimes. So when he does find someone who will truly dedicate themselves to him and not put him through any painful games, he’s willing to jump right in.

14-Virgo: Her Emotional Intelligence

Virgo ranks a person’s emotional intelligence quite high on his list of priorities. While intellect is important too, this sign would rather have someone who is in total control of their emotions than someone who can solve riddles and math equations. We all let our emotions get the better of us from time to time, but Virgo is drawn to someone who can deal with their feelings in a healthy way (at least most of the time). He’ll fall in love with someone who can refrain from lashing out, crying in public, or gushing about their relationship but can still have deep conversations behind the scenes.

13-Capricorn: Her Dedication And Commitment

A lot of the time, a person admires qualities in another that they notice in themselves. In Capricorn’s case, that’s dedication and commitment. He is one of the most focused individuals in astrology and hardly ever allows himself to be distracted from his goal.

When he meets his equal in that sense, he’s likely to become totally smitten because he understands the restraint and willpower that it takes sometimes.

He’s interested in being with someone who’s as successful as he is and who understands the sacrifices he makes. When a person is dedicated and committed, it lets him know they’re on his level.

12-What The Earth Signs Fall For: The Values They Hold

When it comes to the earth signs—Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn—they tend to be attracted to a person with a strong moral fiber and who stays true to their own values. What those actual values are can differ from person to person, but the earth signs fall for those who don’t forget what they believe in. They love honesty and authenticity and admire those who can stand their ground and remain true to their values. It helps if those values and morals are similar to those that the earth signs themselves hold, but that’s not an absolute necessity. These are three signs who can agree to disagree, after all.

11-The Earth Signs Are Turned Off By: A Loose Cannon

The earth signs’ approach to life tends to be quite controlled and refined. While they may freak out in private, when they’re in public they always try to stay cool and collected. They care how other people perceive them and they don’t like to let themselves down by losing control and ruining their reputation. Similarly, they don’t choose to associate with people who are loose cannons. They don’t have to date someone quite as refined or in control as they are, but they’ll soon be turned off by someone who has no filter and says whatever is on their mind.

10-Gemini: Her Expression And Communication Powers

The greatest joy in life for Gemini is talking. His favorite thing to do with his partner have long chats about every topic, great and small. So naturally, he can’t help falling in love with someone who can have long conversations with him about absolutely anything. The perfect fit for Gemini would be a person who is great at expressing themselves and knows how to communicate with him. This doesn’t have to include talking his head off but just knowing the right things to say to him. He loves it when he feels like the conversation is effortless; it just takes the right person.

9-Libra: Her Sense Of Style

In many senses, Libra is a visual creature and looks mean a lot to him. That’s not to say that he’s shallow since he values what’s on the inside too. But he highly rates someone who is easy on the eyes.

What will really make Libra fall for a girl is her sense of style and the way she presents herself to the world.

This is what gets him hooked, and then the relationship tends to blossom based on the usual things, including what they have in common, their similar values, and the attachment they form with each other.

8-Aquarius: Her Radiant Positivity

It’s not always easy to be positive, and Aquarius understands this. When he meets someone who always looks on the bright side, doesn’t buy into negativity, and doesn’t let anything bring her down, he tends to get hooked pretty easily. Most people are attracted to positivity, and this is especially the case with Aquarius. He likes to live in the moment and enjoy life as it comes, so he’s looking for someone who has a similar mindset, doesn’t worry about the future, and is a pleasure to be around. Radiant positivity is like a love potion for this sign.

7-What The Air Signs Fall For: Someone Who Brightens His Day

The air signs live in the moment and take life as it comes. Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius don’t believe that life is about the destination; they believe it’s about the journey.

So of course, they constantly fall for people who brighten their day and make them happy in the moment.

This tends to be people who are positive, funny, talkative, and a pure joy to be around. They don’t approach love looking for a long-term partner but instead someone who enhances their life right now. Sometimes the relationship might not work out in the long run, but while it lasts, the air signs always have the time of their lives.

6-The Air Signs Are Turned Off By: Clinginess And Controlling Behavior

The air signs value their independence whether they’re in a relationship or not. One of their biggest fears is losing themselves once they fall in love, and also losing their lifestyle.

So, of course, they are instantly turned off when a person reveals that they’re actually clingy and controlling.

This kind of behavior makes the air signs feel like they’re in for a life of being watched and confined, and that tends to make them feel sick to their stomachs. Even when someone is fun to be around, they’ll be shown the door if they prove to be controlling.

5-Cancer: Her Everlasting Patience

Patience is a virtue, and for Cancer, it’s a very admirable quality that tends to make him fall in love with someone.

It’s not just a person’s ability to be patient that reels him in, but also their ability to be understanding toward him and not judge him for his mistakes.

Cancer doesn’t like to come out of his shell and develop real feelings until he feels totally safe, and that only happens with someone he knows won’t judge him or be hostile toward him. He needs room to be himself and make mistakes, and a patient partner will give him that.

4-Scorpio: Her Ability To Surprise Him

We won’t say that Scorpio has a short attention span, but he definitely likes to be kept guessing when it comes to love. He can get bored easily if a relationship falls into a rut, and then he might give in to the temptation of doing something he’ll later regret. Since he knows this about himself, he cherishes someone who can surprise him and keep him wondering. Relationships are always full of surprises in the beginning, but Scorpio will give his heart to someone who keeps things interesting even as they progress. He needs a relationship that is always hot and spicy!

3-Pisces: Her Fearlessness In Making The First Move

Sometimes Pisces can be a shark, but most of the time, he’s an innocent fish floating through life and doing his own thing. He’s not always confident enough to make the first move and approach someone he’s interested in, so he finds it enticing when the other person does it for him.

Making the first move is definitely bold and courageous, and it’s this element of someone’s personality that he falls for.

Not only does being approached and pursued flatter him, but it shows him that the other person isn’t afraid to take risks and put themselves out there.

2-What The Water Signs Fall For: The Way She Suits Him So Well

The water signs tend to be idealists and spend a lot of time fantasizing that things will end up perfectly in life. Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces dream about the perfect partner and for them, that means someone who seems tailor-made for them. Everybody’s definition of perfect is different, but what’s important is that a partner suits them. When the water signs realize that they’ve met someone who shares their interests, maybe has a similar life experience, has the same goals for the future and basically fits them like a puzzle piece, it’s not long before they’re head over heels.

1-The Water Signs Are Turned Off By: Selfishness

Aside from being dreamers and idealists, the water signs are by nature kind, compassionate, and empathic. So they really can’t stand someone who never considers other people’s feelings, or worse, purposely hurts them for a kick. Cruelty and selfishness are never attractive qualities, but they’re total deal-breakers for the water signs and turn them off immediately. When they find out that the person they’re with has no care for other people, it tends to override all the things they might love about that person. They can’t stay with that person and stay true to themselves at the same time.


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